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  1. Everyone make it through the storms ok?? It looked like the end of the world for a while here on the northeast coast! 

    1. admo


      I did!  Thank you!

  2. So anyone wanna talk about the wind?

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    2. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Damn JJ that would have sucked!   It definitely makes you wanna quit or do a major upgrade.  We got a new walleye rig last year. Deep sides were a must for the south dakota reservoirs we fish. And full windshield and Bimini top. It's nice but ain't nothing like the Warriors and Rangers that are all over up there but I wasn't spending 100k on a boat.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @man eating mastodon

      Wind came up in a hurry. When I got over to boat ramp there were over a dozen boats waiting to load. I dropped my wife and son on the windward beach. Kept taking big waves as I was beached. Thought the sump pump was running but when my dad (who I inherited the boat from) re-wired things he mislabeled the live well pump with the sump so I wasn’t getting rid of any water. Went back to get in line for the ramp, it filled up and rolled over. I was maybe 40 yards from shore, didn’t think to actually put on my life jacket. Luckily another boat threw me one. It was a full s#!tshow :lol:  Luckily insurance covered most of my lost gear and then I sold the boat. We’re obviously not boat people.

    4. commando


      you are qualified to be a captain in the russian navy

  3. We rolling out vanta black uniforms!?
  4. Unfortunately under Frosts leadership failure should be expected.
  5. Would anyone even care if frost is finally fired??
  6. Will Smith doing work!!

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    2. SECHusker


      Feel for the man





    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      Chris did nothing wrong.   All the victim blaming is cringe.

    4. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Smith should have been arrested on the spot.  These guys get to play on different levels.  Chris has always been annoying as hell but if you're gonna sit right in front of a comedian expect to get messed with. 

  7. If you were watching most Nebraska men's sports that app was doing you a favor!!!
  8. You don't really think Scotty made all these changes on his own do you??
  9. I doubt Scott gets 2 years if this season is anything close to what he has shown so far.
  10. Probably wants to play in bowl games and close enough for the family to watch him play.
  11. Nebraska hasn't been ok in a decade!!
  12. This right here!! I'm not against using an older song but at least get something not as cringe as that crap.
  13. Then why was he hired?? The Nephew?
  14. 8 and 2. Stop by 5 just for Freddie Mercury. Sadly no place for the early metal hard rock bands!
  15. There's definitely some positive things going on!
  16. As long as frost doesn't call plays or does any coaching Nebraska may make a bowl next year!
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