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  1. Hope Yant doesn't go to the Portal... Because he was all power
  2. I am not really thinking that way. But I'm not as nervous about Colorado as I was before their spring game and transfer portal meltdown. Know what I mean ?!!
  3. Your destiny was sooooo last year We are skating even better, This Year #EDM #Oilers
  4. As of April 25th, top 25 looks like this 1. LSU 2. Wake Forest 3. South Carolina 4. Florida 5. Vanderbilt 6. Coastal Carolina 7. Arkansas 8. Vanderbilt 9. Campbell 10. Connecticut 11. Boston College ... traditional baseball program/teams 12-18 19. Dallas Baptist (of course - great program) 25. UTSA Come on Huskers, the CWS is in your back yard and Campbell wants to BBQ in it. So does Boston College. Omaha is the goal for everyone and it should be the goal for Lincoln ball players too
  5. Ball game. Huskers win 6-3
  6. Huskers up 6-2 Bottom 9th, 2 outs Leadoff hitter for Omaha (Goetzmann) homers. Hunt singles. Steals 2nd. Goes to 3rd on wild pitch with Boeve batting. Boeve walks. Runners on the corners. Huskers seen enough of Garza, brings in Shanaman 6-3 Huskers
  7. Huskers up 5-2 in 9th. Matthews hits his 15th home run of the season for insurance run. Despite going 1-5 and seeing his .AVG drop, he is still hitting .401. with 55 RBI. Huskers now up 6-2 in 9th. Swansen goes 3-4 Carey has 4 RBI including 3 run home run Christo goes 4 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, 8 strikeouts, 0 walks For Omaha, Boeve goes 2-4, 1RBI, SB We are bottom of 9th with one out. Huskers about to close this one out with a W
  8. That's BS by Prime and CU.... and I will leave it at that
  9. Through 6, Huskers up 4-1 Drew Christo on the mound. Has done a pretty good job, striking out 6 thru 3.1 innings. Hawkins started for the Huskers. Gave up one run and 3 hits in 2.2 innings. Burnham and Swansen have 2 hits. Carey hit a 3 run home run in the 8th spot. Let's see how this finishes out.
  10. If Nebraska had a twin it would be Tennessee. They are one of my favorite SEC teams (if not my most favorite), because I feel their pain and they feel ours. For 20 years .... It was great to see what Coach Heupel did with them last season and gives me hope for the Huskers with Ruhle. Plus, both places got that NIL dollas going. Both places need to be back in top 10 every year (wishful thinking)
  11. I like Torres and Smothers. As hard as the Huskers tried to get them to commit here, you certainly cannot not blame them moving on now. I see Torres slinging it at UTSA or Texas Tech or Tulsa. I see Smothers at Memphis or UAB. There will be better opportunities for sure. Both are great guys, good players, good talent, good teammates. Wish them all the best. I just hate the recruiting thing more than anything else. They were heavily sought after.
  12. It's like we are playing LSU or Mississippi State in the CWS. Every friggin time we play Omaha. Like they are one of the greatest teams ever. LOL ok, play ball !
  13. I was super nervous about playing Colorado this year, with all honesty. After watching both spring games I feel better now. It looks like we have a Football Coach with a vision and plan, a good coaching staff, good players, and building up a winning football program in the Big Ten....... and they (CU) have a TV show Personality running things (as a former celebrity). Huskers going to win this one just by showing up in Boulder. So would Rutgers.
  14. FIRST - A - BLE ..... The Oilers gone beat the Kings SECOND - A - BLE .... The Kracken gone beat the Avalanche THIRT - A - BLE .... The Oilers gone win the Stanley Cup !!! You hurt it hear FIRST !!!
  15. Amazing... because the weather has been warm and beautiful here in the south (a little bit of cooler weather today tho). College football fans showed up in some cold weather yall been having, and that it awesome!
  16. Both of them are valuable. Depends on whatever Rhule wants out of his offense (and what Satterfield can do with each QB). We are very lucky to have them both. They are talented. IMHO, as the year starts to develop, if we don't see points by the starter, the next guy will come in to change it up. I also think there is room for both QBs to make plays. Meaning, you will have a starter but the other QB gets 8-10 snaps in same game. And depending on the type of game, one will lead the way - even if he doesn't start. I wouldn't count out CT's ability to air it out in a quick short passing game or downfield. I like Sims too. He is more physical for sure. It will come down to who can put points on the scoreboard to be honest (between the both of them). Int's are part of the game. Fumbles are not.
  17. He got a lil brother. Dylan was the lottery, but I feel like you do, that he got kept for it... but also because younger brother will be in the future picture too. I like coach Raiola, but I just don't get it. I think his time won't last too long here. Next season will be crucial.
  18. 4 win team for shure, but not Fo @sho If we punt at midfield and play field position, run out the play clock, kick field goals and take advantages of turnovers, we could easily take a nap during games and find out that we win 5 or 6 games, maybe 7. Brilliant - we are back! But also averaging 275 yards total offense! But hey, we beat Illinois at their own game (and Iowa's, and Minnesota, and Northwestern, etc... plus fun in the sun vs N. Illinois). Halftime report: LaTech 17 Neb 6... but don't worry, we will keep playing big ten style until we turn their mistakes into points for us and win 22-20. Because we are back!
  19. No holding calls Give Raiola an extension ! Side note: Only one more year with #54 and #69 I just don't get it anymore.
  20. Coach Prime, Colorado Buffaloes stage quite the show in snowy spring game Coach Prime, Colorado Buffaloes stage quite the show in snowy spring game - CBS Colorado (cbsnews.com) "We're heading in a great direction," said Shedeur Sanders, who wore gold-colored cleats. "Everybody had a great time." - Sidenote - I am excited about them too, but I just wished we didn't have to play them this year or anytime soon. Like the Huskers, we both were really good in the 90s and have been average or bad for years and years. Both teams needed new coaches, new energy, new life, new direction and some talent to get better again. Hope we win, but it's a road game that I cannot expect anything going into this game but nervousness lol. Just being honest.
  21. My favorite swings in baseball (current/active) Right handed swings: Miguel Cabrera, Pete Alonso, Nelson Cruz Left handed swings: Yordan Alvarez Absolutely love watching these hitters My favorite swings in baseball the past 25-30 years: Right handed swings: Manny Ramirez, Juan Gonzalez, Derek Jeter Left handed swings: Big Papi David Ortiz, Jim Thome, Ichiro
  22. Huskers lose again, 6-1 Iowa gets the 3 game sweep. Frustrating because the Huskers were in first place with 7-2 record before the series. Gotta brush it off and regroup. Sidenote - it is never fun playing baseball in cold windy weather on the road. Like, it really really sucks.
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