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  1. Hayseed

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    I think so... looked like it was after his bedtime.
  2. Hayseed

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    I don't know if it was just from being late in the game and they gave up, but Vedral looked outstanding. I want to see more of him in the game when it counts. Martinez and Frost look like they could use a vacation....are the post-games stressful for them? We commented a lot in the game thread that the o line may not be ready for prime time. When we can run in the middle it opens up everything. I don't see the sideways/ run around the end game scaring the big boys if they don't have to worry about the middle. Minus the obvious fumble, Mills looked great...some confidence and a little luck with timing of blocks and he should do great as long as Frost doesn't telegraph every play with personnel. I think runners need to get in a groove and not be run in and out to where the calls are obvious. Johnson looked good too, but like I said with Vedral, let's see him early in the game when the defense cares. I'm sure Frost knows something about this style of running,...I'd like to see the QB under center and a fullback (TE?) in the backfield on short yardage situations.
  3. Hayseed

    Kicking Game

    I get really riled up about these things but I have no knowledge about kicking and have nothing to add. I got nothin’
  4. Hayseed

    The run game

    The running game is the blocking game. Either the line and QB are gonna get their timing right and open some holes or we’re gonna sputter through the BIG. We have capable runners if they have somewhere to run. Mills and Johnson looked good inside when they had a chance... it ain’t them.
  5. The backups looked great!
  6. Quarterback controversy!
  7. He made that look easy.
  8. Vedral’s looking good!
  9. He thought the receiver was wearing red.
  10. Ya, Logan Smothers is well coached, accurate, looks like he could be special.
  11. Nothing like the draw play in lieu of a running game.
  12. Mills needs them to take control of the point of attack so he doesn’t have to stutter around. The line needs to improve its timing opening a hole and give him a chance.
  13. Northern Illinois is a pretty decent team... they’re no pushover.
  14. Might as well. It’s not like Martinez is gonna do anything different.