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  1. I think we have a shot here if we hit some threes and play defense. You never know how your team is gonna shoot in an away gym, but could they do worse than they have at the Pinochle? I just hope that Tominaga is aware he can play with anybody and does his thing without forcing it or being nervous. It would really help to free McGowens.
  2. I think no players are leaving until they announce that they are. What good does speculating on this do?
  3. Sounded like the difference in this game was Tominaga finally hitting the threes. He played a great game. We'll be able to see how tough we are inside against NC State. I get the feeling that things are getting better there.
  4. We have a good team. Many of us claim it's a coaching problem. If I'm a recruit I know the next coach might be able to take this team and run with it, so I'm not worried about whether Frost & staff are here. I actually have more confidence in Alberts and the backup staff....he could make Ron Brown the head coach as far as I'm concerned.
  5. (Sarcasm) The option style we've been running has worked great! Sadly, when they move their linebackers wide to try to stop it there's no way to anticipate and counter that strategy except to start flinging around deep or sideways passes. (Not sarcasm) If you look at the roster over on Huskermax you'll see that this team is incredibly young with a buttload of freshman and sophomores already getting significant playing time. Sure, we'll miss a few SuperSeniors, but I have every reason to believe the guys coming up behind them will be as good or maybe better. (Not sarcasm) A few of our special needs team problems are easily fixable; don't shoot yourself in the foot by faircatching the ball at the 5, set up your punt blocking like Iowa does it with a gang of badasses in front of the punter, find an old fashioned returner who can both catch AND run, ...I'm sure you guys have a bunch of other ideas about lanes and things.
  6. At that point doesn't a rational coach let it bounce and see if it goes into the end zone?
  7. Over 7 minutes left , up 5.......let's give up on what got us here. We need to open up the play calling position.
  8. What's the story on this 7 footer? I don't see him in any of the stats. Seems like we could use a 7 footer as our rebounding flat sucks.
  9. I think we ask our guards to help the bigs because they can't handle it themselves and that leaves the outside wide open. Just a guess. I couldn't watch it but I heard the radio guys say we were late getting out about 20 times.
  10. Tenn St had that guy come off the bench and bomb us with about five 3's in the first half. They apparently haven't done that against anyone else.
  11. I think the coaches just see him as a similar type wing player as Trey and are hoping he'll pick it up. If he or someone else would show something special at that spot then things would change. And maybe they see him as the best defensive option there against BIG teams. It sounds like some of us think Verge should be at that spot. I think, whoever it is, there needs to be a consistent scorer there to keep the better teams from climbing all over Bryce....the bigs need to hold their own inside....and we need to get out and stop giving them all day to shoot 3-pointers.
  12. And all we heard about preseason was how he was recruiting the best 3-point shooters to run his system. What it meant to me was "Live by the 3 pointer, surely die by the 3 pointer." Better start planning ways to dominate the paint.
  13. I think Sharpie is right…. Tenn State is a much better team than they was repored to be. We better just start being ready for everybody because with the crazy transfer portal you never know what quadrant of the universe they’re coming from.
  14. But if we lose by 7 or less our record will stand forever!
  15. Ron Brown has coached some great RBs…. Let him call the plays when Frost runs out of ideas in the red zone.
  16. Of course it was crap time against Northwestern after they’d given up, but he looked as smooth as Joe Ganz out there.
  17. Message boards crack me up. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading something written by Ignatius J. Reilly.
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