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  1. WHO DEY!!! Tough schedule ahead but coach Taylor has his team looking good!! 

  2. I'm not overly impressed with Satt, seems like another Shawn Watson type.
  3. Being a Husker fan definitely takes a toll on a guy. Emotional rollercoaster type s#!t and I think I'm going to try and take a few days off and avoid all this .
  4. Must have a decent line, Mora is a good coach so I'm not surprised teams are poaching his staff
  5. South Carolina fans saying that he didn't call plays the last 2 games. Message board rumors
  6. Cam Taylor -Britt is playing big boy football right now! GBR !WHO DEY!!

    1. admo


      Awesome!!!  But I've only watched one quarter of the Cincinnati Bengals in 25 years......... and that was the 1st quarter in the Super Bowl against Rams.


      But I will catch highlights if someone else is playing them :)

    2. TonyStalloni


      No doubt due to the Lasik surgery he had in Lincoln!

  7. That's going to be ugly! The battling blue Jimbo's look really good today.
  8. They love Stanley in Cincinnati, true team first guy with a killer work ethic
  9. Do you have any proof to any of this or just throwing up a WAG?
  10. You get opportunity when you win, that's what he did. Got another one for losing in the NFL so I'm not sure what I'm trying to say.
  11. These players,coaches and fans needed this! GBR!!!!
  12. Stay positive guys !! Iowa ain't winning this one!!
  13. Very respected by Texas high school coaches, that helps
  14. How many times have they been ahead 17 at the half and won?? Let's stay positive
  15. Stop making sense! These guys wanna b!^@h!!
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