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  1. Who puts him on the field? Who has failed in year 4 to have another guy ready? That's all on the coach. Adrian has been much better than the last 2 seasons but to not take a portal guy and keep recruiting projects isn't the best fix that's needed. Yant was pulled after 1 bad play
  2. I'm thinking this is more of a boxer brief crowd anyway. You being the exception
  3. Timmy Tebow gonna be OK ?
  4. Huskers will skull drag these fools all game long. 42 17 Huskers book it
  5. All 3 qbs look good! Maybe Verdu doesn't suck
  6. Blackshirts gonna shut these clowns down quick
  7. Everyone knows Nebraska can't play on grass!!!!
  8. I haven't been up there all year but would like a open water perch mission soon!!
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