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  1. I actually think that not announcing the hiring right away creates more suspense and puts more attention on Hoiberg. Assuming he's going to Nebraska, that's a good thing. I also agree with an earlier poster that letting the dust settle around the firing of Miles for several days is a wise move. Why do I think this is a done deal? 1 - One name, and one name only, has surfaced in relation to the head coaching job at Nebraska and it happened before the previous head coach was fired. 2 - It was confirmed by the AD that he has spoken to 1 of his "3" potential candidates. Is it just coincidence that it is the person who's name has already surfaced? 3 - National pundits are upset at the way the situation was handled. One explanation for their "outrage" is that it is known (or accepted as fact) that a new coach was essentially hired before the AD fired the old coach. How might an AD react to that criticism? Maybe by saying that it will take 7-14 to find a new coach. I'll admit up front that I could be wrong. However, I believe the old adage applies in this situation. "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck".
  2. Conventional wisdom is that the Huskers are going to sign 3-4 more next week. However, it won't surprise me if they sign only 1 or 2 more. Frost is a man of his word and he's indicated he won't take a player just to fill a class. - Coaches, including Frost, did an in-home with Houston after his visit so it seems very likely that he's a take and it sounds like he's N. - Coaches also visited Parker's high school but no verification of an in-home by Frost. That young man is playing it close to the vest. - Outside of those two, it seems like conventional scholarship offers would be risky, especially if there is bait in the water for grad transfers that could contribute immediately.
  3. Also up to 14th in Rivals. The best part? Pola-Gates signed his LOI in December!
  4. History shows that is much more important to recruit talented players that fit your program than it is to land as many *stars* as possible. I feel extremely confident that Coach Frost and his staff are going after guys that are highly competitive, aggressive and wherever appropriate, blazingly fast. I love that this staff already has one juco in the fold and will undoubtedly have more very soon (Huskers haven't had one since 2014). These kids aren't fresh out of 12th grade. Most were studs in high school and have been humbled. In general, they are ready to prove themselves on the big stage. If Frost can land the right players for his system (not just the most highly rated players) his teams will be able to compete with everyone in the B1G.
  5. Is there any chance UCF refused to pay coaching bonuses to assistants for the bowl game? Something strange is happening here.
  6. He's meeting with his UCF players at 4:30. Nebraska official announcement will follow. Press conference in Nebraska tomorrow at noon.
  7. Can you imagine how hard it is to tell his team that he is leaving? Can you imagine how much harder it would have been to tell them that if they had lost? It's a bittersweet moment for Scott, but let's forget, Nebraska is the sweet part, for us, and for him.
  8. Not for me. It shows he puts his heart and soul into his work. We wanted a competitor? We got one. Now the real work begins !!
  9. Just an observation... Lincoln Riley is very young and inexperienced for a P5 head coach.
  10. No one in this state today will be more proud than Tom Osborne. That. Is. Cool.
  11. Meh, let the naysayers naysay. The truth is, many did not expect him to come back to a 4-8 Nebraska. We know it. They know it. Go Big Red !!!
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