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  1. I have a bottle of the Willett Pot Still Reserve. Haven't sipped it in a while, but recall that I enjoyed it.
  2. I hear good things as well. I have a few samples I have yet to try. Hibiki is the one I see talked about the most.
  3. Man, I haven't had a JW since my early 20s. And it was red label and I thought it was good.
  4. 10-4. Will keep an eye out. At $80, that's probably a steal. I almost spent that on the 12.
  5. What's a reasonable price on the Macallan 15? I found a bottle near me for $170.
  6. Voted for Pink Floyd, but not disappointed at all with Queen.
  7. Amen to that!! AD Laws 4 grain is easily one of my favorite whiskeys/bourbons. I've since added their bottled in bond to my collection as well. Once I finish off the scotch I have on hand, I think I'll pull the trigger on a Macallan 15. I don't drink scotch often, so might as well have a nice one on hand for when I do.
  8. I see a lot of love for Glenfiddich among scotch drinkers. Glenlivet and Macallan the others. Close friend of mine is a scotch guy, always has Glenlivet 12 on hand. I gifted him a bottle of Macallan 12 for his birthday. Turns out it's his favorite, so that worked out pretty well. I don't keep a lot of scotch on hand. I have some Chivas Regal 12 and a Glenmorangie 10. Nothing fancy, but if I have a scotch drinker over, it's good enough.
  9. That's pretty gross dude. Might wanna talk to someone.
  10. Oh, one that slipped my mind on the milder side, Baccarat. Have had a few of these and been impressed each time. Milder cigar, green wrapper, but an easy every day smoker. Rocky Patel has a lot of variety and I've found a few I like. I only started using the punch cut since it's attached to this torch lighter I bought. Now I prefer it. Less chance of a mess and haven't seen a difference in draw. The lighter I got was pretty cheap. Has three flames, windproof. But it guzzles up the fuel pretty fast.
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