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  1. NCAA has lost it's mind. The rivalries have lost all meaning. Should've stayed in the Big 12 and passed on the TV money. Is there a reliable place to watch Australian football?
  2. I think Kansas State is at least more talented than Rutgers and Illinois. So yeah, probably as talented as most middle to lower tier teams. I hope we're not having pathetic discussions like this after this season. The jury's still out whether Adrian will add to their talent or shoot them in the foot like Barney Fife with his one bullet.
  3. It’s probably best for this season to end. Pretty bad luck with injuries in the pitching staff.
  4. I think Haarberg might be the #2 QB
  5. Purdy has looked better than I thought he would, however the complaint against him is he’s bad under pressure, which there isn’t any today.
  6. Does the d look good or does the o still suck? Don’t think we’ll learn much about that today.
  7. Yeah, watching this I have no idea if anyone can tackle.
  8. Smothers passing was not great.
  9. I’m not sure what’s going on.
  10. Husker Ticket Department You are doing an awesome job! I got a notification today with my tickets right there ready to go on my iPhone. Whoever is doing this job deserves a big raise!
  11. With Walker fully committed things are really shaping up.
  12. Sorry to see him go. Hope he finds a good school.
  13. I will be there… who are we playing again?
  14. I really want Walker back badly. I think him teaming up with Keita and Breidenbach will give us the strength and depth under the hoop that we need.
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