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  1. Only scratching my head because we gave-up on this plan last year when Peetz fell-through, should have moved on to another candidate. Rhule had been down this road with Satt before at Temple. Situation was made worse by going after a project like Sims. He was a questionable get either way but worse when you have questions about ability to coach-up qb's.
  2. Since Satt isn't going anywhere can we at-least go back to the plan of having a designated qb coach and Satt coaching TE's. If Peetz still isn't available then go find somebody else. Back at Temple Rhule changed Satt's position responsibility from qb's to rb's for a reason.
  3. A couple of weeks ago I'd have said there's little chance of a bowl coming out of our first four games 2-2. But the BIG West sucks and MSU has gone to hell. Our defense is good enough that if we can do what we did against NIU, field a mediocre O that doesn't turn the rock over, we can win enough to get to six wins. That's a mark we haven't reached in a long time. Shows progress to the team, NIL-funding fanbase, and recruits/transfers while also giving us extra practice time.
  4. Playing at home versus Boulder does make a difference but in terms of overall quality NIU's defense is plenty comparable to CU's. We handed CU four turnovers on a silver platter and that sent the game snowballing out of control. Now on offense NIU does struggle plenty, their receiving corps should get a NIL deal with Butterfingers after their performance last night. Not going to say HH was great and we've found our guy to take us back to glory but he made solid reads in both the pass and run-game, passed and ran solidly, and took care of the ball. He had one fumble but that was more the fault of a major protection breakdown. He looked like a legit starter out there against a decent defense. If he can keep it up he should remain starter. Sims is athletic enough that we could find way to keep him involved in the O.
  5. True, but Minn's qb made a garbage pass that his wr had to make an outstanding catch to bring-in. Maybe from 5yds back it's not a completion at all.
  6. I thought Sanders was intriguing but too risky, a feast or famine situation where we can't afford another failed regime.. I do think he made solid coordinator hires to shore things up into a P5 staff. Of particular smarts was getting the Kent State HC to quit to become Prime's OC/qb-coach and bring along his O-line coach. Kent State's O was nasty, now CU's is humming in game-one. On the positive side I do think Rhule will eventually get it done and unlike Sanders would he considers this his final station.
  7. Yes, the pooch was screwed in terms of qb. It was hubris to push Thompson aside on the assumption that we'd fix the major issues Sims exhibited over many starts at GT. Staring-down receivers rather than going through reads, eating sacks, and throwing a crap-ton of picks is still what he does. The situation is made worse by not landing a qb in the '23 class. We don't have a qb of the future to put in to learn on the job and be ready in '24. Now we'll probably be left running a dumbed-down O for the season then trying to find a portal qb for next season.
  8. I'm rather relieved. Was somewhat expecting to be stuck with Mike Siravo learning to DC on the job despite already having inexperience at LB and DL. White has legit experience and seems like a legit up-and-comer. Interested to see if he sticks with the 3-3-5 or goes with the 4-3 Rhule has said we'd run.
  9. We got better under MJ, not enough better to garner the HC job but better. O-line didn't get better under Raiola, thus he has less of a case than MJ. Is Raiola as bad as he seemed this season? Could he be good down the road? I can see that. But why not hire an O-line coach that is actually proven to be good?
  10. I've seen that quote and it seems to me Rhule should be looking at why he wasn't better at networking and interviewing to land the right guy, that's something coaches that succeed over the long term are good at. Of course coaches hire guys they have prior experience with, that's expected, but they shouldn't limit themselves to only that talent-pool. Yes Rhule is demanding but he's far from alone in that and all coaches have their style that their staff must fit. Successful coaches can find good coaches that fit, from there trust and relationships build quickly enough.
  11. If this staff is worth a damn they'll be able to attract players. We were able to do it this year despite Frost losing for four seasons and going into this one obviously on the hot-seat. You aren't getting my point about year-one. Unlike when Rhule took over Baylor he not only has more ability to win now but also has motivation to win-now rather than go into "develop and play for the future" mode. He needs to keep the players bought-in so they stay and fans bought-in so they keep the coffers full. Plus the team needs wins to get their belief and confidence up. I never implied he can wave a wand and make everything better but what he can do is bring experienced players and plug them in rather than throw young guys to the wolves as seen in Baylor year-one. I'm not saying we can be good, I'm saying we can achieve mediocrity.
  12. Very nice way for Fickell to start his tenure, he'll have the typical tough Wiscy defense and his offense can only be better than the Mertz-led crap seen this season. If Wiscy makes good portal acquisitions on O they'll be a tough team.
  13. We play a weak noncon, the BIG West isn't that good, plus we get MSU and Mary out of the east. With the noncon and NW that's four bad teams then you have several fairly average ones. Six wins is doable without vast improvement, we have been a very competitive team, we just haven't finished games well. As far as Rhule's previous stints go they weren't in the NIL and transfer-portal era. A roster turnaround can be pulled-off much more easily now with what we have to offer. This is a hell of a lot different than Rhule starting at Baylor with 45 schollie players in the wake of the rape scandal. Plus I'd hope Rhule recognizes he can't afford to just sacrifice year-one. NIL and the transfer portal are a double-edged blade. Players now bounce penalty-free and the better ones will get outside NIL offers while still on your team. Meanwhile our fans won't be so free with that NIL money to buy and keep players if they're pissed-off we went 2-10. It's just a different game now, keeping your players and fans bought-in is important. Plus this is a team with a damaged psyche that expects to blow games, more losing means feeding the monkey on their back. I can also see Rhule putting more into winning some games now because this team really needs that boost.
  14. Wish the BIG would quit hamstringing us with these games til we get on our feet as a program again.
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