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  1. Calvin

    best TV source to watch games?

    I totally thought that was John Candy till now as well. Oh, and funny story about the sharing of the account. I shared it with my brother and his family. The other folks I've shared it with just get me lunch every once in a while or something, not that I ask. My brother has decided to mail me a card and a $10 check every month. Jeez, it's not even worth going to bank for that! Reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry finally cashed in all those checks his grandma had been giving him for years, and it bounced.
  2. Calvin

    DT Nash Hutmacher [Nebraska Commit]

    What do you see in his film that makes you think this? He's already a beast of a man, combined with a high motor, development by this staff. I see nothing that would suggest he doesn't have a very good career at Nebraska.
  3. Calvin

    Going To Do This

    I think lying and yelling can be abuse. But it's not violence, which is I think the confusion here.
  4. Calvin

    Going To Do This

    I think Moiraine was suggesting that just verbal abuse isn't domestic violence. Hitting someone, and obviously rape, certainly is violence.
  5. Calvin

    DT Nash Hutmacher [Nebraska Commit]

    Let's pump the brakes a bit. The kid's already being compared to an enormous carnivore.
  6. Calvin

    best TV source to watch games?

    YouTube TV. Haven't missed a game and you can gift it to up to five other people.
  7. Calvin

    B1G Media Day

    Re: Adrian Martinez... "I played the position, not as well as he does..."
  8. Calvin

    Bourbon, Whisky and Scotch

    126 warehouses?! That's a lot of acres of bourbon!
  9. Calvin

    Tommy Armstrong

    Great honor for a great player. Hopefully more accolades to come.
  10. Very true. I think some parents, me included, thought that lighting wicks were more dangerous at the time.
  11. Moiraine, I think you're probably right about the outside influences causing parents to be overprotective. When all they see in the news, social media, etc. is horror stories of kids getting hurt or killed, they tend to overreact so it doesn't happen to them. A fastpitch softball, I'm told by a friend who played college ball, gets on the hitter faster than a baseball, because, as you mentioned, the mound is so much closer.
  12. I'm a parent. I get being protective. But I thought it was important for my kid to get his own bumps and bruises. Guess that might not be common anymore. Too bad. And sparklers are one of the first "fireworks" kids get to play with. Pretty much as soon as they were old enough to hold it.
  13. Ha, this was our rule too, and no one followed it either. Our wars ended when my brother had a BB go through his nose. We made up a story, but then bragged about it on the bus. Being a small town, word got back to our dad and guns were taken away for a while. Eventually got paint ball guns.
  14. We had BB gun wars as well. We'd give my brother a single shot pistol, give him a 10 minute head start (farm w/woods), then track him down.
  15. For sure. We'd have roman candle fights. I think my son was about 10 when he started lighting them up on his own, with a punk.