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  1. I'll take true character over cash , B10 is full of shady twats with overinflated egos.
  2. If Trev said today the Nebraska is headed to a different conference I'd be delighted , just kick some a$$ on the way out.
  3. Riley had a lot of fans on here when hired, we got the everything is great because we have experienced coaches now schtick and recruited high rated receivers and db s .Frost was the Nebraska guy who gets it guy who also recruited high rated receivers and db s, I hope Garret is a good coach but we haven't seen anything yet.
  4. It's almost like when Riley and Frost were hired when people said how great they would be because of recruits..
  5. Give it time, when do they update rankings?
  6. RIP Tina Turner. Sad day , was always a big fan of hers

  7. Bit over the top there, he could have been asked to go.
  8. Fuuuudge. Do not feel good about Sims being the guy with no one behind him. HH isn't close to being ready and Purdy sucks . Hope I'm wrong
  9. Damn that all looks great!
  10. They are all still in the freezer, like 20 pounds of it so I'll get to try a few different things with it. As far as the foot foot thing I'm never doing edibles again. I got all f#&%ed up and a friend showed me the band the Shaggs. Just wth . I'll live out my days with a clear head and get a different user name soon!
  11. Got a bunch for free, who's got a recipe???
  12. Please change name to I AM FOOT FOOT. Please and thank you.
  13. CTB with another great game! Coach Taylor has this team looking really good with a patch work o line. Who Dey

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    2. admo


      @man eating mastodon Thanks! I feel misinformed after all these years. :facepalm:  I wonder what else I might be wrong about 


      Please don't tell me that Sasquatch isn't real !!!  I won't listen to it ! 



      Bigfoot is as real as you want it to be!!! 

    4. admo


      Word is some hunters in West Virginia caught him, but then the drunken hillbillies cleaned & cooked him with Natty Light.  Big Foot Stew!  


      I don't believe it.  There is no way Sasquatch could've been trapped or blasted by 12 gauge buckets and turned into chicken nuggets...  Sasquatch is still walking around the back country today and posing for polaroid's !!!  chuckleshuffle

  14. It's not the worst art we've seen I guess, looking at you Cally era children of the corn shirt . That one sucked
  15. Extremely well in recruiting?? Recruits want to know what that coach can do to develop them,what's this guy gonna say??? He's never coached or played the position . I really hope I'm wrong with this one but if this is who was hired I'd think a lot of guys said no first.
  16. There is now way Rhule is dumb enough to hire a kid with no wr coaching experience on a rebuild . With the pool of money he got to work with and this is what he turns in???? I really hope I'm wrong but man this is lame as hell for now.
  17. A 22 year old is coaching WR?? That cant be right
  18. You know who fixes that? Coaches
  19. He makes videos still today, some are pretty cringe and some are funny as hell, not sure if he's a huge troll or needs meds
  20. Much needed here! These guys can recruit!
  21. So far Rhule and co have been a breath of fresh air! Really like how they get after it
  22. Let's make this easy, if he's fast we will just call him puma
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