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  1. Wouldn’t surprise me. He would only add depth rather than playing experience
  2. Tell me you’re not gonna blame the officials too?
  3. So is there a mens sport that wants to step up that wants to beat an Iowa team in any sport? Embarrassing
  4. Lol she got ratio’d by the guy her tweet was directed at. Now that is funny
  5. She deleted the Zuckerberg tweet…pretty sure she was talking about Elon and is now backpedaling
  6. Damn this just hits ya in the feels…this man is the real Santa that gave the young man some peace & closure before he passed. Saw this clip on TikTok so I had to share
  7. That’s what they do, if you don’t agree with their echo chamber they wish death on ya lol. This guy in the video below should’ve used common sense when taking dog dewormer to treat his cancer….wait…it cured his cancer? Hmmm interesting Maybe we shouldn’t knock everything that doesn’t make sense, maybe we should investigate into it some more, do more research. Everything is so damn political nowadays it’s disgusting. There’s studies out there from both sides that it does & doesn’t work. What I do know about Ivermectin is that it’s a CHEAP drug that makes little money for big pharma
  8. The Batman sequel was announced…LFG!!! https://variety.com/2022/film/news/the-batman-sequel-robert-pattinson-1235241667/amp/
  9. lol https://twitter.com/benshapiro/status/1519429382065967104?s=21&t=dLdDuAckaW6J9Di_KnxR-w
  10. Tame down the insults there buddy
  11. I don’t know but when other countries like Mexico, Brazil, India, etc are using it with overwhelming positive results, I guess you can’t overlook those results and shut the door on it. I guess I’m more open minded than others and I’m ok with that
  12. https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2021/09/18/india-vs-israel-time-to-admit-ivermectin-works/
  13. You talking about the same people who believe that ivermectin is a horse dewormer are the same ones who call doctors idiots for treating/promoting ivermectin for covid patients?
  14. That’s the thing with twitter there was only one acceptable narrative, opinion, talking point, etc about Covid & vaccines and anything that doesn’t fit into that realm was deemed misinformation. Hell people couldn’t even mention ivermectin without people losing their sh#t and their post were either removed or marked with covid misinformation.
  15. Viewer discretion there is some language in this video
  16. And here come the deranged lunatics spreading misinformation…fear mongering
  17. No. Once they closed the Rez that’s when Nebraska football went down hill…coincidence? I think so
  18. A satire account posting a comedic tweet like they always do and Twitters safe place TOS suspended their account & banned them after they refused to delete it. I applaud the Babyalon Bee for not bending the knee.
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