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  1. Danimal

    Fall Camp Notes

    Farniok does actually look like he's improved his body composition considerably. He's still a guard forced to play tackle but at least he'll be an optimized one.
  2. Danimal

    Fall Camp Notes

    IMO Piper working at center is somewhat telling. He and Cam are our most talented young interior linemen. Doesn't make sense to have both at center unless they think Cam's injury issues are likely to persist. Wouldn't mind seeing Wilson there if he can snap consistently. His experience could come in handy.
  3. Wiscy got sandbagged with our 2018 eastern draw and if anything it will be tougher this year since MSU's O should actually have a pulse. They had substantial losses on O-line and D. They'll be hard-pressed to win the west back this season.
  4. Danimal

    Fall Camp Notes

    No worries, they're growing a new head on a giant rat in the performance lab. Should be ready to go for Spring ball
  5. Danimal

    Which type I-back do you prefer?

    Yes, most talented rb we've ever had. Too bad that Hall of Fame body was attached to a Hall of Shame brain.
  6. Yes, it's fine to have moderate expectations, less likely to be let down, but I'm not going to act like going 7-5 is doing a bang-up job. We have as much or more talent than everyone except obviously OSU and we should be way more physically and schematically ready in year two. Losing five is mediocre performance
  7. We played a tougher schedule last year and would have been 6-6 if not for Akron screwing us out of our tune-up game and AM getting assaulted post-play against CU. Going 6-6 this season would be officially better but practically speaking shows no improvement. If AM stays healthy and we can't manage Bo results( 8-4 or better) we have problems to address.
  8. There will probably be six teams capable of knocking off the next on a given weekend plus Illinois will have some offensive firepower. Whomever can make it to 7-2 likely wins it. Could well go to a 6-3 team with the right head-to-head wins.
  9. Danimal

    Team Talent vs. Wins Per Talent

    Riley's classes were overrated, disproportionate amount of busts, even for a team with a coaching change. Wiscy and especially Iowa do go for more "lower hanging fruit" but they have a good eye for it. They do develop obviously but there is also more potential in their classes than the rankings show.
  10. Danimal

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    Four touchdowns in a game for Polk High!
  11. Danimal

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Hopefully Damion is in good enough shape to take a decent load this season. He graded-out well in 2018 but they couldn't leave him in because he would crap-out so quickly.
  12. Danimal

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    I'd say it is a rivalry but the trophy is forced. All the good trophies are organic, reflect CFB tradition. The generic trophies we play Wiscy and Iowa for are lame.
  13. Danimal

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    I think these would make a good third uniform, wear for our biggest road-game.
  14. Refs missed an obvious clip right at the point of attack on Texas's game-winning drive. If the bastards call that we likely win the game. Also remember Buckhalter stupidly trying to stretch the ball towards to the goalline and fumbling when we would have otherwise been 1st and goal at the 1. That team should have played for all the marbles and I think they'd have won.