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  1. Tournament projections aren't looking great for us. If we get in one, I'd like to see next year's guys do most of the playing. Still can't believe Hoiberg took out his son, The Closer, at the end of the Minn game. Also can't believe that basketball has become such a violent sport that your big guys are knocked out for the entire season. Oh well, it was a pretty good season compared to what we thought we might see. And the Big Ten has to be the toughest conference top to bottom.
  2. This game was like watching Dumb and Dumber. Worst game of the year.
  3. Wow… that was really special. Glad we’re only down 4. Certain guys need to touch the ball… others need to get a rebound.
  4. How do you play that good and then play this bad? We should’ve been up 20-0
  5. Wow! That's a big win! A huge boost going into the NIT. I bet they're kicking themselves over the lackluster start to the season. I don't think anyone has us on the bubble but you'd think this team would be one the top teams wouldn't want to draw to start the Dance.
  6. That should put us into the NIT....We have some solid wins and these guys deserve to be in a tournament. Had they started the season better they'd be dancing. Also, they say the Pinochle was a sellout today.
  7. Will you bozos just give the ball to Hoiberg?
  8. I'm just listening on the radio but it sounds like a sloppy game between two bad teams who can't get out of their own way.
  9. Yeah, it was some lousy one-sided refereeing. Nothing new from the Big Ten. Sam Hoiberg is player of the game with that steal and free throw shooting.
  10. The game was going our way, then big oafs entered the game hacking like Frankensteins and throwing up 30’ clunkers.
  11. Things have shaped up considerably compared to the schoolyard ball we were playing in previous years. The BIG is an exceptionally tough conference and I think Hoiberg and the assistants have done a good job of getting them to play like a team in all phases.
  12. I rate Rhule pretty high so far, but I’m not interested in any more off-season championships.
  13. He got a redshirt, three covid years, and two injury years. 30 doesn't seem old at all when you're 60.
  14. Hey, the way he was treated really hurt me too. I think I deserve an apology from some of you guys. A couple beers would make it right, .....as long as they're craft beers.
  15. I didn't know that. If it was pot then it seems like a complete joke to me. I was wondering why our star receiver was suddenly deemed no good. What a waste.
  16. Zavier Betts might be a head case. Good luck to him.
  17. I thought Gary was a senior, but I guess we only lose Griesel, Walker, and Bandoumel.
  18. This is a pretty balanced video showing the good plays on both sides.
  19. Enjoy it this year because most of these guys will be done after the season and we'll start all over again next year. I'm really impressed with how the coaches have brought this team together. Hopefully we'll get a reboot.
  20. I KNOW....It's SouthLincoln Husker! Did I get it?
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