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  1. Yes we do and TBH it won't make that big of difference with Raiola. But with other QBs, most definitely.
  2. Is that really our Quarterback ??! Yasssss
  3. #mee too Wouldn't want it any other way
  4. I was a highway man.... (song by the supergroup Highwaymen - Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Christopherson, Johnny Cash) I have contemplated about selling van and putting a hardside camper on my PU truck. I think about it a lot.
  5. LMBO I love my vehicles. No payments. I'm done with vehicles. But insurance - I hate those guys. Wranglers are pretty awesome. And those classic Jeep Cherokees
  6. LMBO I'm quite sure you get tons of good trim as it is Love my miata, and everybody wants to drive it and see if they remember how to shift using a 5 speed lol. Except, one buddy (everybody has that clown in the group) who likes to tell me "I know your not gay, but your car is" lolol and we laugh. I also have a conversion van that gets 10mpg. Bought it used in 2003. I put in a bad a$$ sound system, CB radio, has bed in the back, and some camping equipment ready on the rig. Good AC/Heater. Still drives great but I get a tune-up every summer.
  7. @teachercd don't worry about the fuel, it is what it is. I've had my share of complaining and it does no good except to vent. But I also have an old gas saver that I bought for $2400 in 2008 and gets around 30mpg and fun to drive. 1996 mazda mx5 miata, manual 5 speed, convertable. It's basically a fast go cart / sports car that can hug corners like nothing else. I don't have a pic to upload, but this is what it looks like exactly. So get a truck and a gas saver. Oh and don't get a 6 cylinder truck, get an 8 banger.
  8. 100% just about to say that. You get a text twice a year from people to help them transport Wash/Dryer, Refrig, Mattresses, Furniture, ATV, etc... and of course you have all the bungee cords and straps and a free saturday so they can offer to buy you a pizza lol. The worse was being asked to help move heavy appliances and furniture from from 2nd floor apartment to another apartment on third floor. I told them that they make good money and just need to pay for professional movers. Outside of helping others, Trucks are fantastic. I've had several. The ones I bought used I well sell them. The last truck I bought was brand new in 2006. Dodge Ram 1500. Paid it off in 2011/2012. Free of payments since. And I still drive it a lot today and use it. Great for camping and hauling my own stuff.
  9. As the sayin' goes, Once you go truck you never go back
  10. admo

    NFL 2023

    Home teams went 5-1 in playoffs. The only team that lost playing at home was Dallas. And the Cowboys went 8-0 at home during the season. Can truly understand why Jerrah Jones said he's never felt this bad after a playoff loss in his lifetime. Or something similar to that. The Packers took charge and kept their foot on the pedal all game. It was pretty embarrassing for the Cowboys.
  11. Time to bounce back Go Big Red !
  12. admo

    NFL 2023

    There are fast guys, but his extra gear looks effortlessly fast. Amazing
  13. That's good to hear and pretty cool. We sure don't get many great QBs from Pennsylvania. I love how Coach Rhule and staff is going in there. Good ballplayers from there.
  14. He does like to cook birds
  15. I will take Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison, and Braelon Allen. I'd move everything around to make it happen. Give you a future 1st round pick, send someone my current QB, toss in some second rounders if needed......... and absolutely build an offense with these 3 studs. - Me, if I was in charge of the Bears
  16. Yes, good close games too. Great atmosphere. Rooted for UW to win both times. I never said superior so not sure why you chose to pick that word to alter what I said and thought. DeBoer is a really good coach so far. Zero evidence? Hmm.. Glad you got the forensics team on it. My initial reactions and my opinions can vary. My thoughts can change too. Like I told @runningblind above, that I could be way off and totally wrong.
  17. He hasn't done anything for me to doubt him. I actually like him and wish he would have stayed at UW. Especially going into the big ten and making the conference strong. I actually like him and hope he does well, but also, hope he doesn't become prickish. Let me explain. Alabama and the SEC and the fan base of Bama and fan base of the SEC all have this arrogant attitude. DeBoer comes in, and does well, you almost like seeing Alabama win. As long as he stays the same. But if he doesn't do as good as Nick, there will be a lot of hate thrown at him to get him out of there. Ryan Day (and to a degree Lanning) have that persona, ego, brashness and arrogance to keep Alabama right where Nick left off. Where the SEC loves that, the rest of the world hates it when they win. But they are also good coaches too, and I think Day got OSU to the title game in covid 2020 year IIRC. Beat everyone but Michigan and Missouri lol. Who knows man. Maybe DeBoer will turn out to be DeBest He's a guy you can root for. And I have had my share of being wrong a thousand times over the years, so I won't mind recognizing being wrong if he does better than what I think. Gut feeling, this isn't a good fit for him, but UW is a great fit. If that makes sense.
  18. admo

