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  1. Sounds like he's our to lose, but I don't think I've ever read one where the recruit talks about how terrible his recruiting visit was
  2. Also Manhattan is closer to Wichita than Lincoln. I really hoped Honas would be a big time player at Nebraska but that hasn't been the case. He has a better shot at KSU
  3. I really worry that like you said Frost made the changes too late, and 2022 will be his last year. He'll go coach somewhere else and end up coaching at the P5 level again after a few years. However he'll take the lessons he learned here and end up being a very good coach somewhere else and Nebraska will be stuck in the same rut it's been the last several years
  4. Maybe the coaches haven't pursued OL very hard because 1. Riola wants to see what he is working with and 2. Frost and the other coaches think that there is a lot more talent/ability then what we fans think
  5. Am I the only one wonder wtf kind of shoes he's wearing?!
  6. Looks like another nice transfer pickup by Frost and his new staff. With NIL now being a thing, along with vast amount of support NU gets as it's the only show in the state, the transfer portal could be how Nebraska makes up for the challenges it faces in recruiting.
  7. Maybe they think hiring an actual special teams coordinator means we will actually win our one score games?
  8. Probably different then if Urban Meyer would have wound up as the Raiders coach! Lord knows what kind of establishments he would have been recorded in!
  9. I think the QB run game will still be a part of the offense, but the designed QB runs called 10+ times a game are a thing of the past. We'll see the option and QB draw sprinkled in on occasion, but the straight QB dive or off tackle type plays will be called considerably less
  10. You have to be right. There is no way we're not winning bids. Players aren't coming to Nebraska right now based on the recent lack of success the program has had.
  11. Is there very many 6'6" centers? I worry that he may struggle with leverage because he's so tall and someone could easily get underneath him,
  12. Being from Kansas it’s frustrating because I’ve seen several good players go out of state the could have went to Nebraska but they have missed on them or flat out not recruited them, most recently this missed out if Isaiah Simmons and I don’t think they recruited Breece Hall much if at all
  13. I don’t live in Nebraska so idk, but have many HS kids from the state fit the prior scheme?
  14. I bet it more boils down to the staff didn’t think that the player was as high of caliber as the high school coaches felt said player(s) were
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