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  1. do you this there could be a possibility we move this kid to the defensive side of the ball with his speed and athleticism
  2. hopefully this kid is like rose and his commitment just grows stronger as each day passes
  3. ok correction I love baby producing husker families...
  4. I'm loving all these baby producing former huskers, about time for suh, carriker, prince, david to have some kids
  5. says on rivals he has connections to nebraska, anybody got any ideas
  6. according to duck sports Mr. Kelly is the new head coach of the Bucaneers
  7. well according to duck sports, Chip Kelly is officially gone..... should go after this kid
  8. teaser on BRR that he may be getting an offer soon, well deserved in my opinion
  9. The kid will come to Nebraska, I'm sure that he knows competition will only make him better. Plus with his attributes, 6'2, 215(slim, but muscular) 4.5 speed natural nose for the ball, I'm sure he is more then confident in himself.
  10. This is the kid whose teammate is Standifer(CB in 2012)? Some are saying landing Standifer is the key to landing Treadwell....
  11. Player: Josh Banderas Hometown: Lincoln, NE School: Lincoln Southwest Position: LB Height: 6'2" Weight: 220 40 time: 4.65 Offers: Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State, Nebraska, Tulsa, Vanderbilt Rivals: :star :star Scout: :star 247: :star :star ESPN: :star :star Highlights
  12. damn!.....I did not read that through before posting, my huskerboard career is floundering quickly
  13. So, I was reading about Mike Minter Jr.(2013 class hopeful) and his father Nebraska Hall of Fame safety which led me search the internet for minter(jr. and sr) when I came across Turner Gill's new staff at Liberty which includes several former huskers including Mike Minter(Special Teams Coordinator) and Joe Dailey (Quaterbacks Coach). link: http://www.libertyflames.com/index.cfm?PID=10869&NewsID=8265
  14. according to husker corner mr. bob stoops from oklahoma has given bo permission to speak with Matty McMillen(Oklahoma Defensive Line Coach/Head of Oklahoma football operations) http://huskercorner.com/2011/12/18/the-rumor-mile-continues-to-spin/#more-1888 If you choose not to read the article it goes on to say that Bo believes that this could be a program changing hire, only question is whether McMillen is being eyed by Bo for the DC or just to take over for if they promote JP, you would have to think that with McMillen's time spent at Oklahoma it would take alot more than a lateral move to lure him away from Oklahoma
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