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  1. I wouldn't mind a few more years with four teams. I could see the conferences shifting to align themselves to have teams get into the final four. TCU, for instance, probably would have got in if it weren't for the fact that the B12 doesn't have a conference championship. Notre Dame will always be on the outside looking in unless they get into a conference. I'm just saying that four teams kind of forces teams and conferences to be become more competitive....no team is going to waltz into the final four without having done battle with top quality opponents. Eventually, I think that eight teams would be ideal. However, I would like teams to get into the playoffs by winning conference championships. Screw the polls.
  2. Beck's playing calling scares me. With a bye, I sure hope that he has a decent game plan and is willing to improvise if necessary. Talent-wise, I think Nebraska over Wissy. I sure hope that we're not out-coached, though.
  3. Does anyone seriously think that we should be ranked #11 in the nation? Besides Drew Sharps hard-on for Florida State, I don't disagree that Nebraska should be ranked #15-#20. If we beat Wissy, Minny and Iowa, then I would say "yes", we're top 10; but, until then, we're over-ranked (IMO).
  4. Caps = predicted win Nebraska vs Wisconsin- Louisville vs Rutgers- Northern Illinois vs Kent State- UCLA vs Stanford- Oklahoma vs TCU- Oklahoma State vs Baylor- UCF vs Tulsa- Nicholls State vs Oregon State Kansas vs West Virginia- Boise State vs Nevada- Texas vs Kansas State- Florida State vs Georgia Tech- Alabama vs Georgia-
  5. AFter the tOSU game and after reading all the message boards calling for Pellini's head, I thought that the Huskers would collapse like they did in Callahan's last year. I thought that we would be looking for a new coach about this time. Now, no one wants Pellini to leave. Go figure. We're such fickle fans.
  6. I like the notion of the two division winners squaring off. But I think the bolded part would cause all sorts of logistics problems. Probably insurmountable logistics problems. Just slide Wisconsin over to the Legends division. Add Maryland and Rutgers to Leaders. Stop the cross rivalry game with PSU. Done.
  7. That letter is l o n g!! Barker must have been pretty irate to have sent it. I'm sure that Kill is probably an @ss, but aren't the majority of D1 football coaches? Oh well, Gophers loss...he was their best offensive weapon and can go to any D1 school football program and play next year because he is a walk-on.
  8. Nebraska 41 Gophers 13 Gophers are REALLY good at scoring 13 points this year. NU - Rushing 270 NU - Passing 230
  9. so when the defense held UCLA to 3 points in the 2nd half, and the offense couldn't manage anything other than a field goal and giving UCLA 9 extra points in the last 25 minutes of the game...that was still entirely on the defense? I see your point. I was just thinking 30 points in the game wasn't too shabby. It's not like we couldn't move the ball in that game.
  10. Well, you certainly can't attribute our losses this year to the offense. And you can't come back from double-digit deficits like we have this year without a decent offense. I think Beck is doing a stand-up job.
  11. eh... we had a DL that used to do stuff like that Wow. Now THAT is the zone read run to perfection. That play causes D-coordinators to pull their hair out. Yeah, you (DC) have to account for everyone and the guy that's the most important on the play is the one that's unblocked! Not to poo-poo that play....but look at that block that Reeves through down at the 50 yard line. Fortunate that a penalty wasn't called. If a penalty gets called, then we wouldn't be talking about the play.
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