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  1. IF Joseph gets the HC gig, I believe he will look for the best OC he can find and Whip would get moved to analyst if he wanted to stay around. The only way Whip would stay on as OC is if Joseph couldn't find a quality OC to take his place. If NU will open up the checkbook then I dont see that being a problem
  2. I truly wonder how the game vs OU would have looked if HCMJ would have had fired Chins and had a bye week to get things in order
  3. It's crazy what can happen when you simplify the scheme and just let the guys be confident and play fast!
  4. I like the aggressiveness, it was the execution that was terrible
  5. If anyone should understand the offense Wisconsin runs and how to stop it, it's Bielema.
  6. I'm glad a guy with your high end Illinois degree uses Wiki for research
  7. Prior to Frost's disappointing run at Nebraska, this would have been laughable. Frost was coming off an undefeated season at UCF, beating Auburn in a bowl game, in his 2nd year as HC. He was the hottest up and coming coach on the market. It was considered by everyone to be a fantastic hire by Nebraska. Unfortunately it did not work out. Deion has now coached 2 season at Jackson State and has success as well. When you look at their coaching resumes side by side, prior to Frost being at Nebraska, there's no way you can make that claim. And that's not even including his time as a coordinator
  8. Deion doesnt strike me as the time to be disinterested. I think the reason he would struggle in Lincoln would be is larger than life personality might not mesh well
  9. Ive read that if Auburn fires their coach, he is a serious candidate for that job. I think if/when he gets a P5 gig, it'll be in the south
  10. I think at Nebraska more importantly than getting an offensive or defensive minded coach, Nebraska needs a developer at HC. A guy who takes classes ranked between 20-30 and develops them from there. That is how Nebraska is going to get back into the upper echelon of CFB again. Nebraska will always struggle to pull the same caliber players as the Ohio Sts, Michigans, and Oklahomas of the CFB world. BUT I think it can pull the same caliber athletes as Arkansas, Kentucky, and other schools that are in the top 15. If Nebraska gets a coach that can develop what some might consider a little lesser talent, you'll see the wins increase, and with the wins, the recruiting gets better. But if I had to choose, I'd prefer a defensive minded coach.
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