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  1. Says we wish we had a Corum, but even if we did our line would still be crap. Pretty sure Grant could do the same if he was playing on Michigan right now.
  2. Just getting in to see what's been going on after a buddies funeral, we are closer than I imagined us being.
  3. I think I would rather get CT somewhat healthy for Wiscy and Iowa, two teams we might actually have a chance with because Mich is going to steamroll us.
  4. At the very least a first down and out of bounds to stop the clock and give us a few more plays. It was a bad move to throw that ball.
  5. Should have run to get the first and then give ourselves a few more plays. I don't expect our QB's to think ahead anymore. We also need to be catching balls hitting guys in their hands, this drop crap is annoying, at least 6 drops with balls hitting them in the hands today.
  6. That's a catch imho. Btw Purdy could not make that throw.
  7. Yolo for 15 yards haha. Purdy's arm is lacking any deep threat.
  8. 14 yards.....14. Our offense this second half is amazing, we have less yards than plays so far.
  9. We are lucky we can't lose points or this team would eventually lose more than they score.
  10. Put in Masker, he can't be any worse than the other 2, we have Haaberg as well I believe. Get someone in there than can run and make a 10 yard throw.
  11. Games over, our quarterbacks are straight a$$.
  12. So our offense sputtering multiple 3 and outs and defense is getting gassed. Thanks Whipple.
  13. Oh thank God, someone who can at least decide what he is going to do rather than play dancing with the stars on the field.
  14. This one is on me I think. I want to shave so bad I may have jinxed us in hoping I get to shave after today and a win.
  15. Might be easier to remember the teams he didn't help out with timeouts, much shorter list.
  16. PJ Fleck is Scott Frost under his mask, learned the SF school of timeout management.
  17. Minnie gave up 7 sacks before today, we have 3 in a single half.
  18. We have no threat in the passing game with Purdy back there so they can key in on the run now. Purdy is terrible in passing situations imho.
  19. We lost to them with half their team basically, so I will take it any way I can get it at this point. I dislike Fleck with a passion.
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