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  1. I'll ask the same question I posed about Trump's. Fox News refused to report on a Biden scandal? How about Breitbart?
  2. It would be the loss of the century. This would dwarf 2004 because Bush was normal politician who didn't go out of his way to be unpopular. But I think the Ds could pull it off.
  3. The Bernies walk out of 2016 was the most interesting thing to happen at a convention since Kerry's balloons. Biden is an old seasoned politician who knows that people rally behind a war time President; and excoriate anyone who opposes him. Even with the usual focus grouped teleprompter there is literally nothing Biden can say that would help Biden.
  4. Came by to see if y'all were backing Cuomo for Biden's VP. Or Convention Invasion!?
  5. There was an American Dad episode where the fanatic karate teacher has a shrine to Biden in his dojo. It illustrated how Joe is the most cult-proof politician you can imagine.
  6. For making false statements about insider trading?
  7. Biden is the last of boiler plate 20th Century union-Democrats. He/they are a known commodity. I wouldn't put too much stock in what Biden has supported in the past because he pretty much always toes the party line. God knows who sets the D party line.
  8. When you waste votes on a third party, their ideas get absorbed by the big two.
  9. FNC politicos said that all Biden had to do was run out the clock and not turn the ball over. Well actually that's my language but same idea. And Biden did just that. As expected Sanders played nice to not say anything that could hurt Biden in the general and/or get Sanders sent to the political Gulag. I repeat my opinion; if Berne was leading in the polls then the DNC would declare that the primaries have to be postponed for the safety of the poll workers. And Bernie wouldn't even give them a
  10. Maybe. The olds have absentee ballot experience while both processes are new to the youngs. While Sanders may be getting the obstructed by the D establishment (again) ultimately he has himself to blame. Sanders sees himself as a Socialist Evangelist more than a Chieftain of the Americans. He would not take steps to expand his base but rather kept focus on people open to socialism. But even greater he refused to go for the throat against his opponents. He unilaterally disarmed himself of Hilary's Emails, Fauxcahontas and Quid Pro Joe. That's good for Party solidarity and bad for proving oneself a fearless leader.
  11. I remember the Cubs were facing a surge by the opponent in the World Series until a weather delay allowed them to regroup. I bet the DNC will not allow a postponement of the primaries due to Corona because the same might work for Sanders.
  12. Probably. The Ds are a very know-you-place types in Presidential politics. We've had exactly 1 major upstart who prevailed (Obama > Hilary) since 1992 (and Bill Clinton didn't really qualify as an upstart back then either. If the also-rans can become didn't-runs before Super Tuesday to help Biden then Joe would be expected to do the same. Note how the shoe was not on the other foot. Jeb Flakes didn't drop out to help Trump but because his candidacy had become a parody of himself.
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