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  1. Its 2020, I don't think you're allowed to assume one's gender
  2. Coach Verduzco is visiting today.
  3. He is looking to visit sometime this summer but no date set. He has recently visited LSU, A&M, and Oklahoma St.
  4. I could be wrong. I'm just repeating what I've heard.
  5. From my understanding he can be on field during practice. I assume Frost or a GA would handle game day.
  6. Bump this. I did my best to reply to questions asked but I really don't want to spend all day going back and forth nor do I have much more to contribute. I fully admit that I'm a lower political and legal IQ person. I thought the hearings would have a smoking gun but I didn't see it. That is all, enjoy your weekend and GBR.
  7. Just to be clear, I am not a Trump "supporter". No matter the president (Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump) I've wanted to see them succeed and for America to prosper. I'm also not looking to debate anyone, just wanted to throw my 2 cents in for what its worth.
  8. I consider myself an independent who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I did not vote for Trump and I generally stay far away from politics. Its hard for me to trust the media (left or right) to give an accurate account without their own spin, so I've watched as much of the hearings as I could (its been slow at work) to see and hear first hand without red or blue glasses on. Don't attack me for this as it is just my opinion... I really didn't see a good case for impeachment presented. I kept thinking, "all this hype and this is all you have?". Very little hard evidence or first hand accounts. Also, the Bidens should be investigated.
  9. Although Mo struggles I'll take him on my team any day. He is the type of culture guy that is good for the locker room.
  10. In my opinion the board is better off with a donation page. A value for value model. The problem with having advertisers is that they then run the show. Can't say anything bad about the advertisers or they will pull the funding. Members will start being banned if they piss off an advertiser, etc. Watch, it will happen sooner or later.
  11. I will be going for sure! It works out nicely as the wife and I have been wanting to take a Europe trip.
  12. I'm not a political person, I say that because I have no interest in a debate. My prediction is that Hillary will jump into the race soon (by the end of the year). The timing is right with the media tour she has been on recently and I think she is waiting for the heard to thin a bit. Biden keeps having weird slip ups resulting in funny sound bites and he is kind of a creeper. Warren is hated by the bankers and wall street. Popular candidates like Sanders and Yang are ignored by the media or treated as a side show. Harris has terrible body language. The rest don't have much of a shot. This is just my opinion, no need to question or hammer me because I don't have much to back this up with. It's just from my observations. Does anyone else think that Hillary will jump in the race? Would that be good or bad for the democrat party?
  13. It's on fox sports midwest and I think NET.
  14. Man, I hope the best for him. I'm failing on the Hoiberg history considering its in my screen name.
  15. I didn't know that Hoiberg has a pacemaker.
  16. The rumor I heard was a hip flexor. https://www.kickingworld.com/the-5-most-common-kicking-injuries-1-hip-flexor/
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