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  1. Let's see.... It's wait and see on the Martinez injury that bugged the hell out of him all last season and made it hard to perform the running game against the mastodons of the Arctic League. Smothers is in the same position as McCaffrey last year...not likely to do much but come in for mop up or in an emergency. McCaffrey seems like the solid #2 with a chance at starting and running the whole play book....but could get smashed like a bug and also be hampered or done. Vedral is gone. The new local recruit looks pretty good but is strictly a practice QB at this point. I think we should stop obsessing about the quarterback position and focus on almost everything else. Our best receiver was double-teamed most of last season and may not even be back. Our other receivers were ordinary and not as fast as most DB's they came up against. Our O line improved but still looked like second rate patchwork. Our RB's need to carry the load and not just show up once in a while. We've always looked down on Minnesota; It's been 20 years, we should start looking up to teams that are putting it together against long odds and quit acting entitled. I hope our new OC is able to get the most out of our guys and instill some confidence whoever is at quarterback.
  2. This has been the worst year ever, even for Nebraska. And now the two stars are having behavior problems..... pathetic.
  3. No, I feel great about him. Sounds like he has character and he’s talented.
  4. Makes me wonder what happened there but he looks like a good player...#2 in Wisconsin... hope it works out here.
  5. Miles lost good players routinely and his game plan was to lean on a couple guys. The cupboard was bare for this year. Hoiberg threw together this team in a hurry. I thought they would get pounded by every BIG team but they surprisingly played some very good teams close. I don't think we can judge this coaching staff until the end of next season, as expected.
  6. I'm going with Bo was a straight shooter with no tact and that ref was probably a cheater who didn't get caught.
  7. I’m assuming the recruits coming in next year really are as good as people say and that boost will put us over the top. Other than that it’ll be the same big burning sack of crap on the porch that we’re used to seeing.
  8. The BIG scores have been closer than I thought they'd be. We're not that far off.
  9. Hayseed


    That was just because he popped a gasket.
  10. I'm gonna guess Johnny Rodgers because I don't have any idea.
  11. Hayseed


    It could be, but I think it's more having the ability to get receivers open. I got the feeling that the play call didn't matter that much because the blocking was poor and nobody was open most of the time. I think most teams would be okay with us running the QB keeper as much as we want.
  12. We should keep this thread going to remind us how we let a 4 star QB who wanted to be a Husker his entire life go to our conference rival and catch splinters for two years before transferring out of conference to win the Heisman and lead his team to the National Championship. It's our own Michael Jordan high school basketball story.
  13. This thread has not aged well at all.
  14. No, that’s known as “quit or you’re fired.”
  15. Hayseed


    Yeah, they’re not shingling roofs or screeding off concrete, they're sitting around talking on the phone, watching TV and eating little smokies. They should give people who do real labor a break with their work stories.
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