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  1. This is so right. +1 this. And rumor is that Cam came to Frost telling him he was going to the NFL. Frost told him he disagreed and that Cam could use another year that way he was was project rounds 1-3 and not 3-5. Oh man, what a shame that Frost did that. Such a contentious conversation that Mitch Sherman better write a whole vague story on. What did you want Frost to do? Not say a word with losing his starting center when he stuck by Cam when his snapping issues were obvious and Frosts’ job is now on the line in the upcoming year? Don’t fault Frost at all for trying to convince Cam to stay. The Adrian rumor above is what I heard. If true, I don’t blame Frost one bit. So, again, this is Mitch Sherman making a mountain out of a mole hill. Without giving any specifics and hiding behind “sources” so that he can say he wasn’t the one to make it a big deal. That guy is just here for the drama…like the Athletic, in general, when it comes to Nebraska. Look back at last year and the Athletics coverage of SEC and other conferences. God forbid Nebraska wants to play football, when they are covering all of those other conferences at the same time.
  2. Mitch gives no specifics in the article. He’s always stirring the pot without providing any specifics. Mitch is a drama queen.
  3. The refs sucked on that specific play. That is all I am complaining about. I’m not a frost apologist. Take your qualms elsewhere
  4. No s#!t that there was plenty before that in which better play would have eliminated that aspect. My comment was specific to a play in which in which a penalty is called 9/10 times for every other team.
  5. Our wide receiver got f#&%ing tackled and there was no pass interference. Big ten officials just cost us the game again. Such bulls#!t like usual.
  6. I am sick of losing being blamed on the players when it is clearly a coaching issue. For instance, many fans thought the defense in the first half of the Minnesota game looked slow because they were looking forward to a bye week. On the contrary if you listen to “the beat with JoJo Domann” via huskeronline, he mentions himself that, in the first half, the defense was not checking once the Minnesota O checked based on our initial D alignment. That is bad coaching! Chins gets a slight pass but this should have been realized prior to halftime. We had been checking most the season. To not do so, put your D at a disadvantage or you better be very fundamentally sound (which we have proven time and again we are not)
  7. Nebraska 37 Minnesota 21 Passing 344 Rushing 187
  8. Play calling in the first half was utra conservative and probably cost us the game. We could have scored more in the first half if we were willing to air it out and let Martinez take some shots. Based on the playcalling, we accomplished what was called, which was (worst case scenario) lose by a few points. Should have been more aggressive in the first half like we were in the third and may have pulled it out.
  9. Nebraska 31 Michigan 24 Passing 293 Rushing 121
  10. Martinez at 71?….GTFO!!! That’s terrible…
  11. Nebraska 38 Northwestern 17 Passing 307 Rushing 162
  12. I should also note that if I am the coaching staff, I am begging him to stay for another year. The guy has literally, by himself, made the offense look way more proficient than what it truly is due to the terrible horrendous oline play.
  13. Martinez is not the problem. Guy evaded rush after rush with the oline not picking anyone up half the time (and I was one that unfortunately, and incorrectly, wanted to see McCaffrey in a starting role last year…oh how I was wrong), I’ve never seen such horrible clock management with 5 minutes left in the game. Multiple snaps with over 10+ seconds on the clock. For some reason, we don’t trust Martinez who put us in the game to begin with and instead run the ball up the middle (which hadn’t been working all game). Then, we get a first down with under a minute left and don’t burn any timeouts to even try to get us in field goal range - wtf. Mind boggling from a coaching standpoint. You can’t coach scared folks…
  14. Nebraska 35 Michigan St. 24 Passing 321 Rushing 142
  15. Nebraska 31 Oklahoma 28 Passing 311 Rushing 183
  16. Nebraska 35 Buffalo 28 Pass 317 Rush 153
  17. Nebraska 38 Fordham 21 Rushing 289 Passing 247
  18. Special teams still sucks. How is that even possible. We were so terrible last year.
  19. 8-4 regular season. Losses to Oklahoma, Minnesota, Ohio St., and Wisconsin. Win a bowl game and the masses breathe a sigh of relief and step back from the ledge.
  20. Nebraska 31 Rutgers 27 Rushing 181 Passing 237
  21. Nebraska 41 Minnesota 21 Rushing 258 Passing 189
  22. Nebraska 34 Purdue 27 Pass 221 Rush 192
  23. Nebraska 34 Iowa 31 Rushing 187 Passing 236
  24. Nebraska 38 Illinois 27 Pass 244 Run 183
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