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  1. That and he doesn't understand that there was an exhaustive search for the best qualified coach. I'm sure many of them said no thanks. Maybe things would've turned out different if Mickey hadn't been hamstrung by Whipple and Thompson's inability to just get a first down when it was needed. I think some fans don't understand that this is all about building a solid Wisconsin/ Penn State type foundation that will be consistent every game on both sides of the ball and not about just firing up the boys. Trev should've made Whipple the interim because now we see the can of worms he opened and wonder if Mickey's presence on the staff would cause dissension. I don't think it will, but you wonder when you hear so many fans complaining.
  2. Okay, if his kids are going to Lincoln Christian then this is the house for them. Only thing, I get to use the pool...finders fee. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/9345-Ravenwood-Ln-Lincoln-NE-68526/72385724_zpid/
  3. Do you guys think Rhule will put his family and friends on staff like some of our former coaches, or will this be only legitimate coaches? Does anyone know if he has a goofy brother or uncle who will be hitting on the donor's daughters? Just want to get ahead of any potential problems.
  4. If we can't control the team from this message board then what are we gonna do?
  5. That's great news if it's true. Maybe our best guard will be blocking instead of rolling doobies.
  6. I found a house for them. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/10260-Waverly-Rd-Lincoln-NE-68517/333173270_zpid/?
  7. If the Rhules need a realtor, I know a good one.
  8. Cortney Grixby? Why are we asking pop singers about it?
  9. He could hire Shanle to coach our linebackers to play the way they did in that 2001 Colorado game. People say that game was a turning point for the program.
  10. Backing him for what? Is there gonna be a rumble?
  11. It's more than the thousand a game we paid Pelini.
  12. I think Trev and the admin did a good job of keeping focus and not going after some flashy new coach. I bet they got shot down a lot but still didn't just settle for a one-dimensional offensive coach. Everybody's talking about offense offense offense while their defense looks like the 2007 Kansas game.
  13. Just calling a few right plays would've saved many of the close games.
  14. He should hire Bill Busch. He may not know that so I'm putting it here for him.
  15. That was some sorry coaching in the second half of the Iowa game. Almost gave it away.
  16. I think Kiffin is squirrelly and overrated. He seems like another middle school favorite drummed up by some social media guru. Urban is Urban, he made his problems.
  17. What's odd is that you seem to be campaigning to the air for something that ain't happening. Rhule will be hired, then he'll go do the best he can. Maybe you can send over some analysis to help him improve.
  18. They shouldn't have had this chance. Worst coaching ever.
  19. I don't. I'd keep Busch. MJ if he wants to go back to receivers coach.
  20. We have some players. I won't miss some of these coaches. Whipple is just something else. Did we forget how to play offense or is it by design? Wouldn't we want to get a first down here?
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