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  1. Exactly! They held Buffalo to 3 points, the same Buffalo team that lost by only 3 to the number 17 team in the country! They then turn around and by most people’s standards shut down OUs offense, at least compared to it’s normal production. Maybe I’m a hopeless dreamer, but it seems like this team is on the cusp of turning the corner
  2. This could very well explain why Culp is struggling so bad. I’m sure it’s hard to be consistent when you’re more worried then last year about every one of your kicks getting blocked
  3. I think you fire Austin first and give Held another year. It’s hard to tell if your RBs are good if there’s no holes to run through
  4. I agree this sounds about right. If Nebraska was more consistent then o think they’d be the favorite (and also be 3-1 or 4-0 right now) but nobody knows what team will show up. They might be the favorite in or two games the rest of the year depending on how the next few games play out
  5. Anyone else think this is a sign of progress or is it flash in the pan?
  6. I’m saying it now…. KEEP THE STRIPED PANTS!
  7. I’m hoping that the fact the OL is pretty you g means they will get better as the year goes and in future seasons, but until we get a new OL coach I don’t see it happening
  8. Martinez is honestly most likely a heisman contender on a good team
  9. Guy has played a pretty good game especially considering he’s had almost no blocking. He’s far from horrible.
  10. Extremely frustrated right now, but at the same time pretty pleased at the progress the team seems to have made. Nobody honestly thought it’d be a game
  11. We’ll f’me! Apparently got to go for two every time now
  12. Unfortunately not having a reliable kicker has been a huge story in Frosts tenure
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