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  1. I just want a great younger offensive minded coach, get decent assistants to make defensive scouting assignments and recruit but our head guy is also like Frost in that hes young and driven and will work hard at recruiting. To me that might be TJ at SDSU
  2. What can we expect from Breon Dixon? I had the impression he was going to be a stud when we landed him.
  3. Head Coach Recruiting me the hardest: Scott Frost Most intense fan base: Nebraska's Best visit you went on: Penn State vs. Ohio State game, Minnesota at Nebraska.
  4. That awkward moment when you get your entire wishlist of Benhart, Robinson x2, Mccaffrey, Newsome, and Hickman
  5. I'm making Ty and Bryce B. roomies when they get here and letting them know they are our future All Americans.
  6. Sounds like has a problem with academics, but Arizona's coach last year said he may be the best athlete on the team, and their defensive coordinator raved about him..
  7. I've been ignoring this thread because I thought it was simply talking about how he didn't pick us, do we have a chance now???
  8. Of our recruits committed, do we know who is all EE's?
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