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  1. We will get better WR's in this class. I am sure the door will be open, but I think we will have those spots filled by the time the season starts.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/despite-22-years-leading-iowa-kirk-ferentz-claims-ignorance-of-player-mistreatment-within-program/
  3. Agreed. He does not fit the mold of ILB we have recruited lately.
  4. 2021 PWO offer for Jackson Burkhalter. Brother of Christian Burkhalter.
  5. Scott and Greene are here now? I thought those 2 plus Francois haven't arrived yet.
  6. Yup. That would be 4 4 star safeties under Fisher who have left before seeing a game. That Safety position next year and 2022 gets very thin now.
  7. Still no confirmation of Francois.
  8. There are so many cringe Nebraska accounts on twitter.
  9. Good get for the clones but this one never moved the needle for me.
  10. Ratings are gonna be a little weird this year due to these kids not being in camps where you would see a fluctuation in their ratings.
  11. Henry Gray has put his name in the portal.
  12. Fong with a confidence 8 CB for N
  13. Attrition happens everywhere, especially in places with new coaching staffs. Ours seem high but we usually have averaged 11 since Bo era so it is kind of par for the course. I think the foundation has been set now in year 3( obviously needs to translate to wins). We have a good base of the type of guys this staff wants. -2017 class was all about Rilley so that is why a large majority of those kids are gone. See how many fled to Oregon State. -2018 class was put together so quickly that it was a lot of square pegs attempting to fit into a round hole. -Chase left due to personal reasons which are understandable. I honestly wouldn't worry about attrition as it keeps allowing for this staff to take high number classes which is the best way get this thing corrected. I think Frost and co. have done an outstanding job with roster management and filling classes to the max. They know what they have and what they need.
  14. and my rebuttal is the camps they performed at against high talent, recruiting evaluations, rankings, and type of competition played against. Hence why I said football skills not football statistics.
  15. I'm not into their looks because I am into blondes that are women, but I can tell you their football skills are pretty damn solid.
  16. Plus I am pretty sure that wouldn't fly with NCAA.
  17. Kids just trying to pump those social media numbers lol
  18. I mean they will just increase the confidence the night or hour before now.
  19. This new confidence thing they have rolled out really puts a damper on these.
  20. Before people freak out Iowa writer made a CB pick for LSU with a confidence level of 2. This is because they don't have foggy anymore. He has no real evidence as to why he just says it is a projection because LSU are coming off a Natty.
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