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Found 21 results

  1. I know there’s been a lot of chatter in the past few weeks about officiating and whether Nebraska has gotten a fair shake from the B1G officials. Well, instead of just making an assumption from casual observation (read: like I and many others have) one way or another...a Redditor by the name of u/themrincredible put 20+ hours of work into the underlying statistical analysis necessary to determine the answer to the question...and the answer is...well...read the post for yourself: https://www.reddit.com/r/Huskers/comments/9s9csd/the_fix_is_in_well_you_be_the_judge/?st=JNU703KK&sh=62ca5d84 BTW, I’ll warn folks: it’s long, it’s through, and it involves math, charts, data tables, and the like. Not for the faint of heart, posters with ADD, or posters who harbor aversions to data and factual information. — As for the conclusions reached, it’s pretty much mathematical collaboration to what many have seen with your eyeballs.
  2. 2015 Game 7 “Expert” Picks: Nebraska at Minnesota ————— CollegeFootballNews.com Why You Need To Care Nebraska might be four plays away from being 6-0, but it’s 2-4 – you are what your record is. This is turning into a historically awful start for a program looking to make this a special year after firing Bo Pelini for not being able to take the program to a whole other level – among other things. Lose this, then you’re talking about the worst start to a Husker season since going 1-9 in 1957. Win this, and with Northwestern up next and Iowa still to play, there’s still time to catch fire, go on a run, and yeah, actually win the West. Lose, and then Northwestern and Iowa look daunting, and facing Michigan State won’t help, either. Minnesota hasn’t been good, but it’s 4-2 and coming off a 41-13 blasting of Purdue. This isn’t anywhere near the same team compared to last year’s, and the season could fall off the map in a hurry with a loss. After this? Michigan, at Ohio State, at Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and needing to win two of the last five against them with a loss this week. Why Nebraska Will Win Don’t let the Purdue game fool you – the Minnesota offense still isn’t working. Yes, the running game was great, and yes, Mitch Leidner was efficient and effective with the passing attack, but the Gophers are struggling to put points on the board against decent defenses. Nebraska has a decent defense. The Huskers might be 106th in the nation in total defense, and the secondary has been a hot mess, but Malik Collins and the run defense have been terrific. No one has run for more than 150 yards yet on the Husker D that’s allowing just over three yards per carry. Minnesota needs to run to win – that’s going to be a problem. Why Minnesota Will Win What the hell has happened to the Nebraska passing game? Even with the return of De’Mornay Pierson-El, and even with some decent targets to play around with, Tommy Armstrong has struggled. Playing the Illinois and Wisconsin defense have had something to do with it, but Armstrong has completed 21-of-59 passes for just 234 yards with a touchdown and a pick over the last two games. Minnesota’s secondary is rock solid, ranking 15th in the nation and ninth in pass efficiency defense – the Nebraska air show isn’t going to take off this week. Player Who Matters No one expected much out of Shannon Brooks. The 6-0, 206-pound Atlanta native came to Minnesota as just a recruit, without any fanfare, and he didn’t do much over the first three games. He started turning heads against Ohio with 82 yards and two scores on just ten carries, and last week he took over with 176 yards and a score on just 17 carries, highlighted by a 71-yard dash. He’s got the speed, and he has the running mate in fellow freshman Rodney Smith to help share the load. What’s Going To Happen? Is Nebraska going to finally catch a break and finally get over the hump, or is this just the way the team is going to roll this year? Nebraska is a far better team than Minnesota with a far better offense, but the Gopher defense is set up the right way to pull off the home win. Nebraska will once again figure out how to lose. PREDICTION: Minnesota 24- Nebraska 20 ————— SBNation/Football Study Hall http://www.footballstudyhall.com/2015/10/15/9533063/college-football-picks-projections-week-7-sandp Minnesota 29 - Nebraska 22 ————— ESPN FPI http://espn.go.com/college-football/team/fpi?id=158&year=2015 Nebraska - 53.1% chance of winning ————— AP - Ralph D Russo http://collegefootball.ap.org/article/pivotal-games-boise-st-memphis-be-best-group-5 At some point a ball has to bounce Nebraska's way, right? Nebraska 28 - Minnesota 21 ————— BTN.com http://btn.com/2015/10/14/hold-polls-its-time-to-pick-your-week-7-big-ten-football-winners/ Tom Dienhart: Nebraska 17 - Minnesota 14 Sean Merriman: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 20 Brent Yarina: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 20 JoeChristensen: Minnesota 16 - Nebraska 13 ————— ESPN Big Ten Blog http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/post/_/id/125205/big-ten-week-7-game-picks-can-sparty-knock-off-u-m-in-the-big-house Brian Bennet: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 21 Josh Moyer: Nebraska 24 - Minnesota 21 Dan Murphy: Nebraska 24 - Minnesota 14 Mitch Sherman: Minnesota 27 - Nebraska 21 Jesse Temple: Minnesota 13 - Nebraska 10 Austin Ward: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 22 ————— Big Red Wrap-Up http://netnebraska.org/interactive-multimedia/sports/big-red-wrap-minnesota-prediction-2 Kevin Kugler: Minnesota 20 - Nebraska 17 Blake Lawrence: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 21 Matt Davison: Nebraska 24 - Minnesota 20 ————— Daily Nebraskan http://www.dailynebraskan.com/sports/dn-sports-desk-nebraska-v-minnesota-score-predictions/article_5b85a45a-7082-11e5-b379-6f9185713232.html Josh Kelly: Minnesota 27 - Nebraska 23 Brett Nierengarten: Nebraska 17 - Minnesota 13 Nick Wilkinson: Minnesota 27 - Nebraska 17 Michael Dixon: Nebraska 20 - Minnesota 17 Vanessa Daves: Nebraska 20 - Minnesota 10 ————— Athlon Sports http://athlonsports.com/college-football/predictions-every-college-football-game-week-7 Steven Lassan: Nebraska Mitch Light: Minnesota* David Fox: Minnesota Braden Gall: Minnesota* Mark Ross: Nebraska * (Changed pick in podcast) —————
  3. 2015 Pre-Preseason Big Ten East Rankings Top Big Ten East Questions
  4. Husker Nation, I need your help! I am currently leading in the race for B1G Fan of the Year, but there are a few Iowa fans who want to change that... Please help by voting for me EACH DAY between now and November 17th! Share with your friends and vote every day! Go Big Red, WE CAN'T LET IOWA WIN!!! Share this with everyone you know and please let's put this competition to rest, considering Husker fans are the greatest in all of college sports! Go Big Red!!! http://bit.ly/1w6Y5bu
  5. The Banquet wasn't the same last night without Baylor emceeing things. Diane Mendenhall did a fine job filling in while JB was off doing Dad things, but as has been the case with the past several banquets, it was a bit disappointing not seeing some of the Seniors last night. Morgan and Kelsey were (completely not shockingly) already overseas playing pro ball, so neither were there. It would have been nice to send them off with one last rousing round of applause, but I'm certain they're getting plenty of that in Europe (Morgan) and Puerto Rico (Kelsey). Hayley was there, and it would appear that her volleyball career is over for good. Which is not surprising with her injury, but it was something she loved and was so passionate about and it's a bit melancholy that she's done-done. You never want to see these girls' playing days end, you know? It's not all "ends" for Hayley, though. In her Senior Speech she announced that she was moving on in her studies after gaining acceptance into the UNMC program she had been hoping for - based on a contact she developed during rehab, providing a tremendous silver lining to an otherwise heartbreaking career-ending injury. Mendenhall talked at length about this season's trials and tribulations, and as she listed off the obstacles the 2013 Nebraska team overcame, it became more and more obvious that voting Russ Rose as the Big Ten Coach of the Year was an utter joke. To be sure, Penn State was a juggernaut this year and Rose crafted that team, but Cook took a team with ten new faces, eight of them true Freshmen, into a new arena, playing against the toughest conference in the history of this sport, and turned that into the #2 team in the Big Ten. I guess I kinda forgot, watching the wins pile up, how badly the deck was stacked against Cook and this team heading into this season. Rose got that award because he won the toughest conference in Women's Volleyball - but his was not the best coaching job, not even close. I'd have to bug Mendenhall to get a rundown of all the hurdles Cook overcame this year because I've forgotten them as she rattled them all off, but put it this way - it took over a minute of speaking to list them all. Go find an article online and start reading it out loud and time yourself. You get through a ton of material in 60 seconds. That's how much Mendenhall had to discuss. Turning that raw pile of girls (albeit talented girls) into a near-champion team in what cannot be overstated as the strongest volleyball conference in the history of this sport is nothing short of amazing. Cooker got robbed of that award, no doubt about it. At one point the Big Ten had seven teams ranked in the top 15 in the nation. Two Big Ten teams made it to the Finals. Wisconsin, the runner-up, was a team Nebraska beat this year. Twice. Anyway, the stage is set for this year, and for the year after that. This is a team that has a look, that very intense look from deep inside the eye, that says they won't be having a Sophomore Slump next year. Lots of things can happen between now and December, but as good as this team was this year, they could be even better next year - and that's despite losing the Big Ten Player of the Year. They played several of the pump-up videos the girls watched throughout the year during the dinner. I'd like to find some of those on youtube if I can and post them here. They're just awesome work. Anyway. That's a bow on the 2013 season. The girls got to rest for all of like 15 days before sand season started, and they're already full-bore into preseason training for that. Can't wait for 2014 to start. This is going to be a hell of a fun team to watch. Look out, Big Ten. Here come the Huskers.
