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  1. Cameron Jefferies

    the targeting rule might be the worse the rule in all of sports....it should not exist. can't fault kids for getting caught by it.
  2. Cameron Jefferies

    nebraska cannot turn away grad transfer corners with two functioning legs...not much of a discussion here
  3. Vaha Vainuku

    he'll play interior OL
  4. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    I went with Purdue 2015 because that was the first time i really saw players quit. 2nd choice would've been NIU last year.
  5. Bryan Brokop...

    another cav bust what a surprise
  6. Jojo Domann Suffers "Setback" With Knee, Limited For Spring

    Thats a shame. You have to question if he'll ever play again. I believe they are +2 or +3 in schollies. If Tre bryant and jojo go on medical hardship does that bring the number down by 2?
  7. lol at Frost saying "I'm not sure leadership was developed very well here"  ya think?

    1. Redux


      He's putting it as politely as possible, which is understandably hard to do.

    2. onlyHskrfaninIL


      no im not criticizing im glad he said it because it sure explains a lot

    3. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      He is the master of passive aggressiveness - it's almost comical.  (When i agree with what he says, it's ok)

  8. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    for them to have reached out to Dawkins already tells you the coaches know that it is likely one of either POB or Gebbia will be moving on after spring ball. Not a surprise.
  9. Defensive Backs Working on Versatility

    I expect to see much improved tackling from Lamar Jackson. He can be very good if he stops being so soft.
  10. Who starts at QB?

    appreciate the information vince
  11. Ben Stille's moved back to DL

    More like the little pink dbols with that kind of weight gain
  12. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    oh my god front squats are your primary for 3 years...no wonder they sucked
  13. you cant shoot 20% and blame the refs
  14. as they should be for this performance