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  1. It’s not this topic that’s driving me away, and I’m not angry an any way, honestly. I repented just recently, and my life has changed dramatically. I don’t expect anyone to believe me; I feel Him close to me, and He’s been speaking to me, if that makes any sense. I don’t really know how to discribe it in words. I feel called to leave, and I want to obey. Honestly no hard feelings to anyone here, I really mean that. I’m not angry at anyone, or anything that was said. I’m actually really happy.
  2. It really doesn’t matter. I feel called to no longer be here.
  3. I swear I can see individuals stance on Christianity based on posts alone.
  4. So 6 Big Ten coaches are better than the previous coach of the year? Gaaaawd damn there’s some amazing coaches in the B1G!...
  5. I’ve always thought that it should be the intro of “Killing Fields.”
  6. My expectation is a bowl game. I don’t give a rats a$$ if it’s 7, or 6 wins to get there.
  7. This is a very interesting point you brought up; I’m going to use a pro hormone called “Tren” as an example. Several years back I was talking to a college football player that had a teammate that swore he suffered a leg injury from using Tren. It happened while he was just running. Tren is a lean muscle builder that dries your muscles to the point where you have to drink a lot of water while using it otherwise you won’t have much lubricant in the muscle, and body. I know a guy that had a max bench press of 450lbs., and he tore his pectoral muscle on a 200lb
  8. I’m glad these two kids are okay. Still can’t believe this happened to 13 kids at Iowa in one year.
  9. As far as the title goes, “Very Important Recruiting class ?”, I noticed this on Rivals: in the last 3 years- we’ve recruited 9 players each year with a rating of 5.7, or higher . This year we have 10 players with a rating of 5.7, or higher, and we aren’t even done with recruiting yet.
  10. Agreed. Does then mean we can finally put the “Mike Riley is nice guy” s#!t to rest now?
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