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  1. Trivia Q - Can you help?

    If he played for the Huskers, he must of transferred back home after his freshmen year because he shows up on that teams roster soph-senior years.
  2. Are you suprised?

    Now true can stfu, tommy's garbage, our coaches are garbage; we'll be lucky to make a bowl!
  3. ***Miami Game Discussion***

    At least our coaches have a million years of experience!
  4. ***Predict the BYU Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Neb: 34 BYU: 20 Rushing: 215 Passing: 265
  5. Yea I understand, I was just stating that most those teams listed have several guys leave early fairly often.
  6. Just for reference, within the same period, Tennessee has only had 5 leave early for the NFL.
  7. You have to factor the amount of guys who declare early for the draft also.
  8. LB Nick Thomas [Wisconsin Commit]

    This kid is from my hometown, Concordia, KS. I'm several years older than him so I didn't really know him. But apparently moved to FL after his soph year to get better recognition. Concordia is a very small town that produces very little elite level athletes; it would be sweet for Nick to join our Huskers!
  9. Let us pray...

    We get better and better
  10. ***Predict the Purdue Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Neb: 52 Purdue: 20 Passing: 220 Rushing: 345
  11. ***Predict the Rutgers Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Neb: 45 RU: 13 Pass: 186 Rush: 268
  12. Neb: 27 MSU: 24 Rush: 187 Pass: 163

  14. ***Predict the Illinois Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Neb: 48 Illinois: 24 Pass: 240 Rush: 285
  15. ***Predict the Miami Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Neb: 34 Miami: 17 Pass: 268 Rush: 283