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  1. If we win out, are we a 6 or 7 seed? Someone explain why Creighton with the same record is a 3 or 4 seed? Are they a legacy like Pinto and Flounder of the Delta house and get an easy start?
  2. Way to go, Huskers!!! Let’s get a couple more and get a good seed at the Dance.
  3. So ESPN has us as a 10 seed in the Midwest against Utah State, but that’s before we beat Cindiana on their own floor.
  4. I’m glad our coach had a plan to overcome all the foul calls we were getting for violating their safe space.
  5. Hey, wow, we won by 15! Sure glad we came back from the meltdown.
  6. WAY TO GO, BATTLING THUNDERBOLTS!!!! Baylor is always a good win.
  7. I hope we switch out to the potentially hot shooter instead of just letting somebody throw up clunkers the whole game. This is my constructive negative post of the week. We really need to try to win 4 of the remaining games. Let's give it the old college try!
  8. We got called for more fouls than them this time. Wish we could play like this on the road. You don’t have to shoot all threes… sometimes you can distribute the ball, make the extra pass, and get easy points that way.
  9. No, you're right about that, but there's an obvious home court bias in the Big, including at the Pinochle. Slapped hands at crucial times are only called one way.
  10. I think we should give it up for the hometown Big Ten refs....including our own. Everybody put your hands together for the homers! They're getting the job done! LET'S GO....REF!....POWER!.....REF!....POWER!!!
  11. This kind of game against a ranked team is as good as a win...as long as we finish strong against the rest of the lower teams.
  12. This may be the refs biggest game.
  13. Don't you make the first ft, then try to rebound the 2nd?
  14. Sounds like the refs are running this game.
  15. I think if we go .500 the rest of the way we'll be in like Flint, but I'm not counting no chickens the way we beat #1 in the country then lose to #43 in the Big Ten. I've been critical of Coach Hoiberg but I think they've made some major improvements on defense and just the change alone of pulling Reink out to shoot the 3 and opening up the lane to Juwan and others makes for a much tougher offense to defend. I still say the team is psycho though...how do you only score 51 on the road?
  16. Maybe they were getting a bad signal in their earpiece and didn't know what to call?
  17. This is crazy because sometimes we beat the #1 or #2 teams in the country, then we lose to the #37 team in the Big Ten???
  18. This team is psycho. There's no way to know what they'll do from game to game.
  19. We are consistently inconsistent.
  20. Good job by Eli Rice coming in and getting us some boards. Mast just had his way with them.
  21. That Rutgers loss really hurts....a win there puts us in solid 4th place in the BIG, which is a pretty good place to be. Gary is too good to lose. Oh, how I pine for someone who could step up and consistently get rebounds when Gary is not on the floor.
  22. I don't remember having all these injuries 30 years ago....especially season ending ones. It's like the freaking football team.
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