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  1. Calvin

    NCAA Sweet 16 - Huskers vs. Kentucky

    Hope they get better at stepping on opponent's throats in the upcoming games. Very dominant those first two sets, then let them get back into it in the third. Great W! On to Minny (probably)!
  2. Calvin

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    He said this on his daily call in to the radio this morning. I think it's obvious there's way more to this story than we know here. It's possible the academics were taking some time to get worked out and the staff told him that they need to look elsewhere as a backup plan. When that backup plan happened, Fair's academics were still in question, and they parted ways. I hope it was more mutual than it sounds. Certainly looks like the kid wanted, still would want, to be a Husker.
  3. Calvin

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    Sean Callahan just said that Nebraska has made it pretty clear to Fair that they've moved on, are no longer interested. Too bad, but must feel good about the position going forward.
  4. Calvin

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    Kind of selfish of us to have the only Heisman candidates for the foreseeable future.
  5. Suddenly, DT a position of (potential) strength. Excited to see what a full offseason with Duval does for these guys.
  6. Calvin

    Why all the pregame trash talk?

  7. Calvin

    The Walking Dead

    Stringing out a popular character as long as they can maybe. But I think most of the audience had enough with the Negan war, so it's a little odd to have them string it out, potentially, even longer.
  8. Calvin

    The Walking Dead

    Morgan? EDIT - Never mind. That doesn't make sense. Maybe the girl who cut her hand slicing potatoes? Dwight makes sense as well.
  9. Calvin

    Adrian Martinez Injury

  10. Calvin

    DE Noah Fant [Iowa - Signed LOI]

    Here's a link where Hawkeye fans are discussing it...https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/fant-tweet.245951/
  11. Calvin

    DE Noah Fant [Iowa - Signed LOI]

    Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, and I can't attach twitter links from this machine, but has anyone else seen the drama involving Fant's father and brother? They appear to have an issue with his playing time. Called out the staff on twitter, then went back and forth with fans.
  12. Calvin

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    Ozigbo as the straight ahead weapon, with speed options added in. Good formula, especially with Martinez’s legs. Would like to see Mazour mixed in as a change of pace, different look.
  13. Calvin

    Mohamed Barry

    Barry plays with a different fire. Best defender at this point of the season in my opinion. Definitely would like to see that infused to other Blackshirts. He cares a lot. Bootle has really impressed as well. Covers well, but not afraid to hit either. Someone compared him to Prince. A little early for that, but I do see some comparisons in their game.
  14. Can I get my name changed to Calvin please? Thanks.