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  1. not a dig, tough bounce. anyone who has played or had a kid play at this level knows you hold your breath for 4 years
  2. nothing like representing your team for the coin flip in OT of the Big 12 championship. Brutal. Howard is a stud.
  3. As of 11:00 AM this morning, Nebraska is a dangerous opponent for OU.
  4. remeber the 10second runoff? this was even worse than it looks
  5. I thought the bottom was in 2010. It's now if we dont pull out a miracle
  6. until he fumnbles, 10 seconds before he wasn't thinking about coming in. Im running a vanilla play to get my QB1 back in
  7. this call is dumb. Im not calling a draw play for my back uo QB on his first play
  8. so 4th and 1 and GS runs right up the middle, way to get stingy shirts
  9. Sorry guys, Im color blind...are we playing alabama?
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