  6. Our 2018 Big Ten opener will be at Michigan http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20131016/SPORTS0201/310160079/Michigan-announces-Big-Ten-football-schedules-2018-2019 I will post the rest as it comes out. Michigan was the first to announce so far
  7. I like the predictions.. According to them all the major schools will win their games. And who do you guys have in the Iowa game? http://btn.com/2013/...s-draft-week-1/
  8. 6:30pm Tuesday 03/26/2013 in Manhattan, KS FYI, the game is being broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest for the Nebraska-based fans, and Fox College Sports (Atlantic...for some reason) outside of the Fox Sports Midwest footprint. Weather is forecasted to be 45F for the high tomorrow, so chilly conditions, but par for the course for midwest NCAA baseball. :-|
  9. ESPN Article Of note, Delaney had mentioned the Pinstripe Bowl as a possible destination. Would frankly like to see this idea dropped and more Texas-area bowls brought in (e.g. Alamo, Cotton)...thoughts?
  10. http://espn.go.com/blog/ncfnation/tag/_/name/3-point-stance 3. It is inconceivable that Nebraska went 10-4 and scored a minimum of 30 points in each of those four losses. It is unfathomable that the school that made black shirts famous gave up five touchdown passes to Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray. It is mind-boggling that the Huskers gave up 70 points to Wisconsin and 63 to Ohio State. It’s also pretty easy to figure out Job No. 1 for head coach Bo Pelini over the next eight months. If he can fix his defense, Nebraska -- and maybe the Big Ten -- will return to power.
  11. Good evening everyone! I produce a sports podcast here in Wisconsin, and my co-host Scott and I were wondering how many of you Huskers fans will be making it down there to Indianapolis? I know many of you showed up in Madison last year for Nebraska's first Big Ten game. Scotty and I are thinking a 2 Huskers to every 1 Badgers fan based on Wisconsin's 7-5 regular season and possible fan discord up here, but we could be wrong. Either way, I think Lucas Oil Stadium will be a sea of red. How's Huskers Nation feeling about the game? Are you guys confident, or nervous? We also previewed the big game on our podcast with Lincoln's 93.7 The Ticket's Jake Sorensen on Sunday. We'd love to have you guys check out the preview starting at the 22 minute mark: http://kielbasakings...nza.podbean.com We've also talked to Olympic swimmer and Nebraska native Adam Mania a few months back as well, so we definitely have some Nebraska ties. For those traveling to Indy, safe travels, and to everyone else, enjoy the game! Jake "Kuba" Kocorowski
  12. http://www.jibjab.co...ab&cmpid=jj_url
  13. Out of the B1G games today, who does everybody see winning and losing? My picks: Minnesota vs. New Hampshire Minnesota Ohio State vs. UCF tOSU Penn State vs. Virginia PSU Purdue vs. Notre Dame Purdue Indiana vs. Massechusetts Indiana Michigan vs. Air Force Michigan Michigan State vs. Central Michigan MSU Iowa vs. Iowa State ISU Wisconsin vs. Oregon State Wisky Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt Vandy Illinois vs. Arizona State ASU (due to home field advantage) Nebraska vs. UCLA HUSKERS by 4 TDs... At least What say the rest of you?
