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  1. Tanner Lee

    And throwing passes against air.
  2. Riley's Head Coaching Career -- Bad losses & Ranked Wins

    And that ASU team went undefeated in the regular season, and was seconds away from beating Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, or they have a claim to the National Championship, over a 1-loss Florida team. At the time the loss seemed pretty bad, but all in all it was just the end of a great NU run, and a loss to a very good/great team.
  3. Who should we hire

    I don't get the butt hurt that NU fans had/still have over Frost when he chose Stanford out of high school. He was strong-armed Pro Style, athletic QB back then and Bill Walsh was the Stanford coach. Who better to learn a pro-style offense from? Of course Walsh wasn't at Stanford long, Frost played safety and QB there, and eventually transferred back to Lincoln, and the rest is history.
  4. Who should we hire

    With Mullen, you have an experienced coach who is still relatively young, has won pretty big, but that was with a future NFL QB there. But, he deserves credit for getting Prescott to Mississippi State. With Frost, you are betting on his potential. He has a great background from his playing and assistant coaches days, and he knows the culture of Nebraska. I don't think you can go wrong with either one of them, personally. All coaching hires are going to have risks. Most of them are hired to be fired within 5-7 years. Your hope is to hit a home run with the hire, and that can be luck and timing.
  5. Some Positives

    Very possible!!! I do think she's blazin hot though.
  6. Some Positives

    Wasn't she and Dwyane at the BYU game in 2015? NU's screwed.
  7. Say Eichorst is fired

    Not saying you are wrong, but do most people have any idea what AD's are actually available, other than guys with Nebraska ties. So, the only options will be an "outsider" which people will be critical of, or a Nebraska guy whom you would be critical of based on Pederson and Osborne.
  8. What did we learn-Game 3 NIU

    So by commenting how Riley hasn't had Top 20 classes is done in an effort to make Riley look better?
  9. Say Eichorst is fired

    3 years ago, 9-4 seasons were expected by a monkey as a coach, now a 7-5 season would be used as justification as why to bring a coach back for another season.
  10. Who should we hire

    I think it would be an interesting choice. I wouldn't have a negative feeling about it.
  11. Say Eichorst is fired

    I think Alberts would be a great choice as AD. I just don't know if he wants to leave Omaha. I am sure he's well thought of at Nebraska-Omaha, and is making a good living, while hopefully still having some of his cash from his NFL days.
  12. Say Eichorst is fired

    I'm right there with you. I don't think any game the rest of the year should be counted as an automatic win. I was just saying "best-case scenario" is 6-3 the rest of the way, given the roster, and the glimmer of hope that Riley and his staff know what they are doing.
  13. Say Eichorst is fired

    Best case scenario, it's very possible for NU to go 6-3 the rest of the way to finish 7-5. Now, some people would say that "Riley finished strong, so the team was on the uptick." It's very similar to the first year going 6-7, so that going 9-4 seemed like such a great improvement. Is 7-5 a good year? I say no, and I would have seen enough from Riley and his staff to say "this experiment isn't working", time to go to a new plan. And that 7-5 season seems like best-case scenario right now. Mike'l Severe tweeted out that 30% of the coaches hired in 2010-2012 were fired within 3 years. People act like NU is the only school without much patience for their football coach. It's happening all over the place. It's not unique to Nebraska.
  14. Say Eichorst is fired

    Could be? The Athletic Department has been a cluster-eff for a number of years.