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  1. There are three guys in that field goal mess. The center has one job to do...what does he do?....hikes it to the holder's back shoulder. They were lucky to get the kick off. It's like the center hiking it over the QB's head....just high school bad. The RB coach may be a great recruiter....maybe he should just stop there. Rahmir played his a$$ off today! We must have injuries we haven't been told about because I didn't see Stepp at all and only saw Morrison on one great run. Hope Ervin Jr. is okay....he reminds me off an Osborne type I-back.
  2. I was encouraged by what I saw against Iowa. We ran a couple series on offense that looked tough to stop with a bunch of young players contributing. On defense I felt we could’ve pressured their quarterback into mistakes and changed the whole look of the game. I feel like they’re figuring out what’s wrong and coming out the other side of the storm.
  3. Another Super fan who insists that McCaffrey should start. Thanks for weighing in.
  4. It’s possible that Rutgers liked what they saw and recruited him in some way, then he told Frost he was moving on because it looked crowded here at the time. With the portal it’s much easier to move around....Reminds me of MLB where players used to stay at one team for most of their career, then it changed and you couldn’t tell who was playing for who. If he felt like he had no chance to play here then I think we must be promising recruits things and from what I’ve seen lately that sounds scary. But we have just as much or more to gain from the portal because we’re definitely looking for players.
  5. I didn’t know whether to give this post a laugh or a trophy. It’s right on target though.
  6. Noah didn’t start because he got injured in the previous game. I guess they don’t play injured guys there.
  7. Not when they’re born and raised 30 miles away. Frost must have told him he has no shot... based on what I’d like to know.
  8. I think the point is we’re running off qualified backups based on the whims of fan sentiment. So far nobody is “the answer” here and our starter who runs more than the RB is backed up by unproven rookies.
  9. I think Martinez excels at the game Frost claims to want to play but rarely does. Four talented guys going misdirection leaves receivers open and gives AM time to roll out and find them, but Frost for whatever reason or conspiracy theory insists on standing him in the pocket while some tub of blubber whiffs on his block. AM is not the greatest but neither is he as bad as Frost makes him look. McCaffrey with his speed and elusiveness also belongs in the mix of all this misdirection as a slot receiver/ wingback. This is the best we have right now, so let's do what we're successful at and quit changing it.
  10. I think there's a chance we can get guys who realized they should've come here and where they are is not what it was cracked up to be, just like the guys leaving here. Losing Vedral was bad for us, it shouldn't have happened. I know he wasn't lighting up the field, but when a guy from Wahoo transfers to the other side of the country because he got passed up by a freshman with one year of high school at QB and not much of an arm, you have to wonder what kind of screwed up priorities we have. Was it because the fans took a poll and decided he was no good? I'd be looking for midwestern guys who went to a party school or tropical paradise and are uncomfortable with the culture they found themselves in, or maybe just something as simple as wanting to be closer to home because of the screwed up mess created by covid1984.
  11. Martinez can throw the ball, but usually the coach of the modern game dials up some razzle dazzle in different areas of the field so as not to telegraph exactly which plays will be called when certain personnel are on the field. Martinez is afraid to throw the ball because of the stupidity of the coaching.
  12. We used to have a pretty good receiver from Tecumseh, Nebraska. We actually do have guys around here with some speed who can run a route and catch a ball....assuming we can wait more than two seconds for the route to develop and actually throw it to the target.
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