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  1. hate when they put all those stats up for tOSU vs Nebraska...all that stuff happened last decade...
  2. or schedule for an easy preseason win, soon Nebraska will be getting 1M to go to USC in September
  3. or schedule for an easy preseason win, soon Nebraska will be getting 1M to go to USC in September
  4. just be competitive and competent. we need to be competitive in the Big 10. Period. its not happening. I don't think any of us are thinking about the 90s program/experience. we need to be decent year in year out. , we might get to and Win the B1G championship once in a while...if the ebb and flow of winning/losing it once in a while gets us to a NC every 20 years, great. We can at least be as good as Wisconsin....if you think we cannot. its over. the 20th most valuable program in the NCAA will be done. we have the money, facilities, fan base by a mile.
  5. well it was only off the mark by 2 feet ...hit him between the shoulder blades...wicked accuracy at 7 yards.....
  6. that came across wrong, and I think Nebraska can recruit with the best of them(always the indian, not the arrow) but you have to have coaches the kids will come here to play for. Nebraska is not viewed as a place to go get better, compete for Conference and national championships and get to the NFL.
  7. I have often wondered how many people there are out there like me. I never missed listening , watching or attending a game from early 70's( I was born in 1966 in Lincoln) until about 5 years ago. I used to go to bowls, travel to games, buy junk, etc. then it became more sporadic in the last 5 years. Now? I didn't even know when the game started today and when I came in at half and saw the score, it barely registered. I left in the 4th to mow when we were down by 3 cause I literally didn't care, I had other stuff that needed to be done. When I came in I saw the final, I just didn't care. This has to be bad for business and spell some kind of end for the program as we have known it at least in my lifetime. that football program supports everything up there. I used to be a core customer, entertaining clients in Lincoln, buying stuff etc. there has to be a gazillion guys and gals like me with marketing budgets or just more discretionary money as we get older who have lost interest. that has to be 10s of millions of dollars to the economy and university..I know the full payout kicks in this year and its big, but it could be way bigger. Replacing this coaching staff and AD has to pale in comparison to the lost revenue this university is facing? We paid over $2M for 2 mid major teams to come to Lincoln and as far as I'm concerned, 2 losses. We are playing at a mid level mid Major level now. this is V 4.0 of the "rebuild" and it s a failure. And don't tell me its hard to recruit to Lincoln ..it hasn't impacted OU, K state and clearly not places like Penn state and Michigan. And before you come after me as a fair weather fan, at least for me, at some point you start asking yourself if there are other things you should be doing....there is just so much time and money...and in some ways I'm not convinced the university is working as hard for the fan as the fan is working to be at the game.
  8. quit. nothing, a .500 coach this late in his career isn't going to become a world beater no matter what
  9. some bank will come along and buy up whats left....waste of money
  10. without corporate money it would have ended a long time ago
  11. and 2007 was bad! ya know how you remember where you were when yada yada.... I was coming back from bow hunting listening to the KU game who had hung 83 on us in Lawrence.. they tore down the goal post like everyone else did that year. this is a new low as I never could have dreamed that 10 years later we wouldn't have solved this puzzle yet...meanwhile Penn state is ranked #6 with a complete top to bottom rebuild from a far worse fate than losing a great coach just a few years back...not to mention what TOSU, Michigan, MSU, Wisky have done in that time frame... but heh its just me, I'm sure there are far more logical conclusions to be had after this game, I'm just tired of the broken record...here;s to 9-4 err 6-6 or whatever...
  12. cutting to the chase.....its a broken record. we can analyze, hope, dream, talk, project whatever that a .500 lifetime coach is going to finish his last 2 years with giant recruiting classes and conference championships(notice i gave up on National championships). we know how this will end, we just don't want to admit it. I quit fighting it years ago. the next chance to fix this is in 2 years if it isn't forced before then.
  13. as I usually say, nothing is learned, but this is a new low in the post TO era for me...based upon tonights performance, we don't resemble a power 5 program let alone Nebraska anymore.
  14. #6 looks like a middle school kid and I think he just rattled off 7 yards per carry
  15. ASU smells blood, I guarantee you they think they can win this game...we paid them 1$.65M to come in here and hand us this....
  16. and its going to end at 355, ill bet riley wasn't expecting this type of game....
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