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  1. yea hasn't that line been getting 1st year quarterback Justin Fields obliterated?
  2. Bob Stoops will be the interim coach at OU. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/lincoln-riley-to-usc-oklahoma-taps-bob-stoops-to-serve-as-interim-coach-for-bowl-game-per-reports/
  3. Interesting indeed. 2 minute offense has also been horrid, I don't have stats on me though.
  4. OSU backup QB Jack Miller has entered the transfer portal. He was a Four star recruit and the 13th rated pro style quarterback and enrolled at OSU in 2020. https://247sports.com/Article/Ohio-State-quarterback-Jack-Miller-enters-NCAA-transfer-portal-176606605/
  5. Iowa currently a 10.5 underdog to Michigan in the conference championship game.
  6. I saw an unverified rumor he would be interim HC. Again, unverified.
  7. Probably not in play as much anymore with the multiple conference 'alliance' recently announced, but USC to the B1G is still possible in the future. I definitely give it under 50-50 odds but the Riley coaching move may end up affecting us directly in the future.
  8. Well Riley did firmly deny that he was taking the LSU job.
  9. If it ends up being some guy from the MAC we know Nebraska has officially settled in to B1G West mediocrity.
  10. Harbaugh has had plenty of struggles over the years though, and gone back and forth somewhat with offensive philosophy. He was considered a dead man walking in terms of his job coming into the year by some. But it is working this year. OC Josh Gattis is doing a great job finding the right formula for their personnel and game plans this year, and I bet Harbaugh has some involvement in the scheme too. Gattis brought his 'speed in space' ideas originally but now the incorporation of a power running game this year seems to be working for them. Somewhat similarly, Scott Frost has said he believes in blending traditional Husker power football with new ideas.
  11. And 6 rushing TDs today by the Wolverines! (Oregon also beat tOSU with a potent ground game earlier this year.)
  12. Harbaugh was considered a lame duck heading into 2021 by many. In this case allowing him to develop the program has really payed off. 6 rushing TD in The Game my the Wolverines. Both losses by tOSU this year have been to teams able to control the game on the ground.
  13. Yes I agree for this game, didn't want to make a mistake with a freshman QB against the IA interception machine defense, in a game that is going well.
  14. No turnovers good job, moved the ball and scored TDs in the red zone. Hence the lead. Now Frost and company need to earn that contract extension, because you know IA is going to make adjustments at the half.
  15. Even hit the PAT. Fired on all cylinders for that drive! Well after taking that silly delay of game out of the gate.
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