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  1. And? I'd assume 107 would take it, but I'm more wrong than right on these. I think it's hilarious that Weller insists on the screw tops instead of corks. So weird.
  2. Right there with you guys on the Henry McKenna and Colonel EH Taylor. Two of my favorites, though a lot of places overcharge for them. I wait to find them in the $45 range and grab 2 or 3. I also have a bottle of the Belle Meade. Wasn't overly impressed with it, but I'll give it another shot. I gifted a few bourbons to friends this Christmas, one being Woodford Reserve. I hadn't had it in a while and we cracked it open. Very good. Another recent one that I keep trying to like is Noah's Mill. Reviews are great, but just not for me I guess.
  3. Very nice variety there, Redux. Haven't heard of Soldier Valley, but familiar with the others. I have not been impressed with Larceny either. And Mitchers is top notch for sure.
  4. Feel the same about Laphroaig. I know it's immensely popular, but just not my thing. Way too smoky. And Michter's is SOLID! Will have to keep an eye out for their rye!
  5. I have a bottle of the Willett Pot Still Reserve. Haven't sipped it in a while, but recall that I enjoyed it.
  6. I hear good things as well. I have a few samples I have yet to try. Hibiki is the one I see talked about the most.
  7. Man, I haven't had a JW since my early 20s. And it was red label and I thought it was good.
  8. 10-4. Will keep an eye out. At $80, that's probably a steal. I almost spent that on the 12.
  9. What's a reasonable price on the Macallan 15? I found a bottle near me for $170.
  10. Voted for Pink Floyd, but not disappointed at all with Queen.
  11. Amen to that!! AD Laws 4 grain is easily one of my favorite whiskeys/bourbons. I've since added their bottled in bond to my collection as well. Once I finish off the scotch I have on hand, I think I'll pull the trigger on a Macallan 15. I don't drink scotch often, so might as well have a nice one on hand for when I do.
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