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  1. Back in the day during the freaking summer I parked in the gravel lot behind the cement one at Harper-Schramm-Smith. Literally nobody else was in the lot but those bastards still gave me a ticket.
  2. Pathetic to see guys working for ESPN that are so poorly informed. We were never leaving, just wanted to play football this season.
  3. If Benhart starts like the coaches are hoping I'd imagine he'll have his position on lock too. Could see him moving to LT. Guessing it will be Benhart, Banks, Piper, Noulli or Hixson, and Cam.
  4. Losing the noncon sched and Spring practice definitely hurts in terms of getting a winning record. Can't say I'd be happy with 5-5 but would still take it as a sign of progress. It's year three, we need SOMETHING to hang our hats on. As far as not having the season goes Imore staffing/responsibility changes may well be needed. If that is the case I'd rather find out in 2020 so we can hit the ground running in 2021.
  5. Luke McCaffrey always gets his coffee.
  6. They have a lbuttload of o other 80's/90's horror flicks.
  7. Hypercolor would be an improvement from a shade of green that should have died back in the 80's.
  8. Just downloaded Tubi to the tv today. I was impressed with the movie selection and the amount of ads is very reasonable.. Went back to the high school days watching Vamp and The Gate.
  9. What folks tend to forget is that this Florida team had been undefeated and flat-dominant up to this game. We blew the doors off of a hell of a team.
  10. Think Dubsker is talking about this Booker T
  11. Hopefully he's a better LB than Albert was
  12. The O-line played MUCH better in the last five games. Should be pretty solid with everyone back. Jurgens should he considerably improved. Hopefully Benhart is ready at RT so Farniok can move inside to his more natural position.
  13. Glad Bryant is adjusting well to life after football. Sucks crappy knees killed a talented kid's career. Hope Ronald Thompkins isn't headed in the same direction, if he can't go this year I don't like his chances of every playing again.
  14. Considerable drop from P5 to FCS, for a guy that was a 4* coming out of high school and only played just a year of college. From the tweet sounds like there is a story behind this
  15. If things go according to plan Benhart will be starting RT and Farniok will move to guard. I'd lean toward RG so Benhart has somebody right there that knows everything. With our losses on D-line we desperately need a couple youngsters to step-up. Robinson and Keem Green are probably our best candidates to do that. Looking forward to seeing what Vokolek and Rahmir can do on O. Vokolek had transfer offers from programs proven to put TE's in the NFL and Rahmir looked good in his limited action last season.
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