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  1. Great review X! I'll keep an eye out for their single barrel. I have a friend who has the Weller 12 and it is very good. I have a bottle of the Special Reserve and, while good, does not hold a candle to the 12. I enjoy the wheated bourbons though. Tried the Hudson Baby Bourbon the other day. Very interesting. Bananas and oak on the nose, very oaky on the palate and cinnamon on the finish. Very unique. I finally found Henry McKennan bottles. They were on sale for $45 each, but the shelves were always empty.
  2. Haha! When things open up I want to be able to offer a variety to guests. Er, if you like bourbon. If you want something else, probably have to bring your own. Also, I just like to have the variety for myself as well. I don't drink heavily, just little bits here and there, so I like to nitpick what to sip on next. Got a decent collection to choose from. I have a friend that has an entire room devoted to bourbon and wine. It's incredible. 20 foot ceilings or some of the rarest bourbons and wines. Very jealous, but lucky for me, he's a generous dude.
  3. Added a few more bottles to the collection... Henry McKennan 10 Year BiB (finally found this!) Maker's Mark (every home bar has to have a bottle of this right?) Russell's Reserve 10 Year (good reviews, finally found at a good price) Fireside Colorado Bourbon (local) High West American Prairie Bourbon (good reviews, finally found at a good price)
  4. The regular 4 grain. Here's my collection....
  5. Yeah, the big cubes don't dilute as quickly, but enough to mellow some of the stronger drinks out a bit. Supposedly, a dram isn't supposed to be cold. Takes away from the flavor. But maybe I drink mine fast enough that it doesn't really get chilled too much.
  6. I went the other direction. I enjoyed middle of the road, smoother scotches. Still do, but found such a wide array of bourbons, and haven't looked back since. I'll still break out a scotch once in a while though. BRB, do you drink them all the same? I generally do. A single ice cube. On some of the lower proofs, I can handle them neat.
  7. The 291 is definitely good, but I'm still blown away by the A.D. Laws. I'll be keeping that one in stock. Thankfully it's local for me, so shouldn't have trouble keeping it around. Just hope it stays at that price for a while.
  8. Added a few more bottles to the home bar yesterday. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon (very cool bottle, haven't tried it yet) A.D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon (hadn't heard of them before, but thought a four grain bourbon at $67 was a steal. I was right, it's delicious) Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon 291 Colorado Bourbon Couple local ones there, the 291 I haven't tried yet.
  9. Picked up 3 more bottles yesterday. Rebel Yell Straight Bourbon, Old Grand Dad 114 Proof Bourbon, and Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch. I thought I had my hands on Henry McKennan 10 year at $50, but came back that they had just sold out. Been on the hunt for that bottle. Especially at that price.
  10. That does not look like fun to shoot. I'm considering this one right now - https://americanguncraft.com/product/diablo-break-open-12-gauge-pistol-midnight-black/
  11. Agree. Let us know how this one tastes. I didn't even know this combo was a thing till you posted it.
  12. If you like IPAs and Irish Whiskey, it's probably right up your alley. I can't do the hoppiness of most IPAs.
  13. Good call! I haven't tried this, but have heard/read good things.
  14. Girlfriend got me a bottle of Bib and Tucker, a Tennessee bourbon. Really like it, and hadn't heard of it before.
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