    NFL 2023

    Wonder what the Dallas Cowboys would look like with either of these two guys as Head Coach... Bill Belichick Jim Harbaugh
  19. Championship meaning - SEC championship. Sorry I didn't clarify. I think those 2 coaches I mentioned would keep Bama within the top 2 of the conference and playing for SEC titles. With DeBoer, I feel Georgia will remain at the top, and Texas and quite possibly OU will be a tougher challenge for Bama to get the #2 spot. Toss in LSU, A&M, Tennessee..... it's going to be more challenging for Bama to make the SEC title game without Saban there. I believe Day or Lanning would keep Bama in the top 2 of the SEC.
  20. Tennessee is blue blood. Way more than you ever thought. But you ought to know this. They should be up in that 70% range. They started in 1902. Here is 100 years worth from 1926 to current. Look at their history. They won a lot. Just ask any Alabama, Louisiana or Mississippi fan that is 30-80 years old. They will tell you about Tennessee. Let me know if see any good seasons. I'm sure when it happened, players, students and fans celebrated those wins in the 20's 30's 40's 50's and so on as if the Beatles were on stage. Or Elvis. Tennessee From 1926...to current days 8-1.........1926 8-0-1 9-0-1 9-0-1 9-1.........1930 9-0-1 9-0-1 7-3 8-2 4-5 6-2-2 6-3-1 11-0 10-1 10-1.......1940 8-2 9-1-1 7-1-1 8-1 9-2 5-5 4-4 7-2-1 11-1.......1950 10-1 8-2-1 6-4-1 4-6 6-3 10-1 8-3 4-6 5-4-1 6-2-2.......1960 6-4 4-6 5-5 4-5-1 8-1-2 8-3 9-2 8-2-1 9-2 11-1.....1970 10-2 10-2 8-4 7-3-2 7-5 6-5 4-7 5-5-1 7-5 5-6.........1980 8-4 6-5-1 9-3 7-4-1 9-1-2 7-5 10-2-1 5-6 11-1 9-2-2.......1990 9-3 9-3 9-2-1 8-4 11-1 10-2 11-2 13-0 9-3 8-4.......2000 11-2 8-5 10-3 10-3 5-6 9-4 10-4 5-7 7-6 6-7.....2010 5-7 5-7 5-7 7-6 9-4 9-4 4-8 5-7 8-5 3-7......2020 7-6 11-2 9-4 What I always liked about Tennessee, is that they are very similar to Nebraska. Decades and decades of winning. Both great programs, had great players, great teams, great coaches. Had to replace legendary guys.... had some bad luck coaching, some bad seasons during the last 10-15 years.....but they keep riding it out, grinding, rebuilding and bouncing back. Huskers had the excitement of being National Champions a bit more for sure. But both programs have been Blue Bloods through and through..... since Babe Ruth was swatting home runs and getting people excited about the long ball. And also, in 1972, Tennessee had the SEC's first black college quarterback. Condredge Holloway. Huskers are Blue Blood. Tennessee is Blue Blood. Know your stuff.
  21. @Savage Husker He really did take a career risk...with most players leaving town, a black eye on the University, in a state with a hot bed of HS talent, and a place that was starting to feel good winning for once under Briles. I'm glad you brought this up to show how Rhule can turn around negative things into positive situations. I saw quite a few of his games and his progress. Always liked him and was happy with how he flipped Baylor from Shame and Death.... to competing and winning and doing things right. Was also sad how some folks here at Nebraska turned there nose down at Baylor and continued their disgust even when Rhule was trying to do things right after a terrible situation he signed on for.
  22. I'm not going to derail this anymore. Just one last thing @teachercd from what I just told you and from what the Packers just did to the Dallas Cowboys.......kind of a big upset on the road..... and now you have a good idea how GB will do the following week (no matter who their future opponent is). It's that upset/emotional win that falls hard the weak after.
  23. I learned that little bit of knowledge waayy back in the day from an online bettor......believe it or not...... WalterFootball Do you remember? lol but it always stuck with me over the years and I still play it that way. The sport doesn't matter. It works like 9 out of 10 times. And those are the games I play BIIIG $$$.
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