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  1. Coleman was great and everyone else did their job job on this play, except for the pulling guard who whiffed the block and then helped finish off the tackle of our ball carrier. If he doesn't whiff it's a 10yrd run. Instead it was 5.
  2. I hope the first question in the presser is why the f#&% is an immobile player returning punts.
  3. No. There’s literally no west team who doesn’t suck.
  4. D needs their pride taken down a few notches. They’re not as good as they have been hearing. Only against bad offenses and MSU is playing really good on offense.
  5. Why do our punt and punt return teams struggle? Other teams don’t seem to have that problem.
  6. Haven't seen our D line get neutralized like this since the Michigan game.
  7. Our D is struggling. Hopefully that changes soon. Trading scores won't win this game for us.
  8. Exactly. Why give msu a chance with a kick return? The little things matter.
  9. Thanks to MSUcks and their penalties for this drive. Our offense is all out of sorts.
  10. He can’t run due to his injury. Makes perfect sense, right?
  11. Coleman wide open crossing the middle and he threw into double coverage.
  12. I’d say the SOS is a wash between the three. It will probably come down to turnovers, which probably doesn’t bode well for us.
  13. How do know the CB isn’t coached to be aggressive on the out route? The blitzing whiffed and didn’t do its job. If he’s soft on the outside coverage and the QB completes a quick pass before the blitz gets home, then we would be critical of the soft coverage.
  14. 4.8% to win the west? That’s bad. Not saying we will, but…..Who’s going to win it? We all are at about the same level.
  15. I’m seeing “personnel “issues and not so much coaching issues. This should improve next year with more experience and hopefully key portal additions.
  16. At some point, we’re going to need an offense that can move the ball. Figure it out coaches.
  17. Other than maybe Carter Nelson, this is easily the biggest in-state get this year. This dude can play defense. If you haven’t seen him play yet, you’ll see, eventually. Maybe even next season. IMO his football smarts are super high! He’s underrated as a 3 star. His HS team is so dominant, he hasn’t really needed to do much this season. Opponents don’t throw his way and don’t punt to him ( a good returner too). for good reason.
  18. I hope you’re right. The barriers to this type of success as I see it are an inconsistent ( and mostly bad) special teams and our history of not stringing together >2 wins in a row. If Rhule pulls off an 8 win season, he should be national COTY.
  19. Iowa wins games with field position thanks to their unreal punter. Their crappy offense just has to muster 1 or 2 first downs and the field is flipped. And the defense keeps everything thing in front of them and waits for the opponents talent deficient offense to make a mistake. It’s crazy how well it works against the non-PSU, OSU, UM teams.
  20. I’m concerned with the opponents remaining who have good defenses. Iowa and Wisconsin. There’s so little room for error when we will struggle to score. The good offensive teams, I think our D will step up and neutralize and allow HH to power us to a win.
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