  14. http://espn.go.com/b...taylor-martinez
  15. http://espn.go.com/b...games-nos-48-35 http://espn.go.com/b...ames-no-s-34-21
  16. http://espn.go.com/b...olves-fans-lose
  17. Minnesota's baseball coach John Anderson is at it again, but this time, he's making (some) sense: By now we all know about the B1G-only limitations on scholarships and over-signing and the supposed philosophies that surround these ideas. But he also goes one step further, and advocates that we should not only apply the same over-signing rules to all schools, but increase the number of scholarships available per team (something other coaches have asked for as well). Of note: There's a lot more covered in Jim Ecker's PerfectGame.org article, located *here*. Granted, this is an article about Minnesota's coach, but he's echoing statements that we've made here (save for his whole 'northern league' crap). Do you think any of this will gain traction with Delaney and Co (read: remove over-signing rules and instead lobby for them at NCAA level), does Delaney and Co. just not give a **** about baseball, or is the truth somewhere in between?
  18. An interesting article from Penn State blogger Ryan Murphy about the BTN and how its role, now that it's available across the nation, could grow in importance significantly for everyone following these schools: Right now, Tier 3 games may be stuff like Arkansas State or Southern Miss this year, that if ABC/ESPN does not pick up, the BTN gets. ABC/ESPN gets both Tier 1 and 2 currently, but the media contracts are up in 2014-2015 or so, which means the planning will be happening soon, if not already. But this also feeds into something I've touched on before--the need for television 'inventory', if you will, or the number of games the BTN can show to expand its importance and audience (and thus, ad revenues and DoNU's coffers). The only way to expand beyond current inventory is to...well...expand. And the article surmises that... Which kind of rolls nicely into my point about FSU and the Big 10--FSU to the Big 10 would provide the BTN lucrative Florida media markets, and an expansion of the role the BTN plays would help generate significant revenue increases for the conference members, and enough to help a certain panhandle school in Florida fight back against the whole of the SEC that keeps undercutting them on talent and facilities. There's a lot more to read at the Nittany Lions Den on this subject, including author Ryan Murphy's thoughts on what the Big 10 should do if the ACC melts down.
  19. Was looking at the rankings for this week, and saw this nugget (courtesy of Boyd's World): Now, why do Iterative Strength Ratings (ISRs) matter? Because they provide a clearer picture of team (and conference) quality over the Strength of Schedule (SoS) or the Ratings Power Index (RPI), and it's becoming a bigger factor in how teams are perceived (and ultimately ranked). And for a breakdown of ISRs by conference for the same week, check this out: Middle of the pack is not too bad for the Big 10--could be a lot worse, but yes...for the 'half-empty' folks on this board, it could be better as well. As for RPIs, since the NCAA still uses this formula, here's the latest (pseudo) RPIs for this week: Of note, Illinois is the next Big 10 team, at #65, for Boyd's (pseudo) RPIs. And while RPIs will take a hit, Nebraska and/or Illinois could get a good assist by beating Purdue, and if Illinois comes in a solid third in the Big 10 (behind what appears to be a Nebraska/Purdue battle for the conference title), there is a good (not great--just good) possibility of landing three teams from the B1G in the tournament this year.
  20. http://www.wowt.com/news/headlines/Big_Ten_Looking_At_Werner_Park_139235833.html I've never been so I don't know, but from what I saw online, it doesn't look nearly as good as TD Ameritrade Park. Any reason the B1G isn't going after the good baseball park in Omaha?
  21. Easton Baseball's College Baseball Preview is up for the NCAA conferences, including the Big 10, which writer Eric Sorenson has cautious optimism for. Of note: He also has the Big 10's 11 baseball teams (remember: no Wisconsin) projected to finish as follows: And what about DoNU? Mr. Sorenson heaps some reserved praise on our team: Now, IIRC, Khiry Cooper has given up baseball to focus on football because of injury, right? If so, there's a gaffe by the writer, as it was published this morning. Now, here's the bad news per Mr. Sorenson: Honestly, doesn't look like they see anything 'bad', save for Coach Erstad's inexperience--just stuff to fill the bad portion of the piece out. Good thing he's got proven head coaching talent helping him out. Anyway, here's the link again if you'd like to read the rest of the article, including the best non-conference series (Cal @ NU is #2): http://blogs.eastonb...-10-conference/
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