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  1. Pretty obvious now that he and DeWitt had been fired unofficially for a while but we held-off on making things public in hopes of both finding a soft landing. Walters didn't find one and we had to pull the plug to get Lubick on-board.
  2. A question worth asking is do we have the coaching to compensate for Frost putting so much of his attention in the O that he really doesn't know much about the D and ST's?
  3. I wouldn't underestimate Khalil's value. He had a hell of a year for a guy that is a much better fit playing DT in a 4-3 and he turned a lot of heads at the Shrine Bowl.
  4. Danimal

    Kudos to SF

    Ya if he doesn't get the Texas gig and Beckton bolts I would be good with bringing in Snyder as our TE/ST's guy.
  5. Appears Frost gave him and DeWitt some time to get another job but Walters didn't get any bites, not for any OC/HC jobs anyway. Not sure what to believe in terms of Joseph and Lubick but I'm happy with this hire either way.
  6. We have everyone back on O plus some nice additions, Purdue will be in their first game of a new, much different defensive scheme. Should move the ball all over them, unfortunately I can also seem them moving the ball all over us. Will be surprised if this one doesn't go down to the wire. Hopefully our ST's are fixed, could be the difference.
  7. When a coach that is doing a meh-at-best job in the first place has one foot out the door it's time to help him with that other foot.
  8. Danimal

    Kudos to SF

    I think he felt he owed his staff the same opportunity he was getting. He publicly stated he didn't like HC's moving-up but telling a chunk of their staff they aren't good enough to move-up as well. I'd say it's a distasteful necessity in order to staff optimally, but that's water under the bridge. Now that guys have had their opportunity he's starting to separate the wheat from the chaff. We made two nice moves to get better this week and we're looking to make a third with the ST's analyst. I like it.
  9. Ya it's just a game of semantics. They go by the official offer, but by the time one of those is out it means they've already worked-out a handshake deal. Technically speaking Pedey was telling the truth but practically speaking multiple guys could have had the gig and passed.
  10. I'd say Jaylin Bradley. He was a reach in the first place and has ridden pine the past two years while a walk-on got considerable reps. Now we should actually have some depth. Think he'll head someplace like Northern Iowa. Coming off an injury-plagued season where he did next to nothing I would think demand for Pickering is down considerably. If I'm him I wait and see how our ST's shake-up works out. McQuitty wouldn't be a surprise, he'd make a clean-sweep of 4*'s from our 2017 class leaving. But here we have another coaching shake-up. I would guess that he rides-out spring ball and then sees where he stands.
  11. I'm great with bringing in a ST's analyst in but he needs to be getting designated full-time staff up to speed on ST's so that they can run things effectively on their own when Snyder move-on to a regular gig.
  12. Plus even if this combo of a GA and Snyder does manage to work this season it's just a bandaid. The GA will be gone and Snyder probably will be too, We need a good on-the-field coach to be in charge of ST's that will have us doing well from year-to-year.
  13. The thing that stands-out with the 1995 team is that nobody gave them a game. We finished EVERY game with our back-ups in. The Florida team we blew off the field was undefeated and had been dominant. LSU was played close by multiple teams.
  14. Thing with bringing in Helfrich as OC is that if he's in then somebody has to be out and we have two guys that specialize in qb's. Can either coach another position at this level to make a reshuffling work? If neither can it would be questionable use of spots to have two qb guys potentially stepping on each-other's toes while somebody else has to pull double-duty. to cover wr's. Do you move Mario to analyst then hire a wr-coach?
  15. It was pretty obvious from comments by both Moos and Frost that Brown had to STFU about certain things to stay employed with the program. If he were to go back to coaching here. it would be controversial obviously but I don't see him stirring-up further controversy.
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