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  1. Hayseed

    Replacements for Miles

    You can share any opinion you want...clickbait is what it's about. I've been sharing mine on everything but I don't cry to you about what you think. You make me laugh.
  2. Hayseed

    Replacements for Miles

    Do you start ragging on the new coach or does that take a couple years before he's no good?
  3. Hayseed

    Replacements for Miles

    I wonder if Moos has been running around the country asking good coaches if they want to coach here and they all said things like, "Are you kidding?" or "HAHA, FAT CHANCE!!!" ? I'm just curious.
  4. Hayseed

    Replacements for Miles

    That was a boring announcement....I DEMAND ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT!
  5. Hayseed

    Replacements for Miles

    After this many years of not much, you have to think he expects to be fired.
  6. Hayseed

    Replacements for Miles

    Admit it....it's like an angry mob with pitchforks trying to bully the sheriff. And what makes you think I disagree with you? I just think there's a time and place for it.
  7. Hayseed

    Replacements for Miles

    Wouldn't it be weird if our AD and coach actually talked it over in detail instead of just slipping a note under the door?
  8. Hayseed

    Replacements for Miles

    This is bull...I'm making all the decisions around here!
  9. I expect them to win the NIT if they're as good as everyone thought they would be.....like that underperforming Danny Nee team. First they have to get invited. I think they've caught on to what they do best but they're still underutilizing the bench players. Trueblood driving for a bucket here or there would've made a difference instead of reverting to hotdog shot heaving mode.
  10. This is like watching a Moe Iba team play a run n gun Danny Nee team.
  11. I think that’s just what he likes to do. Miles is just standing on the sideline. But what you say is true... they heave up shots they shouldn’t take while Wisconsin takes all day looking for a good one.
  12. At this point I think the Huskers are definitely in the NIT
  13. They’re showing dorky Miles now. Game is close, turn it on.
  14. These refs are cheating... JPJ was fouled 3 times before he charged!