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  1. Well, all we can do is hope for the best. The most important thing is a HUGE infusion of talent.
  2. Eh, Riley had 9 wins, but the boosters wanted Diaco as DC. Diaco's god awful defense was the reason for 3 wins. The only thing Riley did wrong was he quit recruiting when he saw the writing on the wall.
  3. Yep. The NIL used to be known as a BRIBE.
  4. This is a complete rebuild. You have to give the job to a great recruiter who will bring guys in and give that coach time. The current guys can't be fixed. The complete lack of talent is shocking.
  5. Your third line is exactly what I came to post. You can't blame Whipple because it's impossible to shine a turd. These are Scott Frost's turds. It doesn't matter what you call when the defense is in your backfield before the ball is handed off. The O-linemen need to take snaps. Start with Corcoran. Maybe getting nailed a few times will turn their brains on. What I learned today is the O-line is even worse than I thought. They constantly watch guys run by and around them. I wonder how many times Thompson hears, "Look out" during a game? That guy is a lot better than he's able to show because it's him against the other team's front 7. The line offers no resistance.
  6. Riley didn't take the program backwards. He had the team taken away from him after his second season when the boosters forced Bob Diaco onto the staff. Riley gave up knowing he would get blamed for Diaco's joke of a defense. I'm not okay with him giving up, but I understand it.
  7. Think of how many times he had to jump just to catch a snap. It was beyond ridiculous.
  8. Yep. Nice kid. We couldn't even get him a guy who could snap the ball correctly.
  9. KSU has a transfer QB who looks pretty good. If we could get a kid like this with a serviceable line and a few receivers, we could be onto something. Add an average defense and special teams and we could compete in the West
  10. Welp, I have some caulking and painting to do. Have a good day, gentlemen and gentleladies.
  11. Mike Riley was 9-4 his second season which included a 7-0 start and a #10 ranking. He was then forced to fire his DC for Mike Diaco whose defense consistently gave up 50 points a game.
  12. OU would still have 49 points with Bo as DC. Jet sweep right and jet sweep left.
  13. Riley didn't damage this program, the boosters who forced the Diaco hire did. Riley continually gets blamed for something he had no part of.
  14. Just think, Frost got paid $5 million a year to put this s-show together.
  15. You can't shine a turd and this is a turd. No talent anywhere. There's no way to evaluate Mickey based on the players on this team.
  16. Did Frost hire Whipple or is this a Bob Diaco situation?
  17. They've only given up 7 points. How is it possible that the offense has only scored 7 against a FCS team?
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