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  1. Like everyone else, I thought the ending was rushed, which is perplexing to me. The only reason I have HBO is because of GoT. How many people are going to cancel their subscriptions? HBO did a heckuva lot of advertising at the beginning of this finale, but with the disappointment fans have over the finish to their most popular show, how much confidence do we have that other shows will be worth it? Seems to me HBO left a lot of money on the table by hurrying to the finish of GoT. And I think they're going to lose a lot more because of it.
  2. Is the quality that good with a projector? My main TV is 60" and is plenty for me.
  3. Calvin

    Huskers Land Grad Transfer WR From Cal

    Has a nose for the sticks for sure. Made some well defended catches too. Something about Poly guys. Can't have too many methinks. Thank you Coach Tiuoti!
  4. Posted in 2012. Replied to 7 years later.
  5. Calvin

    Woodyard Running Track

    I see a few go-routes in Woodyard's future.
  6. Calvin

    Need Some "Family" Advice

    Amen to that. I have such a HUGE respect for the man who raised us as his own, and think that helped guide me as a father. My brother was easy, but I was a pain in the a$$ to raise, but he did it the best he could. My mother never worked, just volunteered. Raised us on a farm, taught us how to work, be respectful, responsible, etc. I took a weird path to get to where I'm at, but eventually got here, successful, happy, etc. He's such a humble guy about it too. When I've told him how much I respect him for raising us as his own, he just shrugs and says, well, I got your mother out of the deal. Now he's got four grandchildren that adore him.
  7. Calvin

    Need Some "Family" Advice

    I only know very vague things that relatives shared with us. He was in the Air Force, briefly. They gave him a menial job, but having a pretty complex, intelligent mind, he went nuts and was discharged. He was very gifted musically, and toured with bands like Aerosmith back in the 70s. He eventually decided to become a Christian and get off the road and settle down. He got married, had us, then decided he liked the rock star lifestyle a little too much to let it go, so he went back to that, and all that entailed. So he wasn't really in one place for very long. I think that's why it was so hard to get him to pay any child support. Then when my mom remarried, her husband told him he'd have his back payments forgiven, if he'd allow him to adopt us. I think that was an easy decision for him. He eventually settled in Tennessee, near Nashville, where he still plays in bands. He did settle down though. Has a family now, but the kids aren't his. Not stupid questions at all. I'm fascinated by family dynamics as well. I never thought mine was unique till I started sharing it. I think if I did have a regret, it's that I wasn't raised by a musician like him. I'm a terrible guitarist, so that would've been nice.
  8. Calvin

    Need Some "Family" Advice

    I was maybe 33 or so, and it was out of the blue. My mother never said an ill word about him, but obviously a kid will come to his own conclusions. Mine at first, as a teenager, rebelling against the man who raised me, thought I was more of my bio-dad's son than I was his, as weird as that sounds. I just had more of his traits, music, writer, creative, etc., than I did my dad, simple, black and white, workaholic. Once I had my own son, my feeling towards my bio-dad changed. I recall holding my one-year old and just thinking, this was how old my brother was when our dad left us. How the hell could someone do that? Blew me away, and I was pissed. If he'd reached out to me at that point, I'd probably have tracked him down just to punch him in the throat. But at 33ish, I was "relatively" mature, and didn't care about his reactions or feelings towards us. He did mention he wanted to tell his side of the story, but I told him not to bother. There wasn't much I'd accept at that point. He left my mom when we were 2 and 1 and didn't visit or pay a dime of child support. I forgave him a long time ago, but wasn't going to listen to excuses either. Actually, we sort of kept in touch with his parents, my bio-grandparents. When my son was born, I sent them a letter, pictures, etc., letting them know they had a grandson. My bio-dad wrote back, that both of them had passed away about a month before that. In the letter, he wanted to explain his side of things. I was with my mom at the time and broke down, just pissed off. She was sad that I had anger built up against him, since she had tried so hard to not let that happen. But I wasn't getting along with my dad, the one who raised me, at the time, then this guy inferred that my mom was at fault somehow. I was very close to my mom, so I wasn't having that at all. I just wanted to kick his a$$. My mom passed away shortly after that, and that experience kind of repaired my relationship with my adoptive father. We've been close ever since, and really couldn't care much less about the other guy. My brother and I are happy and successful people, and he's not apart of that. His loss. Glad we were raised by the man we were.
  9. Calvin

    Need Some "Family" Advice

    My bio-dad reached out to me on Facebook a few years back. He left when I was 2, my brother was 1. My mother remarried, and bio-dad allowed him to adopt us. So I've had a dad since I was 7, but I was always curious about him, primarily because he was far different from my adoptive father. My mother was an artist (passed away at 43), my bio-dad was a musician and a genius mentally, while my adoptive father is a blue collar workaholic. When my bio-dad reached out to me, I sent a note back. I told him how things were, all the basic stuff, and hoped that he was doing well. I ended the note saying that the best decision he made for us was letting our dad adopt us. He didn't respond after that, but he stayed a friend on Facebook, and occasionally even liked stuff I posted, even stuff about my father. Thought that was weird at first, but I guess, if it were me, I'd want my son to have a healthy relationship with the man who raised him. He's only reached out to me directly one other time, and it was about a place in Fort Collins he used to play when he was in a band in the 70s, after I posted I was moving to Colorado. Both messages were short, to the point. In your situation, if you're capable of handling a worst case scenario (he wants nothing to do with you), I think it'd be worth reaching out. If for nothing else, just a simple connection. But if he hasn't attempted over the years, it could be he has no interest, or he could just be frightened that you might not want anything to do with him. To me, you're both adults now. Hopefully both of you can handle it that way. Make sure you don't go into it as a "kid", but a man who doesn't need anything from this other man.
  10. Calvin

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Is it a thing now to be barefoot in the gym? I've never seen that before, and I'd think you'd want at least something on your feet to protect them.
  11. Calvin

    The Angry Violent Right

    Went back in time a month to arrest the poor guy.