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  1. golly, so much celebrating on the Husker bench...weird
  2. easy to break a big run if your blockers are all holding
  3. So far, It's a statue of liberty...sadly to the other team...to be continued
  4. Over/under on what play is forever dubbed the Heinrich maneuver?
  5. Let's try to make that happen! Even if only for one week/game. I'm in.
  6. Nope, not mine. When we come out and demolish someone, anyone who has a pulse...then I will regain hope and they will quickly revert to who they are and I will lose hope again. Why do I keep buying tickets for this ride? I know how it ends every time and yet...I keep getting in and dropping the shoulder harness. gbr (lower case this time due to lack of enthusiasm)
  7. I would take a good hot dog vendor over Rhule
  8. 3 seems like a stretch. Sims is trash. Our defense is the bright spot but mid at best in my view. Rhule is not the guy. but he was destined to fail with this roster.
  9. I learned that it doesn't matter who our coach is, our players cannot get the job done. Deion completely restructured a bad team and beat the defending national runner-up (facts are facts) and a 5-time national champion team and sits 2-0 while winning 2 games seems like a benchmark for a successful season if those games are Iowa and Wisconsin.
  10. a friend of mine close to the program told me somehow bleach got in the laundry with the black shirts and turned them all pink
  11. Colorado is probably saying, imagine only scoring 13 points against this defense
  12. The more we change, the more we stay the same
  13. Or, we make more of our shots and aren't in that situation at the end...
  14. HMU if anyone has tickets next weekend and lost interest in attending
  15. Knuckles injury was just too much. She was a difference-maker on many levels. This wasn't our season but the calls to fire Cook are just laughable to me. GBR. This team will be back next year and I wouldn't want to face them if I were the rest of the conference.
  16. I'm happy for AM. He got a raw deal here, left and is now a conference champion and headed to a decent bowl game. Good for him. He should play in their bowl. Maybe we will get that chance someday.
  17. Leonhard staying. Allen had said he would leave if JL wasn't on staff. This could be a scary team for years to come. JL-led defense on a Fickell-coached team, yikes. We may never beat them again.
  18. Kansas cruised easily over Miami. once we TCB, they're next
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