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  1. Looks like it came down to Mich rushing only 4 and getting right through to Penix. Another second and he sees a 30 yard gain on the left.
  2. We can wind it back to the 3rd quarter to see where UW may have save 20 seconds. Of course Texas calls different plays once a butterfly beats its wings.
  3. I've never heard of people talking about clock management on the 3rd to last drive. That being said Penix threw it away and should have just taken a sack or even run oob under the newfangled rule.
  4. Was the MSST coach not labelled interim? He had to have been rushed into it after the tragic death of Mike Leach.
  5. UGA's schedule is somehow worse than that of Michigan. The two teams combined have zero top 25 wins and only a few in the top 50.
  6. I just checked. It says your yards per play and avg points appear to be the same as last year, about 80/120. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/years/2023-team-offense.html
  7. It's actually pretty balanced and most teams are only tiny favorites or dogs. You lost a lot of close games last year and new it is evening out.
  8. We got fish pelting back in the day @GTECH. I also read something here about Colorado.
  9. Nah, we would wind up in a rivalry with Appalachia St.
  10. ACC to meet and discuss sweeping the room for bugs.
  11. An okay start with "week zero." Thursday looks kinda good.
  12. Either the first part of the season is more important or less. You can't have both.
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