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  1. Guess we'll find out if he's got cattle to go along with his hat.
  2. There were a few deluded accounts during the coaching search that's for sure!
  3. I want to believe in good faith efforts being made to confronting any potential destructive conduct. That unfortunately usually isn’t the case.
  4. Sounds like behind the scenes manipulating. The defendant has probably been participating in counseling as part of a strategy. The witness is conveniently absent and not able for the process to move forward. Everyone is quiet as a mouse. Every tactic will be employed for self preservation and to avoid consequences.
  5. Gonna have to disagree Vince. Has it been Gabe's vision or, more of an issue with his ability to respond how he needs to with what he sees? I think that we're going to see better cuts from him. Ajay, Rahmir and Ervin are all going to be competing for the lead role in my opinion. I do think how Rahmir is utilized will be key.
  6. Without intending to sound snide, it comes down to the jersey being so much more than an article of clothing. It's what it represents. Past, present, future.
  7. Yeah, there were a number of contributing factors. The cohesiveness hasn't been there.
  8. The jersey is going to matter on this team. That's the essence behind what's being done.
  9. Gabe's been a little bit behind the eight ball for some time now. Then the injury. I'd throw out last season pretty much altogether. I'd say that there were some things that he definitely needed to work on. Being injured limited that to some extent. Always regarded him highly. He's matured and is looking great. I think he could grow into being a dependable back for us. I just can recall how well his pass blocking was. That's an important element to all of this too. Also looking forward to seeing what Allen can do.
  10. It seemed to me that Grant's production diminished with stronger competition. Part of that can be attributed to O-line play. I think that he's a bit over-rated. Maybe there's still some things he can improve upon yet. I get the impression that he wants to bust a run mentally and he needs to adjust his game to the shorter runs too.
  11. Comical, I know. Considering how there's so much more talk than there is action. What was once commonly embraced is now made profound again. Talking about having a culture where accomplishments are achieved together is entirely different than actually executing one.
  12. Actions have to match the words (or something to that effect). -Rhule
  13. That was awesome! Enjoyed it as well. Coach Osborne remains sharp. He was was a master strategist in a number of areas. He shined every bit as much during the conversation as coach Rule. I appreciate Matt's earnestness and work ethic. He's taking a multi-dimensional approach to being successful here. I think that we're going to experience considerable developments over time and accomplish a lot of great things.



    Robert “Bob” Proctor (Navy Veteran)

    89 Yrs, 5'9” 145 Lbs Thin gray hair


    Loveda “Veda” Proctor

    92 Yrs, 5'2” 180 Lbs Grey hair, Blue-gray eyes


    Bob has severe diagnosed dementia. Veda can become disoriented, especially at night


    Hometown: Aurora NEBRAKSA


    Latest*confirmed (video) sighting 01/12/23 Giltner Nebraska


    Children's names: Joe, Victor, Laci


    The “Silver Alert” has expired due to State of Nebraska statute



    PLEASE contact the Aurora Nebraska Police Department at:


    (402) 694-5815



    Flier attached (doc)



    Thank you for your help and being generous with your time! <3



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    2. admo


      Nope.  She is safe and ok to walk and find herself back to the house.  Even if she doesn't know what day it is or how to read a clock.  But, The auditory hallucinations (scary demons) tell her to get out of the house and start walking.  And to me that is ok and healthy for someone who was always athletic.  We wouldn't have any problems if people minded their own business and not report an elderly person walking because they wanted to make a difference.  I mean, how about instead of calling the authorities, say hello and ask questions instead?  I bet mom would have said Hi and that she was fine.  

    3. M.A.


      At least they've cared enough to tell someone. In today's society, listening and comprehending what's been shared with people is often a stretch. We rarely engage but hear to react. Law enforcement get quite a lot of unnecessary calls that could otherwise be dealt with by emotionally mature, reasoning adults. Like they are baby sitters. People rarely want to get involved or engage. Are hardly aware of what's going on in their immediate environment. Not to sound mean but it really is in our interest to not do that and know what's going on around us. 

    4. M.A.


      The Proctors were located deceased earlier today. I'm not yet aware of any further details other than on a minimum maintenance road northeast of Kearney. Responders were addressing two different situations simultaneous. 

  15. Scrappiness made fun! (As it should be)
  16. Precisely what caused me to be adamant about not having Urban Meyer here. He's cool, calculating, clever and it's all about HIM always. He might be a "good coach" but he's not a good person nor the kind of leader we wanted or needed to lead our football program. I know his type well. He envies the Nebraska football program's successes and yet knows that he doesn't have the characteristics to turn it around or, the character to lead it. Scum bug. Interesting how his supporters were soon nowhere to be found after his not being named. There's a few of them I know who are still throwing fits. Rhule's got a big ego, etc. Laughable. Quite a few of them have troubled personalities themselves. That's not suggesting all or even most. Many just don't recognize his devious ways. Don't want Meyer's kind around. Don't need him. As for Mickey Joseph, some of his personality traits began to bleed through his exterior during the coarse of his serving as interim coach. When his was discussing social media and his being in charge and not those commenting on games and some of his decisions. His brother told him to not go onto social media, participate in it and to avoid it. I don't object to that. He must not have taken the advice though as it certainly had his attention. He participated and took great exception to some of the things being said. That rolls off the back of a confident person's back. It's given much less focus than he demonstrates. All of them have excuses. Some form of rehabilitation occurs. Apologies are made. Maybe there's community service. Impressions are made that issues have been confronted and brought resolution to. They'll do just about anything to protect themselves, survive the storm. A few truly overcome. Most fall well short of these fraudulent proclamations. Sorry...I have seen too many suffer the consequences of this destructive conduct. The trauma people endure. So much unnecessary pain exacted upon people through no fault of their own. Urban Meyer doesn't give a damn about how his assistant treated his spouse. His false identity and winning were among his only priorities.
  17. Out hustle 'um! Speed kills.
  18. I want these men doing farmer carries while simultaneously doing sled pulls! Forward, backwards and laterally in each direction!
  19. It's not a perfect science. Some didn't get the attention that others might have. Lack of experience in relation to potential, ETC. How well do the players that one gets complement each other? And did you acquire players to fill vacancies that were needed to be filled? I'd say Rhule and his team did well all things considered especially with respect to the defensive side of the ball. It's a solid top 25 class.
  20. It's a bit more complex. There's the exercises done. How they're done. Techniques. Flexibility training. Timing, schedules. Recovery time. Strength vs. Endurance. Developing routines unique to the position and individual player. Nutrition. I get your point. WORK is indeed necessary. The commitment. The willingness to do it over and over. To start and keep going. Doing it even when one doesn't want to. It's just that I've witnessed people not very efficient in their training doing counter productive things working very hard. Sometimes too hard and then not taking care of themselves doing foolish things. There's a great many things to consider that maximize one's efforts. Oftentimes it's not the interest or lack of drive but ignorance, not being aware that there are other, more effective ways of accomplishing what one wants to achieve. The NFL appreciates discipline. It's one of the main things that they're looking for.
  21. More fast twitch development incorporated for speed and strength.
  22. Coach Rhule was as young when he began coaching as a position coach. He read and carried around coaching books since he was around 12 years old I think. It depends on the person. Like Rhule, McGuire is a couches son. He's learning sure but he has the passion, interest and drive to do well. He'll be focused on improving all the time. Rhule wouldn't entrust Garrett if he didn't think that he'd do well.
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