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  1. I don’t think I’ve seen Frost publicly call him out but maybe I missed it. Andy Reid does a similar thing with his OC as far as play calling though
  2. Whats he supposed to say? We sucked and I'm not happy with our current players? That's a good way to lose the locker room. I'd say that Frost is a lot more honest with his players in small position group or individual meetings then he is when he talks about them to the media.
  3. I went back and watched Luke's HS hudl highlights, he appeared to throw a decent long ball. I'm just really wondering if Frost had so little trust in out WR group that he more or less refused to let out QBs throw it deep
  4. There’s no question that Frost has recruited the OL well and it’s been a priority. One thing I think we forget is that his first recruiting class was a hodgepodge and most recruits weren’t really guys he’d recruited hard for an entire season plus. A lot of those recruits don’t fit his scheme all that well and the product on the field shows that. If I remember correctly many people wanted to call the first season year 0. I still believe that if this staff gets 5 years then the product will be considerably better. If not then it’s probably time to move on. But hey it can’t get a lot worse, so gi
  5. I think you're right. They're going to be young still, and that's why I said they will struggle early on, but I think they have the talent to be pretty dang good by the end of the year and in the future. I do feel like Frost has put an emphasis on building depth on the O-Line
  6. they’ll struggle early, but hit their stride towards the end of the year and we’ll get into a bowl because of it!
  7. I totally agree, if we string him along at QB for 4 years, that's a scholarship that could have been used elsewhere. IF Luke is leaving this is totally on him and not the coaching staff. I'd be surprised if he is becomes a legit QB at even the G5 Conference level
  8. I would think that if Frost was honest with LM then he's probably gone. That's super frustrating because I think his ceiling is considerably higher as a WR then a QB. I could see him having a dynamic impact similar to Wandale had the last two years if he'd make the switch.
  9. this could turn into another Micah Parsons situation pretty easy. Every gets their hopes up while knowing in the back of their heads that there’s no way he’s coming to Nebraska
  10. Ha ha touché, but absolutely not. The only time I've ever seen a game in Manhattan is when T-Magic ran all over them as a freshman, and I was treated terribly by K-State fan under 50. With that being said, I live in SEK and it seems to me that a lot of people in KS have a lot of faith in K-State and Klieman. I definitely want Nebraska to get every kid out of Ks that is highly ranked, we missed out on a several in the last 10 years that have went on to become very good ball players at other schools
  11. As much as I hate to say it, it's going to be hard to get him away from K-State. They have put a major emphasis on getting in state kids. Frost and Co. need to work their butts off here and not let this kid get away
  12. I think this is a big reason why the offense has been so sporadic, we haven't had a ton of players come back after spending 3 or 4 years in the system yet. Hell we didn't have a ton of players that had a lot of experience in any D1 offense this year
  13. It would be if Frost would let him actually call plays, but since he wouldn't, there's no point in wishing for this pipe dream
  14. its a huge improvement from where we were when frost got here
  15. Do they need the spring to get their degrees? Not trying to be a Debbie downer, just trying not to get let down
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