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  1. QB Position Switches

    you mad bro? I don't care what you think either.
  2. QB Position Switches

    No one ran this same offense and it isn't high school stop
  3. QB Position Switches

    Which part? You have a PayPal?
  4. QB Position Switches

    Martinez will play this year. The loser of Gebbia/POB transfers out after spring ball.
  5. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    If he is basing his decision on Schiano that is foolishness. Even if Schiano hangs around this year that will probably be it. He aint hanging around there as an assistant for very long.
  6. Wilbon Among 'Most Elusive" Returning B1G Backs

    they should redshirt bradley if he isn't in the top 2. you have 2 seniors, the juco kid, and whatever you can get out of tre bryant. i'd redshirt bradley and the other freshman RB if they take one.
  7. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    And Riley let these guys skip workouts for being good little boys. I blame this on him. If you had any doubts that the players were allowed to be incredibly soft before, they should be gone now.
  8. JUCO CB Kenneth George, Jr.

    Why not take this guy? There are like 4 scholarship corners on the roster and they aren't very good. They must feel real good about other guys committing and deontai playing corner
  9. Tyjon Lindsey

    I wouldn't blame any recruit from the former regime from leaving. There is no reason not to use the +3 every year, but especially this year.
  10. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    I'm sure UNL has on staff legal counsel. Probably time to give them a new project.
  11. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    No. Words mean things. Especially when you are accusing others of making things up.
  12. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    No. All-freshman team is a nice honor but its not the same as being all conference.
  13. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    He was third team and honorable mention last year and he was not all conference in 2015. All-freshman team is not the same thing. Not sure that exempts him from having bad footwork last year. Regardless, its a difference of opinion, not "making stuff up".
  14. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    Can you point to something that was made up about Gates?
  15. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    WRONG....although i bet our input helped him make the sensible decision