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  1. Ya, when your team is losing reveling in schadenfreude is all you got. I especially enjoyed Texas having such a disappointing season.
  2. This wasn't a Mike Riley type hire that showed Eichorst just didn't know what he was doing. Moos made what folks across the country considered to be a great hire, hopefully Frost ends-up meeting those expectations, but if he doesn't I think folks will be understanding towards Moos.
  3. That crap is still embarrassing.
  4. Yes, especially coming off two losing seasons we have to set the tone coming out of the gate. Will be surprised if it isn't a shootout.
  5. Ya, and with all the qb's and O-line back we should be all the better at getting him the ball. I could understand trying his luck in the draft but transferring would be silly IMO.
  6. That is the double-edged sword of Frost of being de facto offensive coordinator. Pretty damn hard to run the offense and be on top of all other aspects of the team as-well.
  7. No, it wouldn't. Osborne is loyal to a fault. I would hardly count on Green and Moos showing the kind of blind faith you're talking about. If we have another disappointing season boosters will be pissed. Season ticket holders expected to pay a grand fee to keep their tickets only to watch a bad product will be pissed. Frost's seat will get hot and we should at least see substantial staffing upgrades, the kind he should've made when he took the job and that Florida had demanded.
  8. When it comes to our defense I don't think you're recognizing just how many mediocre-to-bad offenses we played this year. We did improve but it was not a huge step forward. Plus we lose our best players. I will be shocked if we have the kind of defense you're forecasting. I do think the offense will be much better. Everyone is back plus Benhart should be ready ready to move Farniok inside to guard, I see our best O-line in a long time. Won't have to trot out a walk-on as our #2 rb. Hopefully AM has his head straight or Luke is starting. Hopefully this season was an anomaly and Frost gets back to being a top-notch playcaller. Unfortunately we'll be playing against even more quality defenses, don't see us consistently lighting-up the scoreboard, but can see us being consistently solid. Can't imagine ST's being any worse. Would like to see us make a nice analyst hire or two. Some fresh, knowledgeable eyes on what we're doing could help us get over the hump.
  9. Ya, KSU is finding ways to win and we're still blaming Riley. I do buy that Frost inherited personnel and culture issues but come-on. Kleiman can win in year one in year one with what he had to work with and we can't do it in year 2?
  10. If we're talking full-speed Taylor I would definitely go with him. He was deadly on the ground and that opened-up the passing game. He improved considerably when he got some outside qb coaching, think he would have been pretty credible passing with Verdu and Frost developing him.
  11. Going by Iowa's averages in points scored and allowed we put-up enough points to win the game. That said the O could have been better. AM had some very costly errors, IMO Luke should have gotten in there more. Our love affair with an ineffective swing/screen passing game is maddening. The defense did manage to produce two turnovers and made some nice adjustments to play better in the second-half but let's be real, Iowa's O is just not very good and we got several lucky breaks. ST's are unacceptable.
  12. I wouldn't be so sure. Extensions are a rather common practice used to create an aura of stability for recruits. I don't buy that it would save Frost, If we have another bad season I think he's either gone or has to make massive staffing changes like what we saw between the '02 and '03 seasons. Hopefully this staff develops, some issues get ironed-out, and we don't need to find-out.
  13. Ya, this is a much better-coached conference than the AAC. Frost should have done as guys making similar jump normally do, cherry-pick your best staff then use your new cache/budget/connections to upgrade on the rest of the spots. Doesn't help that Frost just isn't coaching as-well. Playcalling has too-often been suspect this year, the announcers were actually making fun of it today, and he's definitely gone into "playing not to lose" mode at times.
  14. I just don't get Frost's obsession with pushing a screen/swing-pass game that just isn't working. Way too often the play goes nowhere or we lose yards and it's not like the rest are big gainers. The dumbest is throwing it horizontally to Stoll. He is a standard TE, who is he going to make miss so the play goes someplace?
  15. Wouldn't have said it last year but it looks like we need a true OC. Frost's playcalling sucked this year and I wouldn't trust Walters to do any better. Chin and DeWitt aren't getting the job done on D or ST's either. This staff needs major upgrades.
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