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  1. Meah looks athletic....I thought he'd look like a Frankenstein. I read he's not the best shooter in the world, but we can sure use the help rebounding and intimidating somebody coming up the lane.
  2. Good thing we have a timeout every 30 seconds… we need to regroup. They have us completely out of sync. Maybe find somebody who can shoot.
  3. I'm wearing my plaid red and black Husker flannel.
  4. It's 44 degrees and the wind is howling from the north at about 120 mph....good luck with the winter league ball.
  5. I’m a little disappointed…I thought they said Tony Danza.
  6. What's this obsession with Trev Alberts? Who cares what he does. I bet Dennis LeBlanc would be just as good or a better AD and none of it has anything to do with the teams. The committee did us a favor placing us in that spot...go look at the potentially lousy positions we could've been in.
  7. I think the seeding, matchup, and location are fine. It's funny because of the Alberts connection.We just have to be ready to play the whole game.
  8. How much does a bracketologist make? What school do you go to to get that degree?
  9. I guess if we have to suck it's good that it was against Illinois and the refs in a game where we weren't allowed to play defense.
  10. I think Dennis Leblanc would make a fine AD.
  11. He's been in charge of UNO and UNL for a while now so it's not like he just showed up...I think he just wants a change from whatever is going on down there, the regents or whoever, or he'd just rather live in Texas. I thought it was strange that Rob Childress came back from A&M to take a lesser job...now Trev is going there. I now wonder if there were any convos at that time about Trev going there. I also wonder if the Nebraska regents and staff are toxic....people don't stay here long anymore. Bill Moos didn't seem too enamored with the job either. Maybe it's time to clean house?
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