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  1. great video! Loved the music and the use of commentators. I look forward to your videos every week! Josh Mitchell is becoming one of my favorite players for this team after he was in that fight. We need to play with that fire every week.
  2. Great analysis, I think you are completely correct with what you said. However, I think we haven't opened up our playbook very much yet. As we saw against Georgia we used some jet sweeps. My bet is that Beck is saving these plays for Miami to give them something they haven't seen us do yet. We need to run these jetsweeps to get our athletes in open field and also freezes linebackers which opens up the middle for amber, imani.
  3. Like some of you have said, I think this is the year when we have a break out year and finish in the top 15 or so. I love the mentality our team has this year.
  4. wow great analysis! I was wanting to see a blind resume for us and Iowa. I still think Iowa for sure gets it because they now look at the "body of work" only. Our RPI is good enough to have us in. If they don't let us in that will be a robbery. The only reason why we would be in I think is our 3 losses to RPI teams in the 100-200 range. Win today and there is no doubt in my mind we will be in.
  5. To me it seems like we have a better mentality as a team than the past few years. On defense we have guys like Mike Rose, and Josh Mitchell talking trash to the offensive players. We have a chance to have a nasty defense this year and in the future because it seems like we have established what we want out of our defense. The offense has TA who has taken a leadership role. However, I think we need to develop an offensive identity instead of a little of everything, we can be successful in any kind of offense as long as can focus on that type of offense IMO.
  6. I see both positives and negatives for him getting reps at QB. The main negative IMO I see is him taking away reps from TA, Johnny, and every one else. The positives are it gives us a playmaker with an explosive first step, which obviously gives the defense another threat to be worried about. He has been through 3 spring practices now (I believe) so he knows the WR position well, this should help him with being able to read the defense. It also gives even more leadership in the QB room. TA is a great leader and just creates more competition and pushes TA. With Turner, he can give perspective to the other QBs about what WR personally see on the field.
  7. When he was talking about how Baylor runs the diamond formation four plays in a row and you won't see Nebraska do the diamond formation more than twice in a row. IMO if something is working we shouldn't go away from it, Why fix whats not broken? I was very impressed with watching Auburn last year. I think I heard they ran the same three plays which accounted for 85% of their offense but they would show the three plays in multiple formations and motions. As we saw in the Gator bowl we started to run an offense very similar to theirs. However, Tim Beck can be a very creative guy and I'm sure he will take what Auburn does and put his own spin on it. Now, we could see his version of their offense and he could "ruin" it. I just hope we limit turnovers this year.
  8. haha thanks. I tried to break it up but obviously not enough
  9. This is more for next year in general because I already can't wait for the season to start and we have potential to have a huge year and change the national perception of Nebraska football. We have seen how Bo is trying to change his perception with him talking about his cat, which is hilarious. On offense after watching Auburn's offense I hope we do what they do because of the speed we have and playmakers. The motion forces the defense to freeze and force a LB out of the box. We did some of this motion in the Georgia game and you could tell it worked. QB: I think Armstrong will be great this season because Beck will tailor the offense to his skills and he will make huge improvements and I love his leadership skills, having Stanton pushing him will help too RB: I want Abdullah to stay healthy because he can have another huge year and maybe win a Heisman if we play well as a team. Im also very excited to see what Taylor brings. We have speed with Ameer and Newby and power with Cross but from the film I've seen Taylor is the perfect combo of power and quickness. WR: Replacing Quincy will be vital, we need a big bodied deep threat, I think Zo Moore or Monte Harrison if he makes it to campus can fill that void. we have lots of speed with Kenny, JT, Westercamp, and Im real excited to see if we can get some of our recruits involved. We are bringing in big game changers with Pierson-El, Irons, Stewart TE: By involving our TE's more we can open up the middle of the field and could potentially be huge for our offense, I expect Cethan to have a huge year OL: I want to see the type of depth we have. If we can bully the other teams at the line we can be good this year. On offense we will be as good as our Oline is IMO. If we can dominate the line we can just pound the ball regardless of the QB. On Defense I hope we continue our attacking type defense and put pressure on the O to make mistakes DT: At the end of the year we saw what VV was capable of and it seems like he is putting in a lot of work this off season and he has the potential to really disrupt other teams in the middle. Collins can also be that guy, he always ends up around the football. Him and VV could both dominate especially since other teams will have to double team one of these guys and will open up the opportunity for our front 7. DE: Obviously Gregory is a beast. I want to see who else can step up and fill Avery Moss' spot. I think Keels could potentially be that. We need to be able to disrupt the QB and get sacks. LB: We are very deep at LB and have a lot of talent. I love having Rose of this team, he is a flat out leader and beast. He gives up his body every play and when ever we give up a big play you see him obviously frustrated and pushes his teammates. I hope we see Love or Newby push for some PT. A huge sleeper for next year IMO is Walton, he straight up destroys people on the field and he has the right mind set to come in a play this year, I at least expect him to play on special teams. Corner: IMO this is the indicator of how good we can be as a team. If we are able to put our corners on an island that allows us to bring a safety in the box and blitz more. We know Mitchell is a leader, and we know we don't have much depth but we have potential play makers with J.Rose, C.Jax, Boaz, and the recruits coming in. Combine the potential with our new Coach who has an aggressive mind set that wants our secondary to be game changers with picks. Nickel: I think this deserves talk of its own because it is very important especially in Bo's defenses. We need a guy that is able to shut down fast slot receivers, needs to be physical enough to guard TE's and be able to tackle well enough because he is on the field for a LB. Gomes and Hagg were perfect in 2009. I think CJax can fill this void and maybe Cockrell or Gerry Safety: Cooper was huge for us in the back end last year and will be again this year. Alexander is another guy who always ends up around the ball and it seems like he always has a chance for an interception every single game. If we move Gerry back to safety, which I hope we do that brings more experience to our secondary. Special Teams: We obviously need to see a huge improvement. Punt Return: IMO this is the reason why we lost the Iowa game. When we weren't pinned inside our 5 yard line we were able to move the ball easily. I think we could have won one or two more games last year if we had improved punt returns. We have the athletes and speed to be able to score touchdowns every game. We will have JW, JT and Newby back there and I hope not Ameer. I also expect Irons, Pierson-El, or Harrison to come in and have a huge impact. We need a complete overhaul of our return team because there was no way we could return it with 5-6 guys on the other team in our face when we caught the ball. Kick Return: I think we were good at times but not great, when we would actually return it we would have a good return but I think with the athletes on our team we have a chance to be able to score every game. Once again I think some of the freshman we are bringing in could have a huge impact Punt/Kick: I think we did a good job all year last year with coverage. Being a Seahawks fan it was amazing to see all year they only gave up 20 some yards of punt returns, that is dang impressive and helps with field position.
  10. I know speed isn't everything...as evident by Will Comptons 4.5 second 40 time...Wisconsin just scored again. However, speed is an accepted measuring tool used by recruiting agencies to gauge the effectiveness of recruits. If you flag me for bringing up speed...better head over to rivals, 24/7 and ESPN to tell them that they need to throw 40 times out because speed isn't an effective stat for recruits. As has been brought up every year I've been a member of this board - 40 times are practically worthless. They aren't a good measure of speed since they are mainly about technique (getting a fast start). They aren't a good measure for football since the 40 isn't done in full pads. They aren't a good measure of playing speed since almost nobody runs 40 yards in a straight line. The numbers themselves aren't precise since 40's run by the same player at different locations can result in swings as large as 0.3 secs, many are inaccurate handheld times, and many of the numbers are simply exaggerations. I keep thinking we'll eventually stop talking about meaningless 40's but not yet. Not yet. exactly, many high schoolers claim they can run in the 4.3s but in reality many of them run legit 4.6s. in the combine this weekend a 4.3 legit will be a big deal.
  11. I wouldn't say we are afraid of them, I'm predicting a loss because I see us coming out of the bye week sluggish and NW always plays us tough. Just one of those losses you expect from Nebraska.
  12. I would say this is about right, my prediction is we go 10-2 with loses to NW and Wisky, I think we will have a lot of momentum going into MSU and we beat them. However, after the bye week we come out flat and loose to NW, and same playing against Wisky. I think this schedule can really springboard us into the national spotlight with games against a most likely ranked Miami team, ranked MSU, and ranked Wisky.
  13. I agree, it could have a snow ball type effect. I believe this is highly unlikey he would come here but we just need a big year for some of the higher rated recruits to seriously consider us.
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