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  1. I didn't think reclassifying would be a product of the NIL rules for football, but that might be upon us. This might make roster management really hard for coaches going forward. Maybe this will be limited to prospective generational talent. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2021/07/123830/quinn-ewers-leaning-toward-skipping-senior-year-of-high-school-football-and-attending-ohio-state-this-fall That would make OSU's 21 recruiting class one of the best ever. It would suck for the other QBs on the roster but thankfully they won't have to sit out a year if they decided to transfer.
  2. The amount of complaining that will happen in my house will increase 10x if our district goes remote again. I think my wife will complain the most because it is hard to teach kindergarteners over zoom. She would rather go to school in a bubble before going remote again.
  3. How about the people that really matter....the faculty and staff?
  4. I guess that depends on your definition of a political rally. I think they are all weirdos though.
  5. I got an idea. Lets consolidate into super conferences creating pods and have them play each other each year. At the end of the year we will play a tournament and decide who is the champion. We will call the league the National Collegiant Athletic Association and the pods conferences. At the end of the day this is a money grab for large universities, many of them that really don't need it to survive, that is being driven by football. I think this will hurt sports at most universities that don't have a football program or not part of this group of large universities.
  6. I wasn't talking about the interval between shots, 2 shots overall is better than 1, but I was more talking about the percent positive of vaccinated vs unvaccinated when looking both of the populations you quoted.
  7. I also think most of the world's population would flunk a low level stats class.
  8. I think A&M leaked this to screw over Texas.
  9. I hope Texas understands they won't have enough weight to outlaw the horns down hand gesture in the SEC.
  10. Anyone can steal signs A great QB will make them pay for it.
  11. Now go find a Deshaun Watson level player at QB and transform your program. Sounds easy enough.
  12. True but Michigan has all the same resources and tradition, if not more in some areas, but has made some really bad hires when it comes to their football program. They keep going back to their Michigan Man mantra even though that thought process has yielded little sucess, or at least not as much as they think they should be having. Andy Geiger was the AD that fired Cooper and hired Tressel (which many though was out of left field at the time). Gene Smith was the one that navigated through the tattoo scandal, hired Meyer, and Day. Many thought OSU should have conducted more of a search before hiring Day, but I doubt you have any OSU fan saying that now. Again, some of this is having the right leadership but most of it is luck.
  13. On one hand OSU has been extremely lucky, but on the other they have a really well run athletic department.
  14. It is hard to have inequality between white and black when everyone is poor. Saying that, I am sure some of that has to do with US/Cuba relations.
  15. Really? Like the US government hasn't experimented on black populations before? I am not saying we shouldn't all be vaccinated, but I understand why certain populations, given past history, do not trust the government when it comes to this stuff. Example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuskegee_Syphilis_Study
  16. I think there is good reason why some individuals within the black community have no trust in the government when it comes to this issue.
  17. I really don't know what the answer is in Haiti but I hope the president doesn't send US troops. It will not end well and for good reason there is little trust of US government in Haiti. It is being said that some of the people arrested were at some point in time DEA informants. Not that I trust the Haitian police, but I would rather assist them with the investigation than send in troops.
  18. It is interesting they brought up the part about speaking Spanish, probably brought that up for many reasons. I am sure there will be rumors of the US being involved in this or some other mercenaries.
  19. Tuimoloau and Sawyer should make for a formable dline in a year or two.
  20. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I missed your point.
  21. Keep reaching. It is 2021, Alabama is showing a 5 star how much they can make through NIL and a Nebraska fan wants to relive the glory days by paying a walk-on pocket change.
  22. I can only imagine the return on investment for paying 75 walk-ons with 10 social media followers to promote something.
  23. Hopefully he sticks with OSU because it is always fun pulling guys out of Texas.
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