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  1. Pederson hire was pretty widely supported at the time. Eichorst was Perlman running-off and hiring a stooge while Osborne wasn't looking. We overpaid for a guy that was doing a meh job at Miami because he had Alvarez ties and would do what Perlman wanted.
  2. We aren't Ohio State but we're fine on talent compared to the rest of the West. Plus the transfer portal can obviously be heavily worked, if you can attract players it's a new era in terms of turning a team around. Think a S&C update will help too. Under Riley S&C was halfassed, under Frost it's fullassed but we're working hard rather than smart. With the right staff in place we may well not be world-beaters out of the gate but we can have a winning season. From there we can build towards a team that plays on New Years.
  3. Busch has considerable experience with safeties, seems more qualified to help us out there. I'd rather have Chin focus on how we're getting exploited and get to work on fixing it.
  4. Trev should not only look at record but also our competition Let's be real, the West is not looking good, and we got the rare break of getting Rutgers and Indiana out of the East. Only Mich and OU are more talented. Plus Trev should look at what personnel moves MJ can make with the HC job and obviously compare all of this to whom Trev can hire from outside the program. In terms of the court of public opinion I'd say 5-4 gets MJ lauded for his efforts with some support for permanency. 6-3 gets a significant amount of the fanbase supporting he stay HC. 7-2 and the bulk want him hired.
  5. I'm Joe Schmuck and could see this coming a mile away, how can Chin not?
  6. I wouldn't put much stock in Davison's title, dude has mainly been a fund-raiser for the massive facilities upgrade and he's been quite effective at it. I doubt dude is going anywhere.
  7. First game of the damn season and we're just waiting October for the buyout to go down, depressing.
  8. Benhart, Piper, and Corcoran all played worse than they did in 2020. One guy I could give a pass on but three? That is poor development on Austin's part IMO. Don't know what to expect from Raiola, but if he's as good as Frost think we see a substantially better line in 22, even without Cam. Think with Teddy back Benhart moves inside with Hixson and Piper battling it out at center.
  9. Daniels staying would surprise me, he's done enough to get drafted mid-rounds and he likely makes the team. Thomas is probably an undrafted free-agent that maybe makes a practice-squad, may well just end-up in regular job. Between the schollie and NIL he's looking at a better deal than a regular job, might as well go another season and see if he can raise his draft stock.
  10. Pretty darn sure those Aussies hoodwinked us on Cerni, took advantage of us not seeing him in person. Literally haven't seen a single good punt from him, time to move-on. Hopefully we get our new ST's coach announced soon and it's somebody proven to develop specialists.
  11. With Chin have LB-coaching experience and being able to take a group I think we can do fine with one LB-coach. I'd slightly prefer if Dawson was our one LB-coach but if one is leaving I do think it's him. Either way, if the rest of our current staff was set in stone going into next season I think we'd have had an announcement by now in terms of the current opening.
  12. I'd say the last two games sealed that we'd be hiring a new ST's coordinator. Now they're trying to see how to best make pieces fit while waiting to see if(possibly when) a coach leaves. Maybe we end-up with a full-time ST's coach, maybe we end-up with a position/ST's coach. Meanwhile Busch and Brown are both out on the road and Busch is still on LSU's dime.
  13. Having concerns is one thing, writing the kid off already is another. Too many are doing the latter. Only time will tell if he becomes something special but he is apparently needed at NG with Daniels gone and it's not like he won't improve with development and experience. Can't see moving him and creating a hole at NG when we can see how the portal, shuffling(Benhart to OG when Teddy is back), and having an O-line coach that's worth a damn will do first.
  14. I'm amazed at the number of folks already throwing Nash under the bus in terms of playing NG. Dude was a true frosh seeing his first meaningful reps going against top-tier O-line. That's a pretty tough situation.
  15. Isn't 2 years the standard for assistants? Figured they might have to sweeten the deal by guaranteeing an extra season, which I'm totally good with, even if '22 doesn't go well can see them wanting to retain Joseph.
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