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  1. sure was generous of Joe to let Don borrow the plane
  2. he only retweeted someone else. i know you don't want to read past that though.
  3. he really does know more than the generals
  4. Bannon looks like the inspiration for weirds als song "another one rides the bus" especially the lyric "smelly old bum standing next to me...hasn't showered in a year"
  5. Desantis hasn't banned all books...only books by leftists and liberals. books that are un american
  6. the truth doesn't matter. calling Biden evil every chance you can is all that matters.
  7. maybe the colorado fans have let their forums slide into oblivion since we last talked to them and they need to come here to find a place to express their love for Deion
  8. there was massive voter fraud. when is the recount?
  9. what changed from yesterdays bill that only had 14 supporters?
  10. just like putin is liberating ukraine
  11. i read it more as a russian agent clears a russian agent.
  12. my moral compass won't let me try this. to bad...it seems profitable.
  13. actually it's a product of capitalism. newsmax didn''t want to pay directtv to carry their programming. they wanted to be welfare queens and get directtv coverage for free
  14. without reading the article i am guessing that we need to change it from mummies to mummies and daddies?
  15. it's so easy a caveman could do it
  16. everyone needs to remember that the crazy wing of the MAGA movement is not the future of the republican party. even though it has a stranglehold on the party at the moment. or so i am told
  17. does anyone know what happened to the south dakota politician who killed someone in that hit and run case?
  18. will he get away with it since he is a republican in a dark red state?
  19. no one told me i was breaking the law! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-blames-others-on-his-notorious-georgia-call-for-not-hanging-up-on-him-as-fulton-county-decision-nears/ar-AA16I3MZ?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=62e23ff2c51c4d41b301602c6664f18c “[H]ow come not one person said, while on the call, that I acted inappropriately, or made a statement of protest at what I said, & then slammed down the phone[?]” asked the ex-president. “Not one, even with so many opposing people, lawyers, and others on the line. NO ADMONISHMENT at all.”
  20. i'm a journalist who brought back high rise jeans. i led my college's bass fishing team to the championship
  21. at the risk of stepping over the line
  22. unfortunately they are not getting the latest models of any of them. everyone is dumping their older models there. the newest models are staying home.
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