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  1. I'm sure we will hear all about how "close" we are to breaking through. After all 12 one-score losses the last three seasons. Maybe, if they can pull that off next week they can tie North Carolina at 13! Woo-Hoo!
  2. A run up the middle for a TD? Frost will have to analyze that very sophisticated play for at least a year to figure out how to add it do his super genius offense.
  3. Mills gains 7 yards on first carry. Frost "Get him out of the backfield - simple running plays don't make me look like a genius"
  4. **deleted because right wing talking points are fine to talk about on this thread, but jokes are not**
  5. If I understand correctly, the logic is: ISU would beat Louisiana in a rematch, thus ignore the early loss. However, pay attention to ISU's wins, as without a doubt they have no chance of losing those games in rematch. While I respect that teams do improve/decline during the season, all we go can by is when they played. When they played Louisiana, they lost. Not only that, they lost twice. Would they hammer the other team that beat them this season if they had a rematch? ISU lost _two_ games. In a season with less than the standard 12. To me that is a
  6. hunter49, Like most on here, I've found the Red Zone offense to really suck most of the time. However, yesterday they scored all 6 times in the red zone (20 yard in), 4 of them being TDs. Yeah, you'd like at least one of the FGs to have been a TD, but for a team that has struggled, I'd say a 100% scoring and 67% TD rate is not sucking, but instead is improvement toward competence. Now can they sustain that? Recent history says no, but maybe something started to click. They had a couple of other drives stall right outside the red zone, one where Culp hit the 49 yard
  7. I wasn't thinking Frost gave up play calling duties, but it looked like he was maybe making some adjustments - whether that was due to Frost getting more creative, more useful input from Lubick, better execution from the offense (particularly Martinez), or some combination, I'm not sure. Purdue is a bad team. But, it was good that Nebraska managed to get a lead, not completely squander it, and close out the win without it going down to the final play. In the world of crawl-walk-run this was at least a "speedy" crawl, with moments of walking. Coupled with a decent effort agains
  8. If they lose, the post game where Frost attempts to explain this should be hilarious.
  9. If this initial plan was actually put in place, my understanding is that the G5 and other FBS conferences would come along, thus allowing the SEC to still play teams from places like the Sunbelt conference, which would at least be an increase over most of their current 4th OOC game choices. The initial proposal is to only separate what used to be called Div 1-A (now FBS) from Div 1-AA (now FCS). Thus we would no longer have North Dakota State vs Minnesota type matchups. The Big Ten could still hammer <MAC team of choice> if they wanted to. However, such a separation wou
  10. Yup - that is why they probably want to let P5 goes its own way and don't care that the rest (G5 plus remaining minor FBS conferences). They offload the expense of doing all the enforcement onto another org. I've heard some congressional rumblings in the past from non-P5 states if the P5 decides to try and strike out on their own - conduct a P5 only championship, no mixing with non-P5, etc., if the money would be bigger. The non-P5s I've heard talk about it were making some kind of restraint of trade type of argument, since they wouldn't be part of it. Sort of the initial things
  11. Not sure if I should have put this on the "Other Sports" board, mods please move it makes more sense there. I put it on the Husker Football part, since this would involve Nebraska football. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/2020/12/03/knight-commission-ncaa-football-bowl-subdivision-split/3811200001/ Many people have talked about this happening for quite awhile (although even more fractured - just the P5 teams going their own way). Probably there is an inevitability of some kind of change with the rules about college players getting ma
  12. Maybe Frost should call it the "matador offense " They could yell "Ole" evertime they miss a block.
  13. "So, Iowa, you don't know how to put away a bad opponent and have to kick field goals instead of scoring TDs? Well, we are Nebraska, we will show you how to properly melt down. That's what we do. Adjust to that!" "Oh, and its all on the players for the mistakes" - Frost
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