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  1. I never compared us to Texas, I mentioned many others, if anything I was comparing to MI, OU, OSU, Clemson, etc. B1G, SEC. obviously the SEC wants Texas and their big name, fans, TV eyeballs, $190M or whatever revenue they generated etc. It cant be argued they are valuable.
  2. UT is the most valuable sports brand in NCAA. they might have 5X the alums... Im following the money, its not about wins. UT wll be lucky to see 6 wins in the SEC while in the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country.... Its like a farmer in SE nebraska on the aquifer who cant get 80 bushel corn....staggering
  3. Too bad football can't go the way Hockey, Baseball, basketball has...direct from High school. I miss the old Big 8 days when it an easy few hours drive to away games, border rivalrys, fan bases within close proximity of each other. I have lost so much interest in college football anymore. its been ruined for me and many fans. who the hell cares about Nebraska v. Rutgers, maryland, Purdue, NW, Indiana etc etc.
  4. ofcourse not, last thing Id want, but they simply arent performing and havent in atleast 10 years arguably back to 05 or so...
  5. jus spit ballin...2021 is a half step to the grand plan by no later than 2030.....Aggregate the most profitable/best college programs in the country and leave the NCAA. Make this move for OU and TX now, next act.... raid the B1G (MI, OSU, etc.), PAC (USC? ), ACC (Clemson)get ND, then kick out the Mizzous, ole miss's, Arkansas and leave the NCAA. create a pre NFL league, then the remaining schools go back to regional conferences of less imprtanence but look like to College football of old..Regional conferences...Like the old Big 8. fans are happy again. no super conferences.....
  6. got home in time for the first fumble , no offensive grrove whetever the hell that was. and then that...which is why I just dont prioritze watching this garbage anymore
  7. Its all been said here...Its a very weird year. When was the last time M, PSU, MSU were struggling like this and OSU almost loses to IU. Its weird everyhere. that being said....Frost has to get a couple more years, no matter how bad. After the last 4 hires we are in a worst case scenario with firing him now. He probably needs to get out of play calling and just managing the game for now...
  8. You gotta let this go for atleast to 5 years...he needs to get 2 more years of his recruits and hopefully keep em. Get Frost out of play calling and make sure you have the best O ad D Coord. money can buy. if it comes to replacing him, then you almost gotta replace him while he is here...dont get behind an 8 ball of firing him and having to "get somebody" here in 60 days. It has to be planned out better and on the down low. We need the right guy, not a guy who will "do great with our facilites and tradition" Not sure power I is going to help recruiting and with todays defenses, yo
  9. I remember when Iowa was kind of a yawner....Now even Iowa fans dont care about us...oh how far we have come. Who could have ever imagined when Osborne announced his retirement in the locker room after winning the natty what lie ahead....
  10. Black Shirts was so cool back when we had some of the baddest a$$ Defensive players/defenses in the country. Hell do those old OG Blackshirts even come around anymore?
  11. that lasted like 8 years maybe? We re on like year 18 and a Stoops doesnt seem to be on the horizon
  12. I know Turner absolutely did choose Nebraska. Good Dude
  13. no change, If Frost cant get it done.....not feeling good about it
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