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  1. LSU is going to fire a coach who won them the national championship two years ago and they are going to have plenty of good options.
  2. The program is jinxed. Two trips into the red zone and not getting points while our back trips on his shoelaces. I was sure we would still win the game in the second half, but we just find new ways to lose.
  3. Gebbia blew out his hamstring on a QB sneak at the end of last year's Oregon game. He had surgery in the offseason and still hasn't returned to game duty. He has practiced, but the hammy hasn't fully healed. My guess is he'll start again this season as the QB we got from Colorado was a dud against Purdue and Gebbia's backup from last year started against Hawaii this past Saturday.
  4. Oregon State coach Johnathan Smith's seat is frozen. I guess when you get down to #28, you just make things up.
  5. Fordham is working on a 1 man defensive front with their d-ends in a super, duper nine technique. Fordham's d-line coach was overheard telling the head coach, "Frost's mind will be blown. Boom!"
  6. Frost said this on Saturday as well. I'm sure not which is dumber. Saying it in the first place or repeating it. It feels like he wants to get fired.
  7. He flat out missed the second one. I didn't see the first one. Assuming it was going to be made, I made a run for the refrigerator.
  8. The Diaco hiring comes to mind.
  9. I rewatched a big chunk of the game again last night. Where are these track athletes we were supposed to be recruiting? Our WR's and TE's are SLOW. Our WR's didn't cause any problems on the D's backend and our TE's only got open when their linebackers were screened by the umpire. Otherwise, they couldn't outrun a LB. If you don't have the speed to take the top off of the defense, then everything else goes to hell passing-wise. There's got to be a downfield threat and we either don't have any or Frost is keeping those guys on the bench again.
  10. Having a step on the corner while running towards the safety or linebacker is not open. I'm rewatching the game right now. I am seeing a lot of bad, lazy routes and Martinez running for his life. Obviously you saw things differently.
  11. Based on what? He's not changing anything and the results are the same. I promise you that is not the Oregon offense we had hoped for. Chip Kelly ran the ball.
  12. They can't recruit talent. Martinez's legs were our offense today. The receivers are slow and can't get open. If they do get open which happened a few times, Martinez gets too excited and misses them. And despite the hype of a few RB's, we have absolutely no talent in that room. The o-line that was hyped as being big and strong got beat all day by ILLINOIS. I'm glad that Oklahoma game is on so early here. Hopefully I sleep through all of it.
  13. Did anybody run any routes towards the sidelines? You'd think a guy who was a safety in the NFL could teach our kids how to run proper routes in the two minute offense. Instead our guys are running out there aimlessly. We have less talent than Illinois. The lack of speed popped out the most in this game to me. I predicted four wins. I was too optimistic.
  14. I'm not greedy. I just want a W. I feel a L could be catastrophic.
  15. One thing that has hurt the Pac 12 and their network is not being on Directv. The former commissioner failed because he wanted all 7 channels on Directv and Directv only wanted the main channel. What is strange is the commissioner allowed the Dish Network to carry only the main channel but didn't offer that to Directv. So Directv said no and the commissioner was too proud to offer them the same deal. Hopefully the new commissioner isn't as stupid.
  16. Texas fans playing victim? That's rich. The plan was to form the Pac 16. Texas got greedy wanted to keep the Bonghorn Network and were told to pound sand.
  17. Under normal circumstances, I would say "no freakin' way" we pick up two religious schools and/or four non-AAU schools. But these aren't normal circumstances. As for this, I would switch up UCLA and Colorado. No way they separate the LA schools.
  18. Am I the only one feeling some schadenfreude toward the fans of Big 12 teams who claimed we cut and run from Texas?
  19. Kornheiser said something on PTI today that makes sense to me. The NCAA will be shown the door and schools will do their own thing. You'll see one conference with a North/South/West/East divisions and the top money producing schools will be the only ones included. Schools like KSU, Oregon State, Vanderbilt, etc. will be on the outside looking in.
  20. I just saw somebody from Mizzou on SportsCenter speaking glowingly of UT and OU's jump to the SEC.
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