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  1. I think you’re spot on. The difference between the BIG and PAC 12 is that every conference team you play has the talent to beat you. It’s a lot harder grind then what they’re used to
  2. With the talent Notre Dame brings in year after year it's crazy that they haven't won a natty in 36 years. They honestly don't have the excuse of "it's hard to recruit to Notre Dame". Honestly Nebraska is the only team on that list that can say it's somewhat difficult to recruit kids to come play there
  3. I have a hard time believing that Saban did not at least tell the AD that he was strongly considering retirement earlier in the year. I'm sure that the AD has a list of people but as we Nebraska fans know, it's not as easy to fill the job after an unbelievable run of success. Nobody wants to be remembered as the guy who killed the dynasty so to speak
  4. I'll do it for two years at 1/10th Saban's salary. If they need that sacrificial lamb so to speak so nobody has to replace the legend, then I'll step up!
  5. It'll be really interesting to see how many guys on the roster next year are on NIL scholarships vs. athletic scholarships. With as many guys that are coming in, you'd have to think several guys are going to get pushed out.
  6. I'm all for staff continuity I just fear that Satt will be the weakest link in this coaching staff. I don't think this year was all his fault. You can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig. This years offense was going to struggle no matter who was calling the plays. But his offenses at South Carolina were decent and did show some improvement from year 1 to year 2 but they lacked much consistency. He'd call an unbelievable game (like when they beat Clemson or Tennessee) and then an absolute stinker (like against Florida or Mizzou). I hope I'm wrong, but I never really like the hire and idk if he was really the best option then, or is the best guy for the job now. But I am going to trust Rhule because he has forgot more about football then pretty much any of us here know
  7. Maybe Deion will come in and turnover the roster like it desperately needs. I mean they haven't won the NC in a few years! #wecomin
  8. IF he is brought on as QB coach or Co-OC then the writing is pretty much on the wall for Satt. If the offense doesnt make an obvious large improvement then we will already have the guy on staff who can take over and is proven to be an offensive stud. Also it may have something to do with contract buyouts and other things that we typically arent in the know about. I'd say that Rhule has a plan, and hopefully that plan is to kick Satterfield to the curb.
  9. How long does someone have to have been out to be eligible? It seems like Larry Fitzgerald and Randy Moss have been out a long time to just now be getting in
  10. Yea that guy definitely caught the ball and gave Texas another shot with 01 seconds left. I sat there and thought there is no way this f'ing program gets another BS win because time was put back on the clock
  11. Great point. I didn’t think to add turnovers but they typically go with bad QB play, again except for Iowa
  12. Youre spot on! Having a good QB is unbelievably important because it’s impossible to have a complete offense without good qb play. It makes the running game more effective and makes the OL look better because they don’t have to block as long or against as much pressure. As we seen this year, bad QB play is almost impossible to overcome. Iowa somehow is the exception to the rule
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