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  1. Wins are more important than a marketing gimmick. So be it if Mickey thinks this is best for now.
  2. And the one team with a pulse that they've played beat em. Unsure how good they really are.
  3. They did win the NC in "97, and was one win away from playing NC in '96. Then of course there was the NC game for the 2001 season. Unsure your logic holds water.
  4. Yes. Neither will be the next Husker football coach.
  5. Definitely the most empty sellout I've seen. At least in the Callahan years, Husker fans waited til halftime to empty a sellout.
  6. I have. There are like 3 people responsible for large portion of the posts and they constantly mention Meyer and Sanders. They'll likely be the ones doing most of the complaining when neither happens.
  7. He was somewhat in the mix before Callahan was hired. Not very likely to happen, but not a crazy thought.
  8. Its good work by the administration. Would've liked to have seen an escalator clause to keep the $ relevant as other programs sign/re-sign these type of deals.
  9. Im with you on this. In general, I've felt that offense minded coach has a better feel for the overall team "identity" and game management (despite Frost). I feel so much more can go wrong with the offense, where as if there is a solid D strategy it can somewhat auto-pilot, in comparison to offenses.
  10. If Nebraska is in any bowl game, I'm watching. Else, I don't necessarily care about other lower tier bowl games.
  11. Many on this board and most that I've talked with in person want nothing to do with Meyer. I don't think there's a Scott Frost out there that's going to unite/satisfy 99% of the fan base. Prepare to be disappointed since odds are "your guy" isn't going to be the replacement.
  12. It fascinates me the thought that an AD gets a one and only chance to hire the correct/perfect head football coach.
  13. I will say that our offense definitely misses the QB run game. Maybe not necessarily Martinez, but certainly the threat.
  14. I miss an aggressive type of defense like I saw from OU.
  15. We ask for a chance that's fair
  16. Agee about too many posts. However I voted. Mark Stoops for me today. Excited though to see what Mickey brings.
  17. I get your thought, yet I was actually happy they scored quickly. I had no hope that the D would make a stop. Was happy they scored fast enough to give our O an extra chance.
  18. While maybe not as smooth of speaker as some (maybe some nerves), I thought he expertly answered the questions. Super job side-stepping a couple of baiting questions. Fired up for him!
  19. ^^^ I Love it! I especially appreciate the statement about tackling.
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