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  1. A decent coach with top 20 recruiting classes would probably not be having losing seasons and sure as hell wouldnt be losing those players every year. how could they? having good players solves a lot.
  2. Heck what cant we do with top 20 recruiting classes? We do get the talent....we dont keep it because of whats going on internally...we fix that we aren't an Iowa or Iowa state or WI, we are beating Iowa, Iowa State and Wisconsin.
  3. This forum and this program became a broken record 15 years ago...and the music on that record is really bad... Gave up 10 years ago.
  4. saying "Is the intention" is like saying "with all do respect" or "dont take this wrong" ..... but .....
  5. You are correct, I retract my comment..To me the biggie was us to the B1G and all that went with it. I still think this whole thing has been heading in an ultimately terrible direction for fans.
  6. aTm was squeeling like a pig the day it was announced...then they rolled over silent. very , very odd...only reason I could see they went quiet....money....
  7. 3500 posts and thats what you got? Im not 120. I'll indulge you...no the last big one since the SWC folded. ya know that one back about 10 years ago ....just to be a bit more precise. even the Big 8 to 12 was not a seismic shift towards the ESPN era....that came after which we all suffer now...this sucks
  8. I really started to lose interest in college football after of the first reorganization....for me its now compounding. To me, what makes school sports whether is HS, College...rivalry, border wars, 100 years of bad blood, regional cultural nuances...not this crap we see unfolding. In the mid west its competition among rural communities...kids from similar backgrounds, fans coming into Lincoln on a sunny Saruday morning in OCtober and the highway patrol on the radio reminding everyone coming in for the game to "watch for Orange triangles, its harvest time"..........not Nebraska playing a some engineering school in downtown Chigago ...Just my opinion
  9. I never compared us to Texas, I mentioned many others, if anything I was comparing to MI, OU, OSU, Clemson, etc. B1G, SEC. obviously the SEC wants Texas and their big name, fans, TV eyeballs, $190M or whatever revenue they generated etc. It cant be argued they are valuable.
  10. UT is the most valuable sports brand in NCAA. they might have 5X the alums... Im following the money, its not about wins. UT wll be lucky to see 6 wins in the SEC while in the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country.... Its like a farmer in SE nebraska on the aquifer who cant get 80 bushel corn....staggering
  11. Too bad football can't go the way Hockey, Baseball, basketball has...direct from High school. I miss the old Big 8 days when it an easy few hours drive to away games, border rivalrys, fan bases within close proximity of each other. I have lost so much interest in college football anymore. its been ruined for me and many fans. who the hell cares about Nebraska v. Rutgers, maryland, Purdue, NW, Indiana etc etc.
  12. ofcourse not, last thing Id want, but they simply arent performing and havent in atleast 10 years arguably back to 05 or so...
  13. jus spit ballin...2021 is a half step to the grand plan by no later than 2030.....Aggregate the most profitable/best college programs in the country and leave the NCAA. Make this move for OU and TX now, next act.... raid the B1G (MI, OSU, etc.), PAC (USC? ), ACC (Clemson)get ND, then kick out the Mizzous, ole miss's, Arkansas and leave the NCAA. create a pre NFL league, then the remaining schools go back to regional conferences of less imprtanence but look like to College football of old..Regional conferences...Like the old Big 8. fans are happy again. no super conferences.......maybe 24 teams...the last 10 years have shown there is no reason for 4 super conferences...Huskers have work to do to be on that short list... just a thought
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