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  1. To have 4-of-5 starting Offensive Linemen grade under "30" in pass protection is quite the indictment of Coach Austin. I would add that especially if Turner is battling an injury that is resulting in that type of performance, they need to give Banks all the #1 reps this week in an effort to get him ready for OU.
  2. I'd rather see a 60%/20%/20% split as it's inevitable that one of the Top 3 will get knicked up and you need guys with real game snaps under their belt to be able to step in with confidence that they can do the job. Try to throw a guy intoa critical game who has been riding pine and you're far more likely to have them get anxious, get the 'yips' and fumble the rock.....
  3. If there are two guys ahead of Stepp based on performance to date, that an optimistic sign!
  4. With Benhart's slower feet (in fairness he was very young last year and a full offseason of S&C likely generated some improvement), I was wondering if Banks had any hope to unseat him at the RT position? Any thoughts on the guys who are 2's on depth chart and how close they are to making a move to at least be 1b's?
  5. That would be promising if we're actually 3-deep with Morrison, Ervin and Stepp.
  6. He just needs to slow down a bit and play more in control....
  7. E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post based at Offutt.
  8. Heinrich is a couple of inches taller, but I don’t think difference in weight is meaningful. I’d gladly trade good football instincts for a couple of inches of height any day of the week. That is not to say that Heinrich may not outperform Reimer in that area, just that I’d prefer the guy that recognizes the play faster to shoot the gap or beat the block, over the “taller” guy every time. That also leaves out the toughness factor. There were some pit bull ILB’s who were only 5’10” who were incredibly successful as they saw a 300lbs lineman and each time they believed they were tougher than them. Those are the guys you want on the field.
  9. I would probably argue that QB depth means “multiple guys able to successfully execute the normal offence.” In this case the backups are extremely young and should AM2 go down for whatever reason (which we should all pray he doesn’t) I don’t think we’re anywhere close to that. That is not to say that if the OL executes to its potential that the backups can’t move the ball, just that the playbook needs to be drastically cut-down for both back up options (with Smothers likely requiring a higher run:pass ratio). Bottom line is if the OL was projected to be weak, this would be a bigger concert, but calling our QB Depth “good” requires a very optimistic world view.
  10. So for the guys that know more about what is actually going on in Lincoln than I do.... In looking at the defensive roster, the more I dig into it, the more striking it appears the DL depth significantly exceeds the LB depth. More specifically, to my eye, it looks like you have 1 "sure thing" LB in Domann. Beyond that as you start looking for #2, #3 and #4, it appears there are a lot of significant question marks, especially after Honas's injury. On the other hand, when I look at the DL, it appears to me that there are 4-5 proven guys, and then you've got mooses like Nash who are showing glimpses of being pocket destroyers who have demonstrated enough talent that you have to get them on the field. My instinct based on both that depth chart and the size and strength of B1G offensive lines, is that we should be experimenting with 4-DL fronts (4-2-5?) as the base D for first and second downs, during Fall Camp to see how they perform versus the the formations that have traditionally been Chin's favourites. So my questions are: 1. Does anyone else agree (or disagree} with that assesment? 2. If it was your call (based on what you know now), what would you 2-Deep Defensive Depth Chart look like in your preferred base formation? 3. Do we think if Chin/Frost sees a similar talent split between the DL and the LB groups, is he flexible enough to build his base from there? Or as a 3-4 adherent, is it more likely he pushes talent development in his linebackers so he can run his preferred system?
  11. I wasn’t sure if Banks was going to surprise and push Bernhardt at RT….
  12. I agree....if you have a chance to add depth then you should.
  13. I think the Blackshirts have the potential to be very, very good this year. The wildcard again is the offence and the combination of AM’s accuracy and ball security, in combination with Frost’s play calling….Those two items will make or break the season.
  14. Adding Kansas and Iowa State? I would argue that scenario means the B1G makes the weakest additions of the four conferences.
  15. l think the biggest wild card is if universities choose to split football out from their rest of their athletic programs. Such a decision would allow for nation-wide mega conferences for football and regional conferences for everything else. The key restrictions on mega conferences being applied to all sports is examples like Rutgers being afford to spend the money to send their ladies bowling teams to California or Washington for a non-revenue generating sport.... So if the non-revenue sports MUST stay in the same conference as football, there needs to be some regional role. But if football can somehow be cleaved out, you have a completely open playing field and all the traditional rules are out the window.
  16. You're assuming the PAC breaks down too? I think they're more likely to wish to remain independent and try to add pieces from the dismantled BIG12. Now if the SEC manages to pull apart the ACC and grab Clemson and FSU, then all bets are off, but my bet at the moment is we'll end up with (4) 16-team conferences: B1G SEC PAC ACC
  17. Not really a fan of the Kansas option.... If I'm Warren, my first call is to Mizzou. I think they're staring at a future of being a perennial door mat in an absolutely stacked SEC. So if the B1G gave them an "out" with an academic upgrade and back into a regional pod where they have a chance to be competitive, I think they might jump on it. And again that serves up another significant TV market to the conference going forward.
  18. First of all, as it's named "Reporting" system most would recognize that it is in fact based on "reports" as opposed to verified injuries, deaths, etc. If you missed that distincton, that's on you, not on me.. Second of all, long ago before I would have ever posted anything on this I read the VAERS reporting rules (where there are in fact criminal penalties, including imprisonment for making false reports) and FAQ to ensure I had a basic understanding of how it worked. I'm willing to wager that as you chose to attack the poster instead of the content, that you took no such efforts, and as such may want to look in the mirror prior to accusing someone else of a pre-existing bias. Lastly, if you truly are looking for a more statistical reason to be cautious (which is all I proposed), and shift from the current "reports" to cases where a claimant provided enough evidence for the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to pay out an award (noting that 100% of the burden tying the injury to a vaccine reaction is on the claimant) then I would invite you to read the following document as issued by the government's Health Services and Resources Administration....if there were few injuries or deaths acknowledged as caused by vaccines then this report should show a very small payout number. https://www.hrsa.gov/sites/default/files/hrsa/vaccine-compensation/data/data-statistics-report.pdf
  19. Fearful? No. Cautious? Yes. This is just one quick item that everyone should be aware of.... VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System which tracks all vaccine reactions in the United States as in the USA the vaccine makers have zero liability for any injuries or deaths and the government insures all those events. The following link pulls the data on the COVID vaccines from that database to make it easier to understand. Link: https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data Recorded Adverse Reactions to COVID vaccines up to March 12, 2021. Deaths: 1,739 Hospitalizations: 3,976 Urgent Care: 6,716 Miscarriages: 69 ....there are more. Will leave each individual to assess on their own, but information such as this should be part of each “Informed Consent”, and not something you have to go looking for....
  20. As an alternative, with the size of our DL, I would be really interested to see Chinander come up with some creative 3-3-5 packages where Javin could play safety alongside Williams and Dismuke. With (3) Safeties on the back end, Chin may then have the confidence to tighten up his corners.
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