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  1. TL;DR Of course things can get worse, but the program is much further from greatness than it is to zero wins. So chances are better that this move works out for the better; whatever you define "better" to be.
  2. No reason to continue the DC charade. Hope he pulls the trigger.
  3. No. I know what I saw. And how Bo performed in his subsequent jobs only confirmed it. He had hit his ceiling.
  4. In the end? No. The die was cast with him. Could get the team to 9 wins, but never more than 10; will consistently lose 4 games. And those losses would either be against teams that shouldve been wins or blowouts to the really good teams. Like many others, could/would not adjust his defensive scheme to the opponent.
  5. Id be fine with a few years of 9 or 10 wins per season with 3 or 4 blowout losses. Then I'd want to see additional progress.
  6. I'd have no problem with Chadwell IF he is able to bring in a solid D, and not get hung up on the nepotism our previous coaches have failed to suppress. Rhule is probably my top choice of those names.
  7. A lot of names out there that would appear to be quality candidates. What I'm hoping NU does not get is someone where NIL and Portal are recent changes to the back-end of the candidates coaching career. I guess that means I'd prefer someone under the age of 50. (No, I don't mean Scott Frost.)
  8. Who is "we"? The recruiting rankings present that DONU consistently recruits the best collection of talent in the West division. I don't read or hear anyone claiming we have playoff talent.
  9. Lets be fair. As a whole, even with its warts (O-line), this is still an offense that scores enough points to win the vast majority of its games even with just a competent defense to support it. Was B1G #2 in total offense last season.
  10. It definitely wasn't good. Unsure if I'm surprised that our D staff didn't try someone else on that receiver. Got picked on all night.
  11. Yep. Like most everyone else believes, this loss sealed his fate. A few thoughts: Frost essentially Callahan-ed himself. His inability to separate Chinander cost him his dream job. I love Frost as an OC. He may not be able manage a game or hire the appropriate staff, but his offense rocks! Assuming Joseph is named interim HC after Oct 1, his first order of business should send Chinander packing. In my blue heaven, Frost would be retained/demoted to OC or co-OC. (yes, i know that won't actually happen)
  12. Consider K-State's win and how little Martinez was required to contribute, perhaps supports his quote about most talented squad he's played with. Perhaps its more a coach thing, but still...
  13. I don't know that he has it out for Whipple, however, I think he has a blind spot when it comes to Chinander. The offense had its warts last year, but did not need a complete overhaul. And while the D was pretty decent last season, its the only season I think we can state that. For the most part this has been an average-at-best D during Frost's tenure. While I like the Whipple and Joseph hires, in an alternate universe, I wonder what this team looks like with most of last year's offensive coordinators, a new QB, and a mostly different defensive staff.
  14. And cheer as the winners go by
  15. Bally sports network. Iowa pulls this crap every year. 1st or 2nd game always struggle with a G5 or FCS.
  16. If it comes to it, Frost wont be fired until his buyout drops in Oct. I agree about the reckoning. The brand is continuing to take hits. Brand is what matter in the current CFB landscape.
  17. You all forgot about the "blackout". Is my account now suspended?
  18. And yet, and yet, and yet, all-time they're still 9 games behind.
  19. Take all that and throw on the wood he's sporting and there is no way this team improves on their win total from last season.
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