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  1. Canned meat, while obviously not the ideal offering, do you consume it?

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    2. Enhance


      @Redux (Abridged) story about canned chicken. My wife wanted to make a few casserole meals for a friend a few weeks ago - one of them was a spicy cajun chicken pasta. She bought the basic Kroger's canned chicken because they eat that a lot and we knew they wouldn't notice if we had spent $15-$20 on real chicken breast or $6 on the canned stuff.


      Anyways, I had to leave the room when we cracked open the first can. I don't know what that smell was but it wasn't chicken.

    3. Redux


      @Enhance yeah it's pretty much the whiff of death, drench it in cheese and dressing as quickly as possible 

    4. knapplc


      I have a couple cans of roast beef hash in the pantry. I need to have one of those for lunch soon.

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