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  1. I've said this before, if we have a kicking game at all last year, play calling is different and I think we win another game or two
  2. There is a small school in SE Ks named St. Mary's Colgan, and I played with a kid who they actively recruited when we are a Pitt State summer camp. I'm pretty sure all of the private schools recruit in one way or another
  3. I know 4A schools are fed up with Meige purposely staying 4A when they know it’s pretty much a guaranteed state championship every year. A friend of mine is the HC at Pittsburg High and two years ago they lost to Meige in the playoffs and that was by far the toughest anyone played Meige in the postseason that year. There was a vote last year to change the private school rules but it didn’t pass
  4. Miege is 4A, but other than Derby Ks 6A is no where near as tough as 5A. In 5A you have STA, Mill Valley, Bishop Carrol, Wichita NW, and Andover who year in and year out are loaded with legit college bound talent. STA has a kid named Tyron "Tank" Young who is a 3* running back with an Iowa State offer, a 3* WR committed to Army, and an O-lineman who is going FCS. I know they have more college bound kids but I'm too lazy to look them up. I read about Westside's talent and it's obvious to me that they are going to be extremely dynamic as they too are loaded. I foresee it
  5. Idk about in Nebraska but KSHSAA discourages Ks schools playing out of state
  6. STA is 5A which is the 2nd biggest class in Ks. As far as leagues and districts Ks does both. Leagues are no different then a conference in college, and districts are what determine who makes the playoffs.
  7. STA has a 4* RB and extremely talented offensive line. They are extremely run heavy and run a double wing. Defensively they are not as talented but they are far from void of talent. They play in the Eastern Kansas League which is fat and away the toughest league in KS with the Blue Valley Schools and Bishop Meige. Do you have any insight how schools in Omaha compare to these schools?
  8. I just seen on twitter that on Oct. 16th Kansas High School St. Thomas Aquinas is playing Nebraska's Omaha Westside at Westside. I know nothing about Westside, but I do know that STA is a power here in Ks. They are loaded with talent year in and year out. Can any of you Nebraskans give some info on Westside and maybe your thoughts on the game if it is played?
  9. I've seen where a lot of D1 athletes are transferring to Iowa high schools
  10. I don’t see the PAC 12 folding simply because it’s so far to travel week in and week out for those schools and their fans if they were to have to join any other conference. Geographically the Big XII. isn’t too far from Big Ten or SEC country, and West Virginia is right there in for the ACC to pick up
  11. I'm afraid it'll be option 2, just prior to the first game. But man I hope I'm wrong
  12. Shutter as in you’re worried? I look at next years schedule and see the only 2 games I see as pretty much guaranteed loses are Oklahoma and Ohio State. I’d take a 10-2 season right now. Hell I’d even take a 9-3 (added lose to Michigan) or 8-4 ( add Wisconsin as another loss). That would be a huge stride for the program
  13. I pretty much agree. It really is an awful word with such a negative meaning that it shouldn't be used ever. I chalk it up to the whole you should emulate the change you wish to see. If it's not ok for one person to use it, then it should not be ok for another, regardless of the color of their skin. If we really want to move past seeing each other as black, white, hispanic, asian, etc, then we as a society could start with something as simple as that.
  14. I took it as Patterson stated that Dylan had been using the n-word in the meeting room and then Peterson stated he did not call Dylan that. I'm guessing that the players are upset due to Patterson actually using the word
  15. Depending on how many games we actually play, I’m interested to see how much Corcoran plays. I’m sure the coaches will make sure he redshirts but I’m curious if I’m the games he plays if he’ll see more than a handful of snaps. I think he has potential to be the real deal
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