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  1. One’s field of vision and focus can be improved upon considerably with practice. Years ago as part of my training I’d look down a long line of twine with different sizes, shapes and colors of beads at different distances focusing on each individually from the bridge of my nose extended in different directions. The mind body connection and responses can be improved as well. It’s really not playing against but with the opponent. Fluid and flowing navigating the avenues that are presented as opposed to having rigid responses.
  2. And you ARE Scott Frost. It’s completely understandable.
  3. Everything is terrible. We’re screwed.There is no hope! In reality, it’s somewhere in between horrible and great. We’ve collectively been chugging the sweet stuff. A lot of things are being thrown at these guys and we’re nowhere where we want to be. Many different things to consider. We’ve got lots of work to do sure. We’ve just gotta trust the process. Keep on grinding away and fulfilling the commitment of improving. We’re just not a 9-3 team. Nowhere near it. They’ll get better!
  4. His performance today sucked. Bulk him up and make him a fullback!
  5. Most encouraged by the defense and play of quarterback Simms. We just don’t have experienced deep threats. That’s an area we’re probably going to have a challenge with for some time to come until those speedsters get some seasoning. Expected a little more production from our backs. Maybe some of that’s the strength of the run defense. Part of that’s not having a legitimate vertical threat. Not much at all for break away runs there. Physically the team looks leaner and a bit more agile. The offensive line in particular to me seemed to me to have improved movement. Both lines were more fluid. TE Gilbert struck out the times that he had opportunities. The tight ends will be integral. Haarberg’s play was also disappointing. Too many fumbles. The defense will likely carry the team. At least in the earlier stages of the season. They’re missing some pieces and played well. Coach White should have a formidable group. It’d be great if we could make at least one good addition to the O-line. It’ll be interesting how the QB competition between Thompson and Simms plays out. We’ll have two solid quarterback options.
  6. Quick toss to Gilbert or handoff to Gabe.
  7. Heinrich Haarberg and Deshon Singleton are a couple I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do. Both have been working hard.
  8. Make, model, year, color, plate number, description of subject lol
  9. Can see situations where punting like that would be advantageous. Makes sense. And why not first down! You’re nearing the end of the third quarter. Team is up 30 or more points. Iowa comes to mind. Maybe Colorado. Your defense just forced a three and out. Opponents offensive players have been mouthy all week leading up to the contest about how they’re going to run all over you. They’re down to their second or third string quarterback. Less experienced players on defense could use some in game experience. Go ahead and punt back once you’ve received the ball and continue to deliver the annihilation!
  10. Punt on third down “to be safe”. Why wait, might as well on first. Defense!
  11. Runza was wrong variety and wasn’t warm. Soda was flat. Gotta make changes!
  12. What you smoke’n! There aren’t going to be any fear-based, irrational overreactions… Isn’t gonna happen!
  13. Toughness! https://www.inquirer.com/philly/sports/colleges/temple/20160830_Jensen__Coach_Matt_Rhule_took_unique_path_to_Temple_football_job.html?outputType=amp “They Call Me Assassin”. One of coach Rhule’s favorite books growing up. https://www.amazon.com/THEY-STILL-CALL-ASSASSIN-Again/dp/096235791X/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=1EOB7TOIKJM5X&keywords=jack+tatum&qid=1681956423&sprefix=jack+tat%2Caps%2C137&sr=8-3
  14. HERBIE IS MUCH TOO CLEAN! If we're going to instill grittiness and true mental toughness around here, some things have got to change. Needs to have a smudge of grease on his face and a scratch on his cheek. Overalls have dirt and grease on them and torn. He’s holding a wrench with dirty, oily hands from penetrating oil and has a scrapped knuckle from where the wrench slipped. Incorporate some sweat and blood. The guy has a spritely, determined, accomplished look on his face like he’s gone through and won a battle on the farm repairing the planter, combine or some other piece of heavy equipment successfully and undeterred. For good measure, maybe he's even eating from a bag of popcorn.
  15. That would have people talking!
  16. It’s unlikely we’ll see a whole lot of it. It’s another thing opponents would have to prepare for. Possibly sprinkle some in here and there as the season progresses when it’s not expected…
  17. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see some incorporated in.
  18. You got something against OLD guys?
  19. The car salesman didn't have a shared vision or know how to develop a winning culture. Practices have to occur prior to games not during them. Proclaiming "This is Nebraska" and "I love these guys" and "I'll go to battle with so and so" while not adhering to standards that are expected of the team produced the results (or lack thereof) for far too long.
  20. Interesting...You envision the defense more than the offense being a concern early on. We definitely have to win the line of scrimmage. We're in agreement, it will take some time for development. Consistency should improve as the season goes along. Hopefully we'll be able to sustain drives to take pressure off the defense. We have to have a the run game there. As you say, we'll have to have it. It remains to be seen. Dang, I sure hope there's improvement to the offensive line performances.
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