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  1. Maybe Barta could write one of those ball breaker contractors for him like BF. $50,000 pay cut. No Family pass to Adventureland. Gets $50,000 back and a daily slice of Casey’s breakfast pizza if team wins 15 games and averages above 65 points per game.
  2. I don’t understand how this would be a troll move if he didn’t come here. I also don’t understand how it signifies he’s coming here. I think it’s extremely positive, but reading beyond that is speculation. By default this is really the only place he can even “visit” and that’s a technicality. Kind of big decision. I think it was a great play by both sides. And the Huskers fans showed up…..again.
  3. I’d be happy if they got one of the next 2. They are 11-3 at home this year.
  4. I just don't see them pulling 50,000 on a Wednesday night, but man that would be awesome. I know I'm going.
  5. Agree, don't understand. But............ Midland using sports to increase enrollment | Sports | norfolkdailynews.com I think Midland was one of the first to add eSports. Midland University - 2022-23 Esports (midlandathletics.com)
  6. Hopefully they keep grandpa off twitter
  7. Looks like he's breaking the start beam while in motion. I don't know that I'd say this is dead cold standing start. Regardless, pretty impressive. Even if it isn't a 4.28 people should be real happy to take a legit sub 4.5 guy any day of the week which I'm sure he is.
  8. Fair Enough..... Per 24/7 Kaelin is #26. Let's go back 5 years. How many QB's in the top 26 signed with a school that had a another commit in that same top 26 (I went ahead and did 30). 2023 - Alabama (#12 Eli Holstein & #16 Dylan Lonergan) 2022 - None 2021 - Ohio State (#1 Quinn Ewers & #8 Kyle Mccord) Ewers Transferred to Texas 2020 - Ohio State (#3 CJ Stroud & *#27 Jack Miller) Miller Transferred to Florida Texas (#5 Ja'Quinden Jackson & #6 Hudson Card) Jackson Transferred to Utah & Card Transferred to Purdue FSU (#15 Chubba Purdy & *29 Tate Rodemaker) We know Purdy's Story. Oregon(#16 Jay Butterfield & #25 Robby Ashford) Butterfield Transferred to San Jose & Ashford to Auburn 2018 (2019 wouldn't work?) - Stanford (#4 Tanner McKee & *#29 Jack West) Washington (#13 Colson Yankoff & #15 Jacob Sirmon) Yankoff Transferred to UCLA & Sirmon Transferred to Northern Colorado We have 129 FBS teams. Over 5 years that's 645 teams or opportunities to sign a QB. Even when I expanded it to top 30 we are looking at 8 teams/instances that took 2. 8/645 is 1.2%. Furthermore, only one team kept both QB's through their career. Over 5 years, 1.2% sign two top 30 QBs. 1.2% is pretty low. I rarely use absolutes, but you got me on that one. Semi related article. Could be used to argue both sides if I'm being honest: Transfer Takeover: Nearly half of college football's QBs are transfers (247sports.com) Edit: There is another way to look at this. Over the course of 5 years there are 150 top 30 QB's. In our 8 instances that means there are 8 QB's that picked a team that signed a QB rated higher than them. That would bump it up to 8/150 or 5.3%. Which is still pretty low.
  9. I’ve seen about 30 seconds of it. Enough to know its a fairytale. Hence the comment. Now singing to top prospects is a whole different show. You may be on to something. I’d atleast try watching it.
  10. If I changed it from “no” to “almost no” it is. or….. You think bachelor is real? I know my wife does.
  11. It’s irrelevant. You could stand at the urinal and try to figure out who’s is bigger or realize it doesn’t matter. The kid is going to have 20+ power 5 offers. He’s not going to a place that takes two QBs. He doesn’t need to.
  12. No elite level kid is picking the same school as another elite kid. Especially now that’s it’s so easy to transfer. Im sorry, but I’ve seen more plausible storylines on the bachelor.
  13. 6th grade was the best 3 years of my life.
  14. Street corn is the way to go if you haven't tried it.....
  15. Getting blown out twice a year wasn’t fun either. Blown out meaning we were never in the game and looked like we were in a lower league. Although it is certainly better than what we have become (almost anything is) let’s not forget what it actually was.
  16. This program might be 2-3 solid recruits from being reasonable. it’s exciting to not be last in the conference. 3 in a row in conference is new territory. There certainly is progress. But they still need more to get to top of league.
  17. Just a few to add to the discussion Aleks Maric Shevon Shields Isaiah Roby (Never played his position at NU. Took one for the team)
  18. Just a logistics question. Think all the snow removal is complete? Where would they push the sleds if it’s not? Side note. I love this. I think a lot of people see building toughness and grit in things like this. I see “team building” and development of a brotherhood. This is the type of thing guys talk about after they hang it up. “Remember that time it snowed and coach had us pushing sleds in the stadium”. He’s building a culture and a locker room. I don’t think there’s been one in long long time. edit: I don’t think there’s been a strong positive locker room/team culture in a long long time.
  19. Man he’s been outstanding recently. I kind of wrote the guy off to be honest.
  20. I wonder if some don’t realize how crazy Lincoln could get with a good basketball team.
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