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  1. They said on RSS last week that Cam got some outside help on his snapping issues. Looks like it's working. Now if we can only fix all the other issues with our offense.
  2. Can I borrow it? Want to hit on some massive parlays then retire.
  3. I never wanted us to bring all the coaches over plus promote a newb to ILB coach but Walters and DeWitt were guys I was plenty glad we held onto. Surprised they have been so unproductive.
  4. I was surprised that we took care of the football and snaps were actually serviceable and the O still flat-out reeked against a D we steamrolled last year(granted with a different DC).. Bad line play, penalties, wr's not stepping-up, questionable play-calls, injuries, we have so many damn issues.
  5. IMO Frost will get it together eventually. Hopefully he is learning from this humbling experience while taking a very honest look at what it will take to improve.
  6. We need to get the ball to Mo in space so he can make some magic happen. Why we have a finesse back running inside behind a struggling line is beyond me.
  7. Ya, Chin needs to accept where our respective strengths and weaknesses lie. Against anyone pounding the rock 4-man front needs to be our base.
  8. Mullen is a quality coach, Starksville is the armpit of the SEC, if you can stay above .500 there you're a hero. Florida was right IMO, if you want to run with the big dogs you need to staff with your head not your heart. If this kind of play keeps-up Frost and Moos need to have a serious sit-down where they honestly evaluate the staff and see where they can upgrade.
  9. Annoyed about all the talk about how that PI should be reviewable. What about the several questionable calls/no-calls that went against us? If PI should be reviewed why not everything since any ref error could be the difference in the game?
  10. Smothers will come into the college game way more polished than McCaffrey, who was used primarily as a wr up to his senior season since his high school already had a top-notch qb. But he will have had another year under Frost and Verduzco that Logan hasn't had. Should be a very interesting race when AM leaves.
  11. Dammit I thought this would be about a new Tunnel Walk of Shame. Geez I miss that.
  12. I would totally listen to that if I knew WTF they were saying.
  13. Bad snaps derail plays. Question is at what point do you quit blaming bad snaps on Cam being green and have to admit it's just a thing with him? If the problem persists through the season he needs to be a guard in 2020. We can always move Hixson, Wilson, or big Farniok(assuming Benhart is ready) to center. We also have a stud in Ethan Piper coming up.
  14. AM's reads and indecisiveness in the running game continued to frustrate me yesterday but to his credit he was turnover-free and threw the ball better than he has all year. As you said nearly all the passes that were actually thrown to somebody were on target, for both qb's actually. He played well enough for us to win that game comfortably. It was other errors that nearly killed us. Five drops is unacceptable, those are drive-killers. Cam's bad snapping completely killed one drive and hampered others. Credit to AM for a bad snap not derailing Wandale's td run. We also had some inopportune penalties. Too often there was a "playing not to lose" mentality to our calls. Our line is what it is, and that does hold us back, but there is so much that should be fixable that holds the O back just as much.
  15. Yes, even after you cut slack for Pickering and Jorgensen being out our ST's are not acceptable.
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