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  1. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    I think it seems more complex than it did 25 years ago because football is more complex than it was 25 years ago. You give the 11 starters argument, but the defense may not start the same 11 players from game to game, given the opponent. I don't have an issue with more than 11 guys getting Blackshirts, but I would limit it to the nickel back, dime back, or even extra d-lineman.
  2. You are somewhat making things more complicated. An incoming recruit who is enrolling mid-year can't play in a bowl game. A true freshman can play in any 4 games, including a bowl game.
  3. Not necessarily. I would think players could still qualify for a medical redshirt after already taking a traditional redshirt, thus getting another year of eligibility.
  4. I'm sure that's what most coaches will use them for, as they will try to stick with their original depth chart for most of the season. But, if there is a fast-riser as a freshman who is killing it in practice, it's a good option for coaches to use at the end of the season..
  5. This is a huge rule change. 1. It allows freshmen who have been on track to redshirt to be able to play and add depth at the end of the year, without using a year of eligibility. 2. It allows coaches to get looks at freshmen early in the season to see if they are ready to play and contribute. If the player shows he's not ready in their first game or two, the coach can "redshirt" him until the tail end of the season so he can develop. This use could be significant for QB's who you think may be ready to play right away or if you have a close QB battle. For example, if Martinez and Gebbia are still neck and neck going into the season, Martinez can see some game action early in the season and be sat out if he struggles or gets injured early in the season.
  6. Engelhaupt No Longer With Team?

    Not sure if he is still on the team, but there was no mention of him by Beckton during the coaches' tour of the state. Below is an excerpt from an OWH article from this week. » Jack Stoll is the front-runner to start at tight end, Beckton said. Stoll has received the go-ahead to run meetings and workouts this summer for the tight ends. The rest of the depth chart, Beckton said, goes redshirt freshman Kurt Rafdal and then redshirt freshman Austin Allen. Engelhaupt would be fourth.
  7. Husker Coaches to Tour State

    That kid needs to untuck that jersey.
  8. POB...still in the QB room?

    Possibly, but I still think that Riley was trying to get Lee eligible for 2017 and the NCAA responded with giving Lee an extra year of eligibility (which he didn’t use anyway). Riley wanted one of “his guys” in at QB, and was in love with Lee and didn’t know how to work with Armstrong.
  9. All time Husker Walk-on team

    Monte Christo played quite a bit in 1998 and started a number of games after Newcombe was lost for the season and Crouch was battling various injuries. Nothing against Christo, but I was pissed when he started the ‘98 home game against Texas which snapped NU’s 47 game home winning streak. Solich made a bad decision and Christo played poorly in the first half, which allowed Texas to stay in the game. Crouch played the 2nd half and did well, but NU couldn’t pull away and Texas made plays at the end to win.
  10. All time Husker Walk-on team

    Clester Johnson was a scholarship recruit, even though he was a QB in high school. He was in the '91 class after being the OWH Prep Athlete of the Year. He was teammates of Erick Strickland at Bellevue West.
  11. POB...still in the QB room?

    Bobo has always been a good QB coach. I'm not sure if he is a good head coach though.
  12. POB...still in the QB room?

    Yeah, but it looks like that guy has only 1 year of eligibility left. POB will have to sit out 2018 as a transfer, and will be able to compete for the job in 2019.
  13. All time Husker Walk-on team

    Technically, Jared Tomich wasn't a real walk-on. He was a Prop 48 guy who would have been given a scholarship out of high school if he had qualified.
  14. ***2019 Recruiting***

    It's not just your posts, it's just recruiting threads in general. It's just not where I spend a lot of time looking at recruiting, so I don't have a lot to add to the conversation.
  15. ***2019 Recruiting***

    I don't disagree. It's always better to have "better players". Where this discussion is turning to is why I typically stay away from the recruiting board, and I will see myself out. PEACE!!!