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  1. Wow. Great double play. Hopefully it will stand
  2. Huskers go 5-0 in the B1G Tournament Semifinals Cronin, Hardy, Robb, Labriola and Allred all advance to tomorrow’s finals! Wilson and Pinto are both in consolation semifinals tomorrow
  3. Terrible call. B1G gotta project the top team I guess.
  4. Who has fire *insert every coaching candidate here*.com domains already signed up for.
  5. Feel same about a couple of the Twitter accounts people keep posting like they actually know anything
  6. I’m very disappointed in you all. I expected this at page 700 by time got home today.
  7. Only 3 years as a Head coach. Gives me SF vibes
  8. Lol. I just know will be busy and won’t be on much. Forgot I had that as pic. I got it changed.
  9. Need to get this figured out by Wednesday, going to be gone for over a week after that and don’t want to miss it.
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