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  1. Cincy is playing @IU and @ND this year. They will really know that bus route. I have never heard of Auburn playing a regular season game up north. ND has been very vulnerable so far so it is not just another Purdue game.
  2. I guess there was a relic from an era when college football games were not events for television? Still, if there's a snap shot of Barry sipping his flask, it is probably inside at halftime.
  3. Luke Fickell would probably give us the most trouble, aside from the Big3 Nick/Urbs/Dabo.
  4. It's not like Southern California had turned into the UofAZ. Helton won the PAC in 2017 and narrowly lost the PACCG in 2020. Not that I had an interest in Clay's continued employment
  5. the first clip was from the 2016 'upset' of ND @UT. If you have a minute please compare the hit by the Trojan kicker to the non-flagged attempted decapitation in Austen. Walt Anderson explains lack of targeting call on Texas S DeShon Elliott - Burnt Orange Nation As for Helton at SC, we knew
  6. They have time and resources to plan for multiple generations. At one time you could have said the same thing about ASU and FSU. There was even a big Texas political slap fight over this. UT wanted in on the action. The Austen school wanted to build a "University of Texas at Houston" campus so they would benefit from the growth and not UH. I didn't hear if it was resolved.
  7. Notre Dame's 3 point win over the Toledo Rockets reminds me of how much worse it could be https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/282850130
  8. The state and region are growing so quickly that the state can raise UH to it's first tier.
  9. Can they force Texas and OU to play the newcomers for the next four years.
  10. So I guess we won't be seeing U Texas in the college football playoff?
  11. Does the return man even look before signaling fair catch?
  12. If the Alliance wanted to show they were serious, each conference would take a public+private school in TX. Then instead of just SEC teams, the state would be visited by all of the blue bloods.
  13. Or maybe a running play other than Martinez takes off.
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