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  1. So perhaps it is now the most unified since the days of Spanier (Chancellor)/Massengale (Pres)/Devaney (AD)/Osborne (Coach), if we are comparing to the current Green/Carter/Moos/Frost lineup. I'm sure there was tension between those guys in some ways (probably not much between Devaney and Osborne), but it seems maybe we just didn't hear about it as much back then. Not compared to the Bryne/Osborne, Pederson/Everyone, Eichorst/Pelini turmoil of the more recent past (as well as Perlman). I do remember when Spanier made the wisecrack after leaving Nebraska and starting a
  2. I think Trump's athletic background is more like this. If you guys get to post pics of your golden calf.....
  3. I think the one positive is that the Big Ten sounds like they will be pretty strict with the immediate testing along with the 21 day mandatory exclusion period. Obviously there is still a chance one or more players could get seriously ill or die due to COVID, but at least they seem to have mitigated the chaos of contact tracing, which seems almost impossible with a large population of college students. In that respect the Big Ten is at least leading, since the other conferences are doing the slower test returns along with contact tracing. I think the SEC/ACC/Big XII have to think about doin
  4. But he also always lost 4. So which would be dominant? "The stoppable force vs the movable object"
  5. I think originally this was year 1 (of 2) where Nebraska was supposed to end the season with Minnesota (before the first COVID schedule was released). I think now since the "end of season" is Dec 12 (before the +1 on Dec 19) we could get Iowa on Thansgiving. It will be interesting - will they put the cross over games at the end to try and make sure they get all the division games in first?
  6. Naturally.... http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=29897527 I can't stand Finebaum.
  7. Maybe the Big Ten is trying to enforce a "bubble" mentality among the players without having to officially have programs create formal bubbles for the players?
  8. Thanks, now I'm going to hear Beth Mowins in my head all day talking about "the Carnhuskers"
  9. The "unity" of the Big Ten, which they have cultivated for 100 years, is basically illusory. This may be the first time that internal conflict within the conference on an issue has been exposed so obviously. People want to hate on Warren (and he has been somewhat of a buffoon during this), but he is (was?) simply the mouthpiece. At this point we are seeing things peeled back some to the President/Chancellor level, with some State Governors thrown in for good measure. The fact that there was a hearing before the Senate regarding the playing of Big Ten football this fall is just
  10. From earlier today: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2020/09/15/college-football-wisconsin-chancellor-addresses-big-ten-return-talk/5806021002/ I think everyone following this is going to get whiplash at some point. So did the Chancellors overrule the Presidents on releasing a decision today? Did Carter try to start the ball rolling by intentionally saying his hot mic "accident"? Will Rutgers run away and get married? Tune in tomorrow on the next episode of "As The Big Ten Turns" Edit (to add quote I forgot to include from article)
  11. The announcers were really impressed by that series in particular. You could tell they would like to see David play for a contender.
  12. Sort of the same style as that psychic from years ago (Jeanne Dixon?) that would make ~100 predictions at the start of the year about celebrities, then when one or two of them would come true, crow about how great she was.
  13. Shouldn't those fans that think the Big XII is the place for Nebraska be reconsidering at this point and pushing for the Sun Belt?
  14. Is this the first postponement by a Nebraska high school (other than OPS cancelling the season?): https://www.1011now.com/2020/09/09/kearney-high-school-varsity-and-jv-teams-quarantined-following-positive-test/ We will probably see an increase in these postponements among high schools as the season progresses - will that coupled with the recent death of the one player keep the Big Ten from playing until at least Thanksgiving?
  15. All three pro leagues are being successful, but - NHL and NBA are in a bubble, and not traveling or interacting with the outside world (and keeping all those coming in and out separated from the actual players/coaches). MLB is traveling and playing and has been successful when players follow the protocols. I think that is the biggest issue with college players. We've already seen more outbreaks than I can remember at colleges among the normal student population, mostly caused by not following protocols. If the players would follow all protocols and stay in isolation,
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