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  1. I think what the article said about losing focus after receiving national accolades is spot on. I can’t imagine how hard it is for a 19 year old kid to stay focused and not be feeling a little invincible after being named a heisman candidate after his freshman year. Especially at Nebraska we’re we’ve had tons of past success and are yearning to see success again.
  2. No love for Kade Warner I see!
  3. Maybe it’s just reminding him that the coaches haven’t forgot about his disappointing season last year and are going to continue pushing him throughout the year. Frost seems like one of those guys who will be honest pretty much all the time, and doesn’t really pull punches no matter the situation. While I respect that mentality, it can also be a dangerous road to travel that can easily come around and bite you
  4. I’m hoping that them adding college schools increases sales so much it shows EA that they need to get off their asses and start making NCAA Football games again
  5. It does a lot for culture when nobody, not even QB1 is above the coaches scrutiny. Nobody can say favorites are being played, different players get different treatment, etc. I think this is a brilliant technique by Frost. Also makes some of the things McQuitty said look less legit
  6. I think it’s way more likely we beat northwestern and lose to Penn State. And our 8th win be either Cinci or Iowa
  7. The schedule in 2021 is pretty damn tough, better win the first 2 because there’s only one more gimme game the rest of the year vs. Southeastern
  8. Give this kid a year or two and he very well could be another Dedrick Mills or Imani Cross type player. Hard nosed, great in short yardage, and wears a defense out, allowing our speedy guys to make big plays
  9. I don’t believe it! Tell us or we’ll all know you’re lying!
  10. Anyone else think Frost kinda looks like Donna from That 70's Show?
  11. And people are saying our increasing the number of walk-ons was foolish! 2020 National Champs!
  12. I might put $20 on Rutgers, the risk would definitely be worth the reward!
  13. I could see that but I don’t think the G5 conferences will support it at all (not that their opinion holds much weight in all likelihood) because there’s slot of money their schools are set to lose if they don’t go and play the big boys of college football
  14. This guy could be a matchup nightmare this year. I expect to see him a lot this year. The pressure has to be on Martinez, because if he struggles early on, McCaffery might take the starting job and runs away with it. Competition breads success and that what I’m hoping is happening here
  15. Ha ha yea I have been planning on omg back every year the past 10 years
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