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  1. Reservations can be understood. He certainly isn't deserving of criticism though.
  2. Wisconsin was largely modeled after us. When they succeed, I consider it a complement. We need to get back to playing more disciplined ball like we were known for as they typically do.
  3. Think that we're going to be surprised. I've got a pretty good idea what the offense will be like. Scott's going to be much less involved. It might not be easy for him but he's doing it. He's been attempting to control too many things. The effort, while earnest, wasn't nearly effective enough. He's learning. Sometimes when a person is too close to issues, the picture isn't easy to see or acknowledge. Staff members needed to go earlier. Determination accounts for a lot. So too the ability to adjust, adapt and make tough calls. He's serious about getting things turned around and right. Will he be too tardy in making necessary changes remains to be seen.
  4. That's good. Had three consecutive days of mid 104 degree temps. As high as 105.1. Never experienced anything like it. Still can barely smell and taste. Can really affect one's nasal and lung passages. Glad that you're feeling better and back to work!
  5. Firstly, hopefully you are getting along much better. Can sure be a nasty bug! Had it myself beginning Dec. 22nd. I'm still dealing with some of the aftermath. Lots of congestion issues now and headaches. I think that many sense the situation similar with you. My biggest concern is the OL. It is KEY to our success next season. Another concern I have is how reliable of a rushing game we'll have. The RB's need to get rolling sooner. 1 or 2 need to be identified in short order. The defense will gather momentum through the season with experience. The special teams will improve I'm sure. One can appreciate the patience. The sense of urgency needs to carry over into the team. As of right now. An across the board evaluation was necessary. Scott's demonstrated a willingness to make adjustments. They're all upgrades IMO. And, they've acquired a number of players to give the personnel a boost. I'm cautiously optimistic. Our passing attack could potentially be very, very good. Then it's a question of how well the other areas of the game can be complementary to it.
  6. Every angle deserves being looked into and addressed. There's more complexity to it than one might think. Hopefully Duval and Raiola can work together to put the best product out on the field that we can making whatever adjustments contribute to the cause.
  7. I think its a combination. It's been said that much of it can be attributed to coaching. It sure seems to me that the offensive line should've been performing better as the season progressed. I just hope Riaola is a guy that can bring out the best in them. In some ways I think that they were coming around. Think that the offensive line could be very good. Not out of the gate. But they've got to be demonstrating real progress. Offensive line play is quite a bit more complex than most appreciate I think.
  8. The offensive linemen brought in haven't been as publicized. Maybe that can be factored in. And sometimes, people's comments are emotional in nature where there can be absences of facts. Having said that, I'm of the opinion that it would be in our interest to add if we have the opportunity.
  9. Appreciation for all that you're saying there. There's a lot of potential different scenarios of coarse. Anything that's less than seven wins with the upcoming schedule isn't improvement seems reasonable. Hopefully we get our crap together and make a statement that we are gaining momentum and are in fact moving in the right direction. I'm not going to count any chickens before they hatch this time around. Eggs need to start hatching for sure though!
  10. I'm seeing it differently. There are always positives and negatives to every situation. In a way, we're fortunate that things worked out the way that they did. Having said that, I'm in agreement with you...Changes have been past due. Should've occurred prior to now after the prior season. Of coarse, we'll never know what those changes might've been or if they would've been enough. Are we going to get a transfer or two from here on out on the offensive side of the ball? We certainly could use some additions.
  11. Suppose we won six games this previous season. And few if any changes were made. Now be honest. Are we fortunate having only won three with the changes that have been made?
  12. 1 game at a time. I'm encouraged. No predictions from here. Hopefully the O-line can block a paper towel this next season!
  13. That's true. You're spot on about that!
  14. Let's get it roll'n. I'm just tired of all the talk and inferior performance. It's time to PLAY at a high level.
  15. We've got what we need now. They're just needing experience and development. I like the physicality of Yant. He needs get out of his own way though and learn to be a much better pass blocker.
  16. Appreciate that. I think we're in for a few surprises. Not sure exactly what. Maybe we'll have some situational quarterback play at times.
  17. There goes the laugh but it is with new batteries and a globe as clean as a whistle!
  18. Dusted off the trusty crystal ball this afternoon FWIW. Indications are a bit more rushing and option is being aimed for than one might imagine. Including inside short yardage running plays. Quite a lot of the Frost offense remains. More trickery sprinkled in than we've seen for a while. Wildcat, misdirection plays, etc. Not (quite) as much of the offense Mark Whipple is known for.
  19. Lets score some points making opportunities for our backup QB's to have lots of in game experiences! Listening to Thompson, it seems the plan is centered around two years. I can then see Haarberg challenging Purdy if he can get his accuracy issues taken care of. We haven't had much competition going on between the quarterbacks for a while which should help now with this group. Maybe too they've needed an attitude adjustment about as much as the O-line has.
  20. Competition is needed. They'll all make each other better!
  21. Needing to up size the hot dogs to foot longs. The loaded ones with corn relish can be named Husker Dazzle Dogs!
  22. I know a blind man that knows plenty about beauty. While we're at it, how about we stay classy folks.
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