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  1. im all for the pyrotechnics. need to have some concussion-style fireworks for day games, and go 4th of july style at night.
  2. Right now, if i were Chizik, id be regretting leaving Austin right about.. 10 minutes after he got off of the plane in Ames.
  3. bummer thought this was the hunt for RED october appreciation thread. but in regards to the article, the 30 missouri fans must've sent him some nasty emails.
  4. ive gone solo to a husker game. not that big of a deal. gives you a chance to meet new people.
  5. spot on spot on. The Lord Savior himself, Tom Osborne, took about 20 years to win a NC. Thats pretty slow and steady. This year is going to be a great one.
  6. I agree. Their coach created that offense to have a way to run the ball straight up the middle out of a "shotgun" type formation. I think we'll see 4-3 most of the game, if not the whole game. And I think the coaches will want to save some things for Wake Forest and USC. But then again, some things might happen during the game and we could see a lot of different things. Does the DL constantly crash down and keep the RB and QB froming running up the middle, like last year, or does Cosgrove "release the hounds" and we see an outside pass rush???? Cry HAVOC, and let slip the dogs of war.
  7. He could be a sham and still be better than that so called QB you guys have. WTF? Bret Meyer is a proven dominate QB. I'll be back in December when he is named all big 12! ROFL! you'll be back in to 2nd grade spelling and grammar in December. and who has he dominated? is that why you guys had such a stellar record last year?
  8. im pretty excited to see some nickel this year.
  9. damnit! he was such a good player for us and had a great start to his NFL career. I truly hope he makes it back to full speed.
  10. he wouldn't even start for most other top 20 teams, but we still need him. you dont know that and there is no way to prove otherwise because he starts for Nebraska. But you are right he is all we have.
  11. yes i am. technique, experience, and knowledge of the game can overcome height disadvantages. a 40 inch vertical helps too. and it isnt ALL because the safety play will be better this year, we have more than 2 corners that we can put on the field this season. Let Grix and Murillo get a breath every once in a while, which did not happen last year. When you are running against every team's entire receiving corps all day long, your performance will decrease. After all the running Jones and Grix did last year, i wouldnt be surprised to see them in a marathon after football. Their endurance must be phenomenal. Now that we have depth at Corner, and more experience, we will be able to blitz a bit more and put pressure on the QB. the only drawback is if our blitzers and d-line doesnt get penetration, our corners will be on an island all alone, such as it was all year last year.
  12. I'm doubting he's doing better than grixby right now grixby is one of our top two cb's. He's a senior and prince is a true freshman,give grixby a little more credit please. Yeah I have to agree, I dont like Grixby either, but he is better than a true freshmen who didnt even play corner in high school! ................Bowman and Murillo by game 3........expected Gilleyen and Amukamara to at least be on the list for kr and pr.....hope Glenn RS's **yawn** this guy just DOES NOT get it. oh well. i'll let Grix prove it on the field.
  13. why in the hell are you even asking this? you know better..
  14. Callahan doesnt strike me as a coach who likes to run up the score. NU 28 Nevada 10 Nu- 220 yards Rushing. 240 yards Passing Callahan will keep to his 50-50 pass to run ratio for a couple reasons; 1. to keep the clock running to keep his defense off of the field. 2. to give the young RB's a taste of the action while keeping Glenn and Lucky as fresh and healthy as possible.
  15. Maine--2005? Maine is D1-AA, putz No kidding? It would have been nice to beat them by more than 15 pts, a-hole. That's my point, smart guy.
  16. i hope he goes out with a good bang. He has done a lot for this program.
  17. Who's drinking Coke? Oh yeah, I had one yesterday. I heard they sell it all over the country. i put a lot of rum in the coke i was drinkin last night. speaking of nuts,
  18. yeap, that was Steve, back when he was a recruiting coordinator IIRC.
  19. And KSU that night against Auburn. Hope that's the prelude to NU victories over WF and USC and the B12 North no longer being a national laughing stock. i think the Big XII North will still be perceived as a joke. Im just hoping we stand out as the only real team in the bunch. we need the rest of the north to step it up and become "have's" instead of "have-not's" It will take some time for teams like ISU and CU to get the money to catch up in the arms race.
  20. take pictures of Sean Salisbury's crotch and send them to all the employees at ESPiN. and then
  21. im glad Rudy and his dad are the way they are. Otherwise our QB position would be a huge ?. It still is a ?, because you never know how its going to turn out until the game is played. I have faith in Sam and i think we are going to have a great season. WAY better than ASU's.
  22. William Yancy, and any of the other D-Line Players, I say this because they need to gain weight and strength to play at a D-1 Level. Look at their photos if you have a chance. To me, they are obviously undersized. End of Line.
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