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  1. Loving our new SmashRaid offense It's a meld of smash mouth football with an air raid ability, mostly air raid is attempted but we go back to smash mouth occasionally.
  2. If we end up losing, we know to hold accountable.
  3. So only Wisconsin has been hurt by injuries? We at 1 point had 2 starters from the beginning of the season even able to be on the field.
  4. WTF are we doing that crap for, what we were doing was working find. Purdy simply cannot throw it that far anyways.
  5. I may be mistaken but Coleman also has more drops than catches this season as well. Other than Kemp most of our WR's have bricks for hands IMHO.
  6. Don't have to worry about that anymore, seems he had a season ending injury at practice. Edit:I somehow missed the entire page and see this is referencing this. Nevermind
  7. Purdy making history, just not the right history
  8. Yeah that is no longer on Paramount but the Bass Reeves story is on now and it's good.
  9. It's pretty good, I definitely would watch another season.
  10. I like their threats of leaving the conference I am seeing now. All talk while throwing a tantrum. They lost all their teeth when the B1G went with the pac12 teams. I dare them to leave.
  11. I did like the twisted metal series and the John Wick prequel type show about Winston though I can't remember the name.
  12. Wish I could suck a$$ at my job and be set for life when fired for it, 80 mil for failing.
  13. That's pretty much game, the kicker has the wind now. Unless we can get a turnover we lost this thanks to that dumbass passing play in the redzone.
  14. Wait, we have a QB who can throw it away when pressured rather than taking a sack?
  15. Pretty sure he has only come in when we have the ball inside our 5, don't remember him ever coming in with any better field position.
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