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  1. We've seen the impact transfers can have immediately (Palmer & Toure). It makes no sense to not bring in experienced/established talent at this point.
  2. Yes, you can do ifs all day long and that is what I’m doing. But it’s applicable to this thread. It was more than turnovers. I don’t even remember the specifics. I just remember how many opportunities they flat out blew it on. It wasn’t Nebraska bad, but it was rough. Dugan balled out and put together an unbelievable individual effort (I don’t want to overlook that).
  3. I still think last years game could have easily been Michigan vs tOSU had a few things gone differently. Michigan gave that game on a platter. tOSU had their chances.
  4. The defending national champ will be in the B1G no matter what next year.
  5. Nebraska hasn’t lost a bowl game since the 2016 Music City Bowl against the Vols.
  6. My Stubhub index is telling they are expecting a good turnout for this one. Usually a lot of cheap seats available in non con. Not today.
  7. Kinda feel like NU has some of the hype/intrigue of CU 2023 without the drama.
  8. I’m too lazy to dig. Are Raiola or DK enrolling early?
  9. Impressive first 4 posts. We will all enjoy your month on Huskerboard. Welcome!
  10. At some point you have to forget about football because football will always forget about you. It's time for the next chapter brother.
  11. It’s great we’re starting the eventual disappointment early this year.
  12. You still have to have depth and also a scout team. What's the story on Jack Woche? I've heard nothing about him. Jack Woche - Football 2023 - University of Nebraska - Official Athletics Website (huskers.com)
  13. They have to win these (ND and South Carolina State) games if they want to make the tournament. They are also going to have to figure out how to beat the teams they should (Minnesota). When they are playing well, they look pretty good. They need to get consistent at rebounding and finishing close to the rim in my opinion.
  14. I bet they had some kind of idea and nursed it to the first "gap" they could find. Holiday + North Dakota & South Carolina State.
  15. I was in the same boat. His film made him look like a one man wrecking crew. It isn't for everyone and I hope he lands doing whatever he wants.
  16. 16 Portal Guys. There will be more by August. Interesting case study.
  17. Callahan was talking about it this morning. It has to do with "how" around recruiting. I'll probably butcher this but..... Basically it sounds like if they don't take official visits it changes how they were recruited. They can be classified as a walk on and NIL could be used to help bridge the gap of a traditional scholly.
  18. We’re talking about different things. I doubt he’s a major contributor, but he’ll play. The only common factors between him and Flynt are the position they play.
  19. In a first for me I have to go with @Huskerfollower4life. I think he plays. Didn't we already have two TEs enter the portal? He's a freak athlete. The talent difference will be significant but he'll adapt and I think it'll be quick.
  20. Jurevicius sister is on the Lincoln Lutheran team. Wonder if the family sticks around?
  21. @MyBloodIsRed16 That's a big a$$ high school safety right there
  22. If it's even real, this "leak" is intentional. How lazy would it be to let some rando record it from wherever? The other thing is the screen. If it says anything, you can see it from a lot of places downtown. Of course that can be added later.
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