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  1. Every college puts on parties for it's students, and every college celebrates diversity. Drag queen lap dances isn't really what I'd want my tuition spent on, but neither is having Milo Y or some other extreme right wing figure talking at my school.
  2. The art of projection.
  3. *Edit* I thought you quoted teach's post. Oops
  4. Why is that picture even more terrifying than usual?
  5. You know what's kind of messed up? That $200 has been the same amount since 1934. So, arguably it's much easier to own those gun now than it was then. If it kept up with inflation that tax would be almost $4,500 per gun.
  6. Well, I for one think we should add Mexico and Canada to the US once we get the current territories with civilian populations included. We can make one of the Canadian Territories a State and have 100 stars! How could is that?
  7. The Mexican President is usually in on it too...
  8. You know you were watching the scrambled version of the Spice channel too.
  9. How does they even know this shows exist? I've never heard of them before...
  10. They are most definitely not as conservative as the US. They drink more, f#&% more, and party way harder than we do. They also cuss a lot better than we do.
  11. Stop avoiding please.
  12. I'm shocked that the do nothing party has done nothing. Absolutely shocked.
  13. Pretty sure as a soldier he would have been held to a higher standard as far as ROE in a combat zone.
  14. Didn't a pretty similar thing happen in Florida a couple years ago? I think a dad shot his own daughter in the previous one.
  15. Is the guy who goes running into the crowd the one who does the shooting. I never heard about this, and the video is confusing.
  16. The only way to stop swatting calls is a good guys making a swatting call.
  17. I believe that would be the old dutch rudder.
  18. Lots of buyouts and reductions through attrition in automotive. It's sucks a$$ right now, everyone is about to be too lean.
  19. He wasn't handcuffed. We're his hands too small to catch it? Arms too weak?
  20. I thought this Taibbi guy was supposed to be some official researching guru. He's like a stammering, moronic, pre Goodwill Hunting Matt Damon.
  21. If they're lower than 2019 then they're in good shape. Was there for several days and saw no turds. Homeless population was sad to see, but no different than most major cities unfortunately.
  22. I'm sure he's been there in the last 10 years too.
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