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  1. I knew exactly who Riley was when he was hired, too. I thought he might do well at a bigger school, but also did a lot of looking into what he did at Oregon State. His first year at NU, he constantly found ways to lose games (starting with BYU), and that's who Riley was. He is a mediocre coach who generally finds ways to lose games. Some people thought he was good for NU, because he was a "nice guy" and he was a coach they could be "proud of". It's great if your coach can be respected, but I am also proud of a "winning coach".
  2. Will Jackson leaves the team

    Unfortunately, many adults believe that the kid is the one that's right in these situations and they feed into the ego of the kid.
  3. Will Jackson leaves the team

    By Fisher's comments throughout and and yesterday (regarding Clark), Taylor and Clark are basically the #2 CB's right now. Pretty impressive for a couple of true frosh.
  4. Will Jackson leaves the team

    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  5. Barfknecht to Leave OWH

    I may be in the minority on this board, but I thought Lee was a very good reporter, in terms of how he reported on the conferences and the various teams. People didn't agree with Lee's opinions at times, and he could be bristly with those who disagreed with him. As a reporter, Barfknecht's job was to remain "neutral" and report on the facts, what he sees with his eyes, and the results of the games/seasons. I thought he did a good job of that.
  6. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    Miles Jones has been battling injuries and is being mainly considered for the Duck-R position. The Duck-R position will probably be a combination of Tyjon Lindsey and JD Spielman with Jones adding depth when healthy.
  7. The Athletic Department makes more money than it knows what to do with. Paying bad coaches buyouts is the price of doing bad business, and NU football hasn’t been great business the past 15 years. Yes, I understand it’s frustrating to pay buyouts, but it just gets old to see all the “I hope we can use this to go after his buyout” posts. This is coming from one of Riley’s biggest detractors at NU. Riley knew he was getting fired, what good did it to keep recruiting kids to NU?
  8. Whether it be Callahan, Bo, or Riley, I never understood the infatuation with the buyout $$$.
  9. BTN Bus Tour

    Jake Cotton’s fat gut would disagree with that statement.
  10. Frost’s QB Room

    Martinez is a big dude.
  11. Fall Camp

    There was definitely some top talent, but the team wasn't deep with talent. The team had 9-3 talent, which is where it finished.
  12. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    I haven’t been high on Ozigbo but if he’s in much better shape and has earned playing time, then I will applaud him for that. But like you are saying, he’s 3rd or 4th strong (depending on Bryant’s health) so that puts him right where I thought he would be. Good for him that Frost rotates a lot of backs, and Ozigbo will probably get a few touches a game. The one guy I am probably wrong on is Jaylin Bradley. Not sure if he’s struggling with his conditioning or what, but I expected him to thrive in this offense. It’s still early for him though, if he sticks it out.
  13. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    Bryant has been limited in practice this week due to soreness. I don't think they will push Bryant early in the season. They will look for spots throughout this season, and see how his knees react.
  14. Frost’s QB Room

    That's what I take the above comment to be. They are challenging Martinez to run the offense quicker.