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  1. First game where I've not been happy with the sequence of play calling. And HH has to be smarter. Just get it with your legs when it's there.
  2. And cheer as the winners go by
  3. There is no FBS program that has a reputation of hiring black head coaches. There just haven't been that many across FBS.
  4. Had to respond to the ridiculousness of this statement. Every FBS program has a history of not hiring black coaches. And I can think of many black coaches at Nebraska starting with one that is currently employed by the program.
  5. I'm fine with selection of Satterfield. No concern with his play calling and scheme. I have do have serious concerns about Sims. And no I don't have to tie my opinion of Sims to Satterfield.
  6. I dont know man. The schemes Satterfield has rolled out the past two weeks haven't seemed overly complicated. It was bad enough seeing CU load 9 in the box most plays. Now you want to see an even simpler scheme forcing Sims to hand off or pull the ball back from RB's belly? Yeesh! No thank you.
  7. Bingo! And if Sims doesn't s#!t himself NU wins this game (and Minnesota) and all these negative posters are signing a different tune about both Rhule and Sanders. I wonder if CU ends 7-5 if they'll all still believe Sanders is the 2nd Coming.
  8. After 2 games i can see vast improvement on D and some (not enough) improvement with O-line. Ervin is running well, and while I know this isn't the most talented receiver group, outside of that one drop today, they've been decent. Unlike many, I'm fairly happy with what Satterfield has brought to the table. except for... This is a 2-0 team if not for Sims. Dude is killing this team. And unfortunately it doesn't appear there's a viable backup. Just hope the rest of the team can continue to play well and improve despite this elephant in the room. Would hate to see the entire season get tanked cuz of one position (albeit the most important one).
  9. Hate that the D has packed it in. Looked like crap that possession.
  10. Hope not, but can't argue with the thought.
  11. Now I'm getting angry with the D. No one wants to make the game changing play when it's there.
  12. Don't understand what the DBs are being taught to do in terms of letting these receivers get behind them.
  13. Don't know if I've ever seen a husker team this good on D and this bad on O. Closest is maybe 2010, but O wasn't this bad.
  14. New staff, some new players, and still the dumbest team in the country. SMH
  15. Finally Kemp wised up and didn't fair catch at the 5.
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