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  1. and back in the day If you wanted to be on TV(most did), there were only probably 25 programs in the country that were on consistently. ND, UCLA, USC, MI, OSU, Penn state etc..we all remember them. I remember seeing a stat or study that back in the 60s 70s, 80s the average blue chipper went like 756 miles to play football...now it's like 129 miles...many are in the south. If you live in FL, GA, AZ, TX, CA where a high % come from, there are A LOT of options that kids are happy with. Would Tommy Frazier come here today fom Bradenton High School? not so sure....
  2. hahahahaha epic. I can confirm in 1985 it was on. anyway, I was at the Gator Bowl when Nebraska made a huge comeback on Clemson and won.. W were down 21-10 in 3rd and ended up winning 26-21 Lotta things change. Dabo had just taken over from asst. to head coach a few weeks earlier if I remember correctly. If recruiting continues to go well, it will be good in a few years. Relevant? Id be very happy with 100 weeks in the top 20....and winning what we should and getting an upset every now and then...just some kind of consistent, quality performance...
  3. used to not miss a game between TV, Radio or sirius. I hunt and fish a lot and had it on one way or another. Now? meh . Was at my kids VB game a few months ago, 4 huskers fans standing there(All of us in our 50's), 1 wrestled at Nebraska, we had friends/family who played, etc...not one of us knew for sure who or where they were playing...over the last 15 years the flame got snuffed out, I guess. I think leaving the big 12 has had a little bit to do with it too. We don't have a ton a of big 10 alums/fans in KC relative to Big 12 . Its Big 12 everywhere here.
  4. I know one thing...I was very very very jealous of the line play I saw in those games yesterday...LSU had that 350 lb NG with an o lineman in each hand ... O how i really miss the days when it was Nebraska that had those lines everyone envied.... Ill watch for entertainment and pull for ANYONE playing an SEC team....including tOSU
  5. I saw it and my first thought was we look nothing like that(size, speed, attitude, etc.) all these years later
  6. no way, we have to end a lot of cycles and the coaching carrousel is one of the biggest. we need a few more years of recruiting to begin to see where this goes...I was pleasantly surprised to see how close the game was yesterday...patience
  7. i think someone said Iowa was beatable as they may be looking past us....just wow.
  8. haha Couldn't watch the game had KS state HS vb tourn yesterday, but I did catch the shutout on the goal line. was that 1st and goal and we threw 3 incomplete passes and had to settle for a field goal? To me, the first litmus test for my offense is easy. Can you line up in the red zone and pound the ball in. I despise passing in the red zone. I'm sure there are some stats that say I'm stupid , but to me that's where you line up and men prove themselves decisively. You set the tone with little left to the imagination. To me, Purdue wouldn't be the team we shouldn't be able to do that. IF you CANT line up in Rhino or whatever your team calls it and own the moment, go get a new hobby.
  9. ill bet this will take years to work out, simply noise to slow things down in California. getting paid could mean a nickle a jersey. these people are not giving up their billions easilly
  10. I went to Iowa State, exact same thing...call in with perfect schedule and next thing you know you are considering changing your major or youll be on campus 12 hours a day....funny memories
  11. that's when you pivot to Summer school Juco . 10-12, late enough to not be hung over, early enough to take a nap, hit the the gym before rinse repeat, everyone gets an A "cause its summer!"
  12. that's so funny.... then you find out the only class options left open are at 8 am mwf or 4pm mwf on the other side of campus and all your other classes are snuggled in from 11-2 mwf. haven't thought about that in 30 years. awesome
  13. athletes classes are scheduled first and put together in such a way as to be efficient as possible around practice schedule. they typically have an academic counselor and a counselor who schedules, communicates with teachers all year long for practices, during game week, studying on the road with tutors etc. etc. these kids have little to do with their class schedules...
  14. instant gratification?? this "massive rebuild" has been going on for 18 years through 5 coaching regimes...hardly "instant gratification" sounds more like insanity...keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome...
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