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  1. I think this is spot on. Our kicker being injured absolutely killed us. We couldn’t kick the ball deep with any hang time at all, and any type of field goal was nerve racking and far from a sure thing. You change your play calling and an be more aggressive/less predictable when you have a good kicking game.
  2. I’m still kinda confused on how this will work. Is the analyst going to have to coach a full time assistant on how to coach special teams? Or is he able to do some type of instruction with the athletes? I think if it’s the first one, that seems borderline inefficient and possibly could cause a lot of miscommunication and problems come saturdays in the fall
  3. This is good for NU bad for MSU. It’s good for the Huskers as it should help recruiting in Colorado, unless CU gets an ace recruiter/up and comer head coach that has a lot of hype around him like we got in Frost. It’s bad for MSU even though it’s a small sample size CUs defense drop something like 33 spots in total defense his first year. With the odd way their last coach left the day before signing day, and the loaded division the east is, I don’t feel like MSU is a very attractive job. I think they caught lightening in a bottle with Dantonio. The guy did a lot more than expected or their talent level might have suggested they should. It’s going to be very hard to find another coach that fits their program as well as he did
  4. We have it in Kansas so I bet you do in Nebraska
  5. Pretty crappy time to resign, the day before NSD. They have any recruits we can steal in the 23rd hour? (Insert sarcasm...kind of)
  6. My biggest worry is if colleges starry paying athletes, then they’ll have to pay all athletes. And if they have to pay all athletes then sports like baseball, softball and wrestling to name a few will get cut in order to keep the bottom line as close to what it was as possible. Sure due to title nine a lot of women’s sports will have to stay around, but for so many kids that aren’t football or basketball players their opportunity to get college paid for by competing in a sport they love and have spent years honing their craft in may get taken away. We really need to take a step back and look at the whole pie here. I understand and don’t necessarily disagree with the thought process behind paying athletes, but with as cut throat as the NCAA is and by proxy these schools are, I don’t think risking all these other kids opportunities in other sports are worth it. Remember just a short time ago how Nebraska Omaha lost there stellar wrestling program and competitive football program in order for the school to move up a classification. And that was D2 kids who weren’t on a full scholarship and we’re already paying for some of the costs of college. People were pissed about the situation, and a lot of kids suffered. I’d hate for the situation to become widespread across college athletics
  7. My head says 49ers but my heart wants the Chiefs to win
  8. With the experience our OL gained, the way they were blocking at the end of the year against stiff competition, and the fact the offense really started to click with mills at the end of the year I think we’ll see a lot better of a year. All conference type of year maybe
  9. i thought i had read that Snyder was going to Texas to be their ST coach. Any idea what happened there?
  10. Idc what he called last year, between the oline sucking it up until the last couple weeks and AMarts inability to put touch on a pass, nothing he called was going to work. It’ll be better in 2020, no doubt about it
  11. Any chance Helfrich ends up as some kind of offensive analyst for Frost until he finds another OC job?
  12. With the depth we have rb and the type of rb that mills is, he can be the FB/dive back guy we need if SF chooses to the I back set. Were in the I so little it'd be a wasted scholarship to have one on the team. Unless were able to get another walk on like Andy
  13. I agree, except that red on red can look good, but there has to be something to break it up I.e the chiefs all red uniforms
  14. That our defense improved but our offense regressed so much that our defensive improvements weren’t what they could have been do to the stupid amount of 3 & out drives our offense had
  15. I’m not a D1 QB coach, but one thing I’ve noticed is Martinez tends to U the ball because keeps his hand in a U shape instead of getting his fingers on top the ball aka C the ball. This causes the ball to sail and float instead of the nose dropping and the ball falling into the WRs hands. I think his mechanics are off and that’s a big reason for his issues. It makes me wonder if Coach V is really all that great of a QB coach. I feel he knows his stuff but is having a hard time teaching to Martinez
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