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  1. NUBackInBlack38

    Penn State game time?

    Night game so i can watch it at home/bar/with friends and not be working. Ty.
  2. NUBackInBlack38

    Bo Pelini comments on Stoops firing

    The hell are we talking about? Huskers --> Revolutionary history lesson/debate
  3. NUBackInBlack38

    This team has tuned Bo out.

    Thing is, look up the video from the OSU game, or any pre-game/half time/locker room chat from Bo to the players. He connects with the players personally, he just doesn't discuss it with the media. They know his short-fuse, and from an old football player/coach perspective as well, you have to yell at the kids to get through to them bc most of them have pretty thick skulls, but it's what you do and your other coaches do beyond that, that will have the kids reflect on what they did wrong, or get corrective feedback.
  4. NUBackInBlack38

    ***Predict the Northwestern Score, Passing and Rushing Yards***

    NU - 38 NW - 14 Passing - 125 Rushing - 217
  5. That was freaking hilarious, I was at work and laughed the entire day seeing that.
  6. NUBackInBlack38

    Who is Ganz/Romo on this team?

    ick Cowboys NFL talk.. I'd say prolly Carnes esp since you know part of the "bloodline" haha But Spano has a shot if he gets better. More eligibility if he gets medically redshirted perhaps? Boy to i miss Ganz on the team, so humble always trying to get better, wish he went to the Omaha UFL team.
  7. NUBackInBlack38

    What's Scary About Western Kentucky?

    One thing i've learned in watching/playing the many years of football is NEVER count the other team out, it's whoever shows up on gameday that decides the outcome. WKU has it stacked against them that's for sure. But i just think people doing like NU 105-0 WKU is just ridiculous..lol
  8. Fantastic. One of the reasons i love this state and our team. All heart baby. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. NUBackInBlack38

    Holiday Bowl from Arizona's perspective

    Penini Bros. 2-0, Stoops Bros. 0-2. Interesting excuses.. Regardless of seeing your family the culmination of the entire season would be motivated enough.. if i was good enough to make D1 and make an excuse like that, my entire family would want to kick me in the balls. What a joke. Good luck AZ next year. Dear lord.
  10. NUBackInBlack38

    Which would you rather have for Suh?

    Keep in mind, good players always get traded as well, Suh will live up to the hype, he doesn't have the work-ethic to dumb down his performance. #1 draft pick. Brining the glory; the Blackshirts back to Nebraska. GBR
  11. NUBackInBlack38

    What have you done for me lately?

    Huskers up 8-0 on UNK in the 4TH INNING. haha.. well baseball at least right now is looking pretty good. Lady huskers up on Mizzou 39-28 at half too.
  12. NUBackInBlack38

    QB Situation

    I think Lee has a lot of potential he just needs his wits about him in the pocket and recover from the surgery. I think he plays similar (in some instances..) to Ganz, and in others (like the inconsistency..) to Sam Keller. This is arguable. But that's my opinion, Ganz played with all heart and even with his mistakes he tried to be better, Lee seems to share the same mentality but it ended up being for the worse majority of the season. But also, mind you, a lot of times when he was pretty on-the-ball per say, the recievers weren't helping with dropping passes, FUMBLES (some by him), it's just the Offense as a whole needs to be better well rounded. As for the QB option i think a lot of the QBs will get in on the Spring Game, but the xferring probability is high. I think Lee will keep the job starting the season since he's a senior, depending on his ability this year will determine that. Cody will bring up the 2nd job once again just because they already burned his redshirt and he has Some experience under his belt. But potentially seeing some play-time by Spano/Washington/Carnes/etc. if the play calling by the coaches calls for their skill-sets, and whoever stays after starting positions are announced.
  13. NUBackInBlack38

    More Inspiration to win the Big 12

    Yeah, snow is a no-go for those teams down south i've noticed...I mean hell if it's at least 30+ degrees i'm in a light jacket. haha But yeah, the only way i see us being that bad again is if Bo were to go..
  14. Suh put his name in the draft after the '07 season which i'm sure all of you knew. He significantly got stronger over the years. How awesome.
  15. NUBackInBlack38

    How 2010 resembles 1994

    Interesting concept...I love this thread already! There are a lot of valid points sure, but as stated before it comes down to Offensive production, Defense is on the right track with BO/Carl's excellent physicality views but we need a physical OLine, a quick-thinking;play-making QB, keep with our excellent IB's and a play-making wide-out or 2 and we'll have a star team. Maybe some trick plays, running the wildcat to switch things up a notch always could help