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  1. Should be their job. Why they can't develop players is beyond my comprehension. I can't answer that question
  2. When the same mistakes from multiple players keep costing us over 3 years, you have to point to those at the top
  3. Might get lucky and get them Covid canceled. Minnesota might be winnable, Purdue will punish us
  4. That's possible, but Iowa does a great job developing their players. We don't and haven't since Pelini was our coach, and even then development wasn't as good as what Iowa and Wisconsin do.
  5. He does too. Would probably be making millions in the NFL right now
  6. 100 plus. the DL was pretty good, the place kicker. Martinez and Robinson were good. that's about it.
  7. Huh, a new way to lose...... This team is certainly inventive
  8. Whatever happens here, I have zero faith in this team and staff to pull this out
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