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  1. I think the old geezerly fans should give their tickets to the loudest mouthed kids they can find. It doesn’t do the team any good if you only have enough vocal stamina to cheer for only the good plays.
  2. Frost SHOULD hire Cy the Cyclone because he can see things with an unbiased view that is literally impossible for a Husker fan.
  3. It'll be interesting to see how all these improvements play out against Maryland and Iowa. The ball control plan was a good one, anything that'll keep our defense off the field. After a much improved showing for special teams in the Purdue game, they went backwards against Wisconsin. I'm still not sure WHAT'S going on with the RB's and won't get my hopes up that one of them will break 100 yards again, sad as that sounds....you get the feeling that Mills is good enough to have been doing that all season. The reason this sounds negative is that you can see there's a lot of potential there but for whatever reason they can't seem to get it together. You don't get the sense that anyone recognizes where they're at and the urgency needed to win the game...I suppose that comes with experience and not playing like you're renting the position. I still say the jimmies and joes bail out a lot of boneheaded coaches.
  4. We also have the worst P5 record for teams with over 350 sports writers.
  5. Improve the defense, don't give up so many points so easily, everything looks better. Bitching, whining, and entitlement makes it seem worse than it is.
  6. I don't have a lot of confidence in these self-appointed rankers anyway. Half of their supposed 4 star players don't pan out and a 10 year old could tell you the team that gets all the highest ranked players will have more options. They just don't seem very useful once you get out of the top ten schools and try to rank ordinary teams.
  7. Yeah, I was just trying to say that I think he will make it his priority to get the defense fixed the same way he's been working on the offense.
  8. Like Frost pretty much said in the postgame, giving up 30+ points a game don't cut it. Expect a lot of emphasis on the defense. We have to bring more pressure, get more tackles for loss, and get more pass breakups from tighter coverage without mauling.
  9. No, my cousin is a Michigan fan...I just thought it was interesting. It doesn't mean anything.
  10. It seems like we waste critical downs just hurrying to run some simple and poorly executed plays. I had the same complaint with Pelini.
  11. We're in the same position as Michigan State at 4-6 who just got beat worse by Michigan who is 8-2, same as Wisconsin.
  12. Hindsight is 20/20....they dropped 8 into coverage a few times and Martinez best option was probably for somebody to put that spy on his a$$ so he could scramble. That's the kind of thing I hope they're adjusting during the game. If they drop 8 and it's obvious nobody is open, it becomes a coordinated scramble...kind of like how a screen develops.
  13. 17 carries for 188 yards against Wisconsin. Mills has some skills.
  14. I'm not sure about the interception play but you could see the spy following Martinez across in case he scrambled. I'm thinking our blockers should be made aware of that and first sign of a scramble they should put that guy on his a$$.
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