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  1. Come on guys... They don't really want to over throw democracy. They're just uneducated and think that democrats invented democracy so it's the devil. We need to create a republicy government!
  2. I don't think he'll ever outright say it, but I think that's another huge reasons why he decommited from GA.
  3. x1,000,000 Really happy he's a first generation college grad and that he could do that at Nebraska. Hope he can kick the turnover bug and get some quality game time in.
  4. Computer forensics could probably reliably tell you what's original and what's not. You've gotta really know what you're doing to cover all your tracks, and the GOP operatives are usually not that smart...
  5. Is Jerry incapable of turning on a TV, tablet, or laptop? You really want to be triggered so good, don't you? There's tons of comedic media out there for consumption. Dave Chappelle has at least 3 specials on Netflix just making fun of trans people. If you don't like that there's Young Sheldon. George Lopez has a new show again too. I mean... this is the stupidest comment I've ever heard. Also, exactly what airline peanut joke can Jerry no longer say because it's not PC?
  6. I mean, we knew this was coming. Some of the material is real, and some was added later. The chain of custody was all f#&%ed up.
  7. I haven't seen a single person on here say that it wasn't a bad idea, I've personally agreed with you that the concept is stupid, but the tweet you posted isn't even factual. It's a made up scenario that has no basis in what's being proposed. It's just a lie meant to trigger people.
  8. Clearly they were never boy scouts or girl scouts... f#&%ing morons. And even if you're not prepared, f#&%ing go to BK and get a burger, or go to the cafeteria, or save everybody some grief and f#&%ing go home.
  9. Ok, but let's argue about reality and not bulls#!t.
  10. f#&% around and find out?
  11. It's definitely not exclusive to the left, but a great deal of it probably has to do with personal awakening in young adults. It's the first time you're really allowed to think on your own and form your own opinions. It's also the first time you're probably learning that the propaganda you've been fed in grade school is a little... lacking in authenticity and the whole story/truth.
  12. Pretty sure that's false. You would need to make $1M a year for that 400k to be taxed.
  13. Right before they shoot you?
  14. See I was never that good of a Catholic to know that.
  15. I forget, is Joe's brother or son working in his administration?
  16. Which 6th commandment are we talking about? The murder one or the sex one?
  17. It couldn't possibly be that we have a strategically important base with US troops in country, could it? Also...
  18. Last year's backs would not have read their blocks, and cut it back inside for a 4 or 5 yard gain. This is what we need out of Dowdell. He's not going to burn teams but he can make good plays.
  19. That's a big sticking point for Rhule. He mentioned it on Busin' that guys don't leave because they don't like it here. If they're leaving it to get playing time. That's a great problem to have!
  20. No there's not... No one knows who you are.
  21. I will second this. There's no logical way to make that kind of a tax work.
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