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  1. One of my favorite pics, especially considering the hype and CU got shut up real quick. Messed up my earlier post.
  2. One of my favorite pics, especially considering the hype and CU got shut up real quick.
  3. Never posted a status update before.  

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      It builds character. 

    2. Toe


      WELL WHY NOT????

    3. Calvin


      Didn't realize it was this much fun.  

  4. Calvin

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ

    Oh, we got into our share of trouble for sure. We just knew the actual guns were dangerous if not handled properly. Just like the farm equipment, etc. You just didn't mess with stuff you weren't trained to.
  5. Calvin

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ

    Absolutely. We all did.
  6. Calvin

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ

    That's why I used the word hurt. They know what pain is. I don't think my kid handled an actual firearm till about 8. Toted around a Red Ryder for a few years with me before that.
  7. Calvin

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ

    I kept/keep my guns locked up, but they weren't that way when I was growing up. My father and my grandfathers/uncles just had unlocked glass front cabinets, but we knew better than to get into them. We knew they weren't toys. Had a healthy fear of them.
  8. Calvin

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ

    Respect. This gun can hurt someone if not handled appropriately. Only point at something you're intending on shooting, and always keep the safety on. There are other finer hunter safety type conversations, but that's the most important gist of it.
  9. Calvin

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    None on the line.
  10. Calvin

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    I mean, he's literally a weapon. That would be terrifying. I'd love to see that.
  11. Calvin

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    Very true. Just nice to see him on the chart. Probably will see some special teams reps.
  12. Calvin

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    Damian Jackson at long snapper. Nice seeing him get on the field.
  13. Calvin

    Fall Camp Notes

    Great to hear about Cam Jurgens. If half of what people say is true, he's going to be one helluva center.
  14. Calvin

    YouTube TV question

    Enhance is correct. Everyone gets the base package, and can add to it if you want. Typically it's $5 per additional channel, like HBO and AMC.
  15. Calvin

    Fall Camp Notes

    Adrian is a much stronger dude than he was only a year ago. And let's be honest, his injury was intentional, so a bit of a fluke. I'm looking forward to an injury free career the rest of the way. Encouraged by this strength staff.