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  1. Isn't Florida doing better than places like California? Let's not forget that numbers show that masking hasn't proven to stop the spread of the Wuhan virus. If we're placing blame let's start with where the blame actually lies: 1) China 2) Anphony Fauci, and 3) the WHO.
  2. Maybe they should get moving on doing something for their constituents. But nah, Orange Man hurt their feels..... gotta make the people pay for voting for him. I've been told that we're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic or something. Maybe that whole pandemic thingy ended a couple of weeks ago, who knows?
  3. Another in a long line of unqualified, horrible picks for his administration. Identity politics at its finest. Pretty much what was expected though.
  4. In a time of a pandemic when unemployment is high, why is China Joe doing all of these things to take jobs away from US workers? When will he ever put America and Americans first? China is getting a lot of bang for its buck, they are really happy with their #1 employee.
  5. Where did I ever say that Couric was a politician? Check twitter for All Out Crazy's statements. I don't tweet. I already gave a few examples of many examples.....this stuff is all common knowledge, no links are needed. Besides, I don't believe everything I see on the internet.
  6. You should find some new sources, it's been widely reported.
  7. Did you not watch any news from the past 8 months or are you conveniently forgetting all of the number of occasions of the Dem talking heads supporting domestic terrorists? History doesn't start at the top of the hour.
  8. I don't have to when it's been on (some) news since early summer. Chris Cuomo asked where it says that protests need to be peaceful. Seattle and Portland's mayors have and governor have been openly championing for those burning down their cities. None other than Heels Up Harris said that the riots would and should continue. She also helped set up bail funding for some of these domestic terrorists.
  9. Considering that a number of Dems (AOC and Katie Couric just to name a couple) been calling for such a thing, coupled with Parler getting canceled and youtube, facebook, and twitter canceling people who don't toe the line to their made-up narratives it's not outside the equation. It was reported that the NY Times had an op-ed today calling for China Joe to appoint a "reality czar" to work with the evil monsters at Big Tech Orwell would be proud.
  10. One could ask why the Dems were celebrating cops being maimed and killed all summer but now they suddenly pretend to care about a cop that was tragically killed at the capitol. If they would have taken steps to properly secure the capitol prior to the mostly peaceful protest, this along with the murder of an unarmed woman might not have happened.
  11. Why? He can read that data and see that masks haven't had much of, if any, effect on stopping the spread of Covid. I'd bet he's seen far more patients in his practice than Anphony Fauci has.
  12. Weird. It only took them 8 months to figure out what facistfa and ocBLM are up to. That's gubment for you. Not shocking at all if you don't listen to the lies of the left. He's must be the oddest looking "white supremacist" ever.
  13. Debatable. This is the first I've heard of this. Tell me if you've heard this before: "Some people did something. Mostly peaceful." At least these folks went to the right spot, they took it to the people who wrongfully think of themselves as our ruling class. It's not like they were burning churches, houses, or the businesses of some poor people who were having a tough enough time making ends meet due to draconian lockdowns. Please show me where I ever said that killing police officers is ok?
  14. I've been told by the left all summer and fall of last year that this is ok, when did they start caring about the lives of police officers?
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