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  1. Anyone have any idea if we can get onto the field before the game.
  2. I dont know how long the kids will make it. One has high anxiety and the other two are autistic. We are sure they can handle it but for how long is the question. Ive done some searching but i couldnt find a list of kid things they do before the games.
  3. Just picked up 5 tickets for me and the family to go. First time for all of them. I honestly dont think well make it past the 1st quarter but id like them to be part of the atmosphere before the game. Is there any kid friendly things for them to do beforehand. Id like to get them on the field before the game if it were possible, and maybe there dad would like to get on the field also.
  4. Banker is Fired!!

    I dont think you need experience to recruit to nebraska. If nebraska is willing to pay for a proven guy, all he needs to say is i know how to get you into the NFL and thell come running. Being in a college championship is great but more and more want the big bucks playing in the NFL. Give them that and thell come
  5. Banker is Fired!!

    I want an iron wall defence and safeties with michael jordan verticals
  6. Banker is Fired!!

    One thing i havent heard ive been waiting to hear about for a few years now. Is it time to bring it full circle. Its time for the vest.
  7. Banker is Fired!!

    I cant wait to see how this goes, i have alot more hope for next season.
  8. Three words to end this season, and begin the next....

    Same Old Story
  9. Injury updates

    Seriously, how many injured players do we have at this point.
  10. Making America Great Again

    Before. Now. Because of the division and the liberal agenda. ???????? ????????: less boys kissing boys get rid of the pu**sification of football so we can have concussions again no more PC culture!!1 if you can't speak american you're deported more smog, less hippie regulations increase industrial waste entering our rivers. it prevented autism. I like your style
  11. *** 2016 Game 11 "Expert" Picks: Nebraska at Iowa***

    I cant watch this game, the anxiety of listening to the squakeyes all year
  12. Ryker Fyfe Broken Wrist - Armstrong still out...

    And they never recovered.
  13. Ryker Fyfe Broken Wrist - Armstrong still out...

    I do remember alot on this board talkin about hot good Stanton and Darlington were or are and ive never seen them play once.
  14. I think its more due to the fact that we intermingle with eachother more then any other fanbase. I have lived here my whole life and i know almost as many husker fans as i do Iowa fans. Husker fans are everywhere here. There are probably more Husker apparel on people here UNI which is the 3rd largest college here. That is where the rivalry comes from, it has nothing to do with any other sport other than football. Hawkeyes wanted to be Nebraska in the 90s and they got sick of it being shoved down there throat so every time they get a chance when we lose i heard about it. Even when we were in the big 12 i heard about it from them. But enough jibber jabber back to the hate. Ok Iowa citizens are stupid..............uhhhh i mean....... Iowas women are ugly........ummmm...Iowas weather is crappy.............................The color Yellow is Stupid.
  15. Where is the Broken Chair???

    Honestly this is alittle upsetting to me, isnt that how a rivalry trophy starts with something crazy or something gets stolen. Its honestly just a scam to get the battle of the insurance premiums trophy.