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  1. Bball1091

    *** Iowa Prediction Contest ***

    Huskers 31 Iowa 28 Passing 268 Rushing 157
  2. Bball1091

    *** Michigan State Prediction Contest ***

    Huskers 34 Michigan St. 24 Passing 287 Rushing 142
  3. Bball1091

    *** Illinois Prediction Contest ***

    NU 51 IL 28 Rush 258 Pass 289
  4. Bball1091

    *** Ohio State Prediction Contest ***

    Huskers 41 Ohion St. 38 Pass 300 Rush 150
  5. Bball1091

    *** Minnesota Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 38 Minnesota 28 Passing 323 Rushing 213
  6. Bball1091

    *** Wisconsin Prediction Contest ***

    Huskers 35 Badgers 31 Rush 178 Passing 223
  7. Bball1091


    Lamar Jackson being benched is probably the best thing that could have happened to the defense in the long term. He consistently got beat deep and never wrapped up when he tackled.
  8. Bball1091

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    It was nice to see some more aggressive playcalling in the second half. First half we threw too many screens and didn’t seem like we attempted to throw the ball downfield. Hopefully, we see more of the second half going forward. Sometimes you have to take a chance and make your playmakers make plays.
  9. Bball1091

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    worst officiating ever...send this game tape to the Big Ten and call for their jobs when this one is over. I’ve never seen refs who make themselves such a deciding factor to the game
  10. Bball1091

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    So much this...these refs definitely suck
  11. Bball1091

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    This is the worst officiating I’ve ever witnessed
  12. Bball1091

    *** Purdue Prediction Contest ***

    NU - 38 PU - 31 Rushing: 211 Passing: 273
  13. Bball1091

    Rate the 3 facets: Poll

    According to this poll: O&D = C Special Teams = D Ideally, I’d give the Defense a C+ and the Offensive a B-. Offense has multiple turnovers, and the creativity in the offense in comparion of starter v. backup is pretty wide. Offense has been able to score with a capable QB though. Defense has made stupid mental mistakes/penalties and has not created all the turnovers that were raved about in the offseason. Special Teams gets a D, because they haven’t done much at all.
  14. Bball1091

    Rate the 3 facets: Poll

    Very much like the idea of this poll. Any chance this could broken to - & + for each letter. Otherwise, I don’t think accurately portrays how one may feel. There is a lot of room between each letter.
  15. Bball1091

    Nebraska is not a “team” yet

    Agreed, that would be crazy subjective. Exactly, what a rule should be trying to prevent.