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  1. They doubled his pay and gave him neary 5MM for assistants. The Pac 12 and their terrible TV contracts are hurting more and more.
  2. The bench number I believe. The deadlift seems really low.
  3. I'm a little confused. Are we talking about specific positions here? I remember having a lot of sad January's as I watched our Huskers get destroyed by faster Miami and Florida State teams. Tom finally decided to get faster guys, specificially on defense, and the rest is history.
  4. I googled "peter gammons bo pelini" and all I found was a tweet from Gammons stating Bo was "going off" on the Starling family. That's a long ways from doing cookies in their yard....though I really like that story.
  5. That's my worry, too. But with that said, they can go to a model where they break even. $10 for a seat. A few bucks for TV telecasts. But we all know they won't go there. Saban isn't coaching Alabama for 55K+benefits. Think about this. In a lot if not most states, the football coach is the highest paid public employee by a wide margin. I just googled "highest paid public employee alabama" and the top 2 are.................................Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn.
  6. When they start charging big money for seats at middle school games and the middle school is getting millions in TV revenue, I will expect the kids to get compensated as well.
  7. I remember being excited about Rafdal.
  8. This. The Jet Sweep is his kryptonite. I still have PTSD when I see Melvin Gordon.
  9. That is THE job of the OC and he didn't do it at Oregon or Chicago. Chip controlled everything at Oregon and that's why there was such a dramatic downturn when he left. For the Bears, he was the OC in name but was really the run game coordinator per the Chicago Tribune. As I stated before, his "success" at Oregon as the OC was really Chip and his "success" with Tribisky was really Matt Nagy.
  10. When I saw that Jim Brown pick, I admit I was surprised. For me, Herschel is #1.
  11. Those are video game numbers. Amazing.
  12. Teams with an excellent receiver have these opportunities with their #2 guys. When the Steelers had Antonio Brown, Juju Smith-Schuster had a ton of one on one opportunities and definitely took advantage of them. Now as a #1, Juju struggled mightily. He was injured which may have been the culprit so we'll see next year if he can be a legitimate Batman or just a really good Robin.
  13. Ohhhhh, good childhood memories of the "Mad Hungarian" pitching for the Braves on Superstation WTBS.
  14. On a serious note, I enjoyed watching Burrow the past two games. He recognized one on one opportunities and threw the ball allowing for his receiver to make a play. So many college QB's look for guys who are open before delivering the ball. Having good receivers helps, but he did what he needed to do. It's a team game. Let your teammates do some work.
  15. I didn't say we didn't need an OC. I'm wondering why people want Helfrich to be our OC. As I've stated before, Helfrich gets a lot of praise for work done by others.
  16. Then what's the point of having him? Run game coordinator as he was with the Bears?
  17. Bah, behind our line Burrow would have been murdered and Frost would have been charged as an accessory to a homicide.
  18. Mickey Joseph's arm, or lack thereof, turned a sweet, kind hearted Oregon high schooler into the pottie mouth he is today. &**# you, Mickey Joseph
  19. Like Solich, he did it with another guy's players with a foundation already set. Once the foundation changed, so did the results for both guys.
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