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  1. Lee has been good at times, but I am sick of a statue QB. Get me a mobile guy in a spread offense.
  2. That may be true, but it’s not the same relationship. Riley was like a father-figure to Keyshawn Sr. and that’s why we wanted Keyshawn Jr. to go to NU to play for him. There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t be surprised when many of the NU recruits and guys like Keyshawn Jr. end up at other schools.
  3. I understand what he says on Twitter, but the only reason he considered NU was Riley and the ties to his dad.
  4. If Riley is fired, Keyshawn will be gone, too. I also wouldn’t be surprised if those other recruits leave, but if I were an offensive skill player, I would love playing in Frost’s spread offense.
  5. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    I agree that it’s tough to give NU credit for mental toughness for “almost coming back” against Oregon and Penn State this year. Oregon maybe, but not Penn State. Penn State was ahead by 3 scores from the middle of the 2nd quarter thru the final minutes of the game. That’s an ass-whipping, not a comeback.
  6. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    I remember a number of comeback wins in the Pelini era. In 2009, NU game back against Missouri in the rain with all those 4th quarter points. In 2012 alone, NU went on a 6 game winning streak to capture the division title, and that includes huge comeback wins over Northwestern and Michigan State. I’m sure I’m missing some others, but I’m drinking some whiskey and can’t quite remember right now.
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Not any more. He left his interim AD when Moos was officially hired. He’s now just an alumni and fan.
  8. What did we learn?....Penn State

    Those first 2 years were under Bill O’Brien and an outdated offense, and they were working with NCAA sanctions. Penn State has to like their trajectory under James Franklin.
  9. What did we learn?....Penn State

    Yep, he’s got a great retirement package coming his way.
  10. What did we learn?....Penn State

    Just watched is PC after the game. That was really odd. Riley seemed upbeat and almost looking forward to the end of his career at NU. I’m sure he’s been told by Moos that he’s not coming back.
  11. What did we learn?....Penn State

    The tackling is absolutely attrocious. The DB’s just throwing shoulders or diving at ankles is what kids do who don’t want to do what it takes to make a solid tackle. I didn’t play a lot of football, but I played enough to know that sometimes it hurts to make a proper tackle. I can’t remember I saw a Husker defender attack a ball carrier’s knees/thighs and wrap up. Its anything but that and it shouldn’t be blamed on rugby tackling.
  12. That’s why Lee looks great at 7 on 7 drills and Manning Passing camps. If he doesn’t have to worry about the pass rush or difficult coverages, he can stand tall and rocket the ball all over the field. Get him in a real game and he’s very average.
  13. What did we learn?....Penn State

    I know it’s probably a 1% chance at this point, but if Riley is brought back next season I might lay on the ground just uncontrollably sobbing. This cannot continue.
  14. 6 more days

    1. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      Is it down to 5.5 yet? Can’t hardly wait.

    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Doubt they fire him after the game. Probably the following week.

    3. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      Oh you hush up MLB....but yeah it will probably be a day or two after.

  15. ***Official Penn State Game Discussion Thread***

    I don’t have my doctorate yet. That may be a good solution.