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  1. Benhart, Piper, and Corcoran all played worse than they did in 2020. One guy I could give a pass on but three? That is poor development on Austin's part IMO. Don't know what to expect from Raiola, but if he's as good as Frost think we see a substantially better line in 22, even without Cam. Think with Teddy back Benhart moves inside with Hixson and Piper battling it out at center.
  2. Daniels staying would surprise me, he's done enough to get drafted mid-rounds and he likely makes the team. Thomas is probably an undrafted free-agent that maybe makes a practice-squad, may well just end-up in regular job. Between the schollie and NIL he's looking at a better deal than a regular job, might as well go another season and see if he can raise his draft stock.
  3. Pretty darn sure those Aussies hoodwinked us on Cerni, took advantage of us not seeing him in person. Literally haven't seen a single good punt from him, time to move-on. Hopefully we get our new ST's coach announced soon and it's somebody proven to develop specialists.
  4. With Chin have LB-coaching experience and being able to take a group I think we can do fine with one LB-coach. I'd slightly prefer if Dawson was our one LB-coach but if one is leaving I do think it's him. Either way, if the rest of our current staff was set in stone going into next season I think we'd have had an announcement by now in terms of the current opening.
  5. I'd say the last two games sealed that we'd be hiring a new ST's coordinator. Now they're trying to see how to best make pieces fit while waiting to see if(possibly when) a coach leaves. Maybe we end-up with a full-time ST's coach, maybe we end-up with a position/ST's coach. Meanwhile Busch and Brown are both out on the road and Busch is still on LSU's dime.
  6. Having concerns is one thing, writing the kid off already is another. Too many are doing the latter. Only time will tell if he becomes something special but he is apparently needed at NG with Daniels gone and it's not like he won't improve with development and experience. Can't see moving him and creating a hole at NG when we can see how the portal, shuffling(Benhart to OG when Teddy is back), and having an O-line coach that's worth a damn will do first.
  7. I'm amazed at the number of folks already throwing Nash under the bus in terms of playing NG. Dude was a true frosh seeing his first meaningful reps going against top-tier O-line. That's a pretty tough situation.
  8. Isn't 2 years the standard for assistants? Figured they might have to sweeten the deal by guaranteeing an extra season, which I'm totally good with, even if '22 doesn't go well can see them wanting to retain Joseph.
  9. How would the OC of a successful P5 offense definitely be a "our first 7 options didn't work out" hire? Not saying he's my top choice but he'd certainly be a legit hire.
  10. Hopefully that group of people FINALLY doesn't include our head coach.
  11. I know that he coached for the zips before but this move surprises me. I get leaving PSU for HC at Miss State but after that went so poorly leaving Oregon to be HC at Akron?
  12. To be fair dude was handed a turd to polish and that turd was less smelly than the seasons before and after. I worry more about the reason he had to quit Minn, had to take a job like Rutgers OC, and then left on-field coaching to be a "special assistant to the HC". Can he hold-up to the rigors of coaching at this level?
  13. Can he stay healthy enough to be a HC again? Before being named interim to finish TCU's season out he hadn't been an on-field coach in years.
  14. Can see HH getting in some running packages they know he can execute, might even see both on the field at the same time. Wish this wasn't a short week, cuts down on opportunity to be creative.
  15. We fired offensive coaches. The offense certainly did play better when you recognize that we went against the #1 defense, and it's silly to think we should have seen a huge improvement with the makeshift staff we have left. Didn't help that we have no Earvin, no Johnson, no Yant, and no Morrison at rb. They were missed. Also, it doesn't show in the firings but we'll surely be hiring ST's help. Dawson obviously isn't the answer there but he's a good OLB coach Frost didn't want to publicly crap on. Defense was disappointing today, we had guys in position to make plays but tackling sucked, we need to be emphasizing it more. Hurt that we got down to no Jojo, Williams, Daniels, Tannor, or Payne. They were a depleted unit. Does make it clear we need some fortification vis transfer-portal this offseason. Overall defense has trended-up during Frost's tenure, I'm good with keeping that staff together, but if-needed I'm fine with ditching Ruud for a ST's guy, Chin and Dawson can handle ILB's. I was in the "fire Frost" camp, changes should have been made after last season, but I do think changes finally coming can help us quite a bit. Hopefully we make good hires and Frost takes better stock of his coaching/management while embracing the "CEO" role. I don't know if it will work but I'm willing to wait and see how things play-out.
  16. Not gonna lie, I've been reveling in some schadenfreude seeing other "name" programs lose.
  17. Thing is Chin has LB-coaching experience. He could take a group, many coordinators have a position responsibility. I'd like to keep both Dawson and Ruud but we can get-by with one. Either way we absolutely have to get on-field ST's help. Hopefully we can do it while filling the current openings, may take some responsibility shuffling. If not then a LB-coach needs to go.
  18. I was in the "fire Frost" camp but I'm not doom and gloom about this. Assuming Trev didn't hamstring Frost in terms of $ for staffing upgrades this is doable. Will have a better feel for how it will go when we see who gets hired.
  19. Ya I don't see a Solich situation here. If Frost can just manage a decent season he'll be back in '23, and a decent season is certainly doable. We've got everyone back on O-line and we do have talent there, new coach gets them playing well that-alone improves our O a ton. Some coaches will certainly shoot us down because of the shaky situation but if we make the money right and stay on top of the situation we can make good hires.
  20. Scoring on us means a plague upon your house. We win the natty for sure.
  21. Frost coached WR's at Oregon, if he holds-true to his word and is backing-out of running the O he can certainly help Beckton there.
  22. Looking at Frost's actual quote I get the impression that he is figuring on hiring ST's help(at least somebody to coach the kickers/punters, maybe a full-on coordinator) but he doesn't want to crap on Dawson's efforts
  23. He's proven himself at the P5 level as a OC/QB-coach for the past several years, he'd be a quality hire. He and Clawson go back a long time, might be a tough get, but we can pay a crap-ton more than Wake so it's definitely worth a shot.
  24. I never implied a new HC has to keep the current assistants. Of course that isn't the case. Stone Cold said they would leave if we force Frost out and I said they wouldn't unless they had a better option on the table. If the new HC wants to keep them I don't see them leaving just because Frost got canned.
  25. Where is he going to take them? He'll be living off his buyout, be an assistant, or HC of some mid-level G5. These are professionals with careers to look out for, they likely aren't leaving a P5 program unless another P5 program wants them. After FOUR LOSING SEASONS you think these guys won't get why Frost was canned and be all up in arms to where they would refuse to stay? Hell if Frost isn't a total POS he tells those coaches no way they should leave unless they have another nice offer on the table.
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