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  1. Haarburgh have a fight with his girlfriend this morning? Dude looks awful. Very indecisive.
  2. We might need to just take 3 kneel downs here.
  3. Illinois trying to give it to the skers but they don't seem to want to take it.
  4. Learned this team can still disappoint me with their play. Wasn't expecting victory, but damn you have to at least show up. This is the best I've seen UM look this season, which may also say something about the way NU played.
  5. This still looks like a Frost coached team. How are you scared to hit a guy and grab the fumble?
  6. This is way too easy. Curious what White saw on film to offer this crap.
  7. Just don't storm the field please! Ya know, act live we've been here before (20ish years ago). Even with the win, the team isn't playoff bound.
  8. And cheer as the winners go by
  9. I mostly agree with this, but I still think of him as a serviceable backup type. Hopefully, he can still be improved. He had a couple of nice runs, especially the final TD, but he also tried a few juke moves that he doesn't have the ability to make. Same with the pass game. Had some really nice throws, especially that one on 3rd and long at the sideline, but then he had a couple of deep passes way off target; and should've been picked when the game was still in doubt on one over the middle to Fidone, where he completely missed the safety standing in the throwing lane in front of Fidone. As a whole, he played pretty decent, better than the "starter", yet there's enough flaw to keep him busy.
  10. First game where I've not been happy with the sequence of play calling. And HH has to be smarter. Just get it with your legs when it's there.
  11. And cheer as the winners go by
  12. There is no FBS program that has a reputation of hiring black head coaches. There just haven't been that many across FBS.
  13. Had to respond to the ridiculousness of this statement. Every FBS program has a history of not hiring black coaches. And I can think of many black coaches at Nebraska starting with one that is currently employed by the program.
  14. I'm fine with selection of Satterfield. No concern with his play calling and scheme. I have do have serious concerns about Sims. And no I don't have to tie my opinion of Sims to Satterfield.
  15. I dont know man. The schemes Satterfield has rolled out the past two weeks haven't seemed overly complicated. It was bad enough seeing CU load 9 in the box most plays. Now you want to see an even simpler scheme forcing Sims to hand off or pull the ball back from RB's belly? Yeesh! No thank you.
  16. Bingo! And if Sims doesn't s#!t himself NU wins this game (and Minnesota) and all these negative posters are signing a different tune about both Rhule and Sanders. I wonder if CU ends 7-5 if they'll all still believe Sanders is the 2nd Coming